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Medical emergency numbers and terrorist attacks connected?

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posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 01:35 PM
I recall a post buried in the mass landslide of information here concerning different medical emergency phone numbers and the timing of terrorist attacks specificly in relationship to Spain and 311. Well as I always have too much time on my hands, I decided to look into it and found some interesting information that I thought I would share.

"Besides the three-digit 911 emergency number, America's telephone companies and the FCC have adopted other three-digit numbers, including 311. It was first implemented locally by the Baltimore (Md.) Police Department on Oct. 2, 1996 to handle non-emergency police calls. The 311 number was then approved for nationwide use by the FCC on Feb. 19, 1997 after President Bill Clinton endorsed the idea during a 1996 Sacramento (Calif.) campaign speech as part of his community-involved policing program.

Prior to 311, Baltimore had no non-emergency 7-digit police number for citizens to report non-emergency incidents--citizens dialed 911 for everything. BPD officials reported (naturally) that up to 60% of their 911 calls were non-emergency incidents, which burdened their police calltakers. After installing 311, BPD experienced a dramatic drop in 911 calls, and a resulting decline in abandoned 911 calls, answer times, etc. After the FCC's ruling that reserved 311 nationwide, organizations such as APCO and NENA opposed so-called N-1-1 telephone numbers (311, 511, 711, etc.), fearing they would confuse the public when they encountered an emergency situation."

"After the FCC's ruling that reserved 311 nationwide, organizations such as APCO and NENA opposed so-called N-1-1 telephone numbers (311, 511, 711, etc.)"

911 & 311. Is there a method to the madness? Will we see terrorist attacks on other ()11 dates?

Cities with 311 service

Now my first thought was what the hell is Spain's 911 equivelant? Well at 532 that didn't seem to make much sense to me,but it does seem like an interesting idea to attack all opposing countries on the date that coincides with their emergency numbers. Perhaps these terrorist activities are a specific message aimed at the US, which would explain why only US numbers are being used.

Now I recall someone saying that 511 is also an emergency number in the US. This was news to me as I thought it was 911 everywhere in the US. I found the following in relevance to 511.

Highway Emergency Numbers

"An urban legend has circulated for many years claiming that motorists can dial #77 or *77 to reach the police, or to determine if the unmarked police car behind them is real, or .... etc. As you can see from this map, #77/*77 is not the universal number for the police. Either dial 911 or determine your state's local highway emergency number."

So is there any truth to this? Only time will tell if something happens on 5/11 or another ()11 number. Just some food for thought.


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