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The Alternative Conspiracy Theory

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 02:30 AM
An alternative conspiracy theory, that is very well in opposition of what many here believe to be true, I would like to express. I am sure many of us here take for granted that media outlets in the united states, as well as among the world, have been instituted as a means of controlling the general populus. It is my contention, while in full belief that the media institutions have been designed to instill a form of social engineering, that there are powers within these institutions that are hinting at the devastating situation our world is currently facing. However these people, these powers within are playing by the "rules" as a means to attain, or maintain a silent slight of hand.

I began to think about this concept when I began to view many of the 9/11 conspiracy videos, texts, et cetera that I have previously viewed again. One thing that struck some interests were the repeated instances in which newscasts of that day were used to imply: the demolition of world trade centers 1,2 and seven; the fallacious instances regarding the "crashes" of flight 193, and the Pentagon Building. Phrases that permeate my mind have included: Looks like a controlled demolition; no evidence of bodies; no evidence a plane ever crashed here. I cannot help but wonder why these statements would have been permitted if the media was entirely "fixed." It seems to me that certain figures within the media game are attempting to hint to us as to what is really occurring within the world without making it blatently obvious. However, I am not only including the news media. I would also like to include cinematics.

I can recall many movies that have used the overlying theme of war in their movies. While I do consider such movies as a means of recruitment, these movies also emphasize the tragic outcome of war. They also do so at a personal level, that is particularly respondent, and so to even some of the most insensitive individuals. Despite this hidden, hinted agenda, many of the media exposed have been so immersed in the fabric of social engineering that they cannot observe logic over fear of "terrorists," and national security.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 07:57 AM
I do believe what is happening is an education of sorts. That we/I are being given a lesson to learn.

As much as I dislike what GWB has done and the neo-con agenda, I would be lieing if I said it didn't wake me up. I have to thank him for that much. And if you look at it that way, then he is a great teacher. You could even say he is a great leader if he were able to wake up millions of people to something that has been going on long before he was even born.

I didn't believe in the bible, now I actually understand it. And what is going on is what taught me it, and what drove me to learn.

Of course, that has all to do with his intent. Maybe they are just sloppy and all that. I don't know.

With this same point of view, Satan would also be a teacher. If you look in genesis, then you see where it says "To become like gods, knowing both good and evil". That is talking about an education process. It's no different than understand different temperatures. If the temperature never changed, you'd probably never know it was possible or even there. You can understand what hot water is, unless you also understand what cold water is.

People ask all the time - why does all this evil exist. And I even see it listed as a reason for why god must not be real. But it's plain as day that it's only purpose is to teach. It doesn't feel good to freeze or burn your hand, but you do learn from it. We don't go putting our hands on the stove iron anymore do we?

I look on YouTube and I see videos all the time talking about 9/11 being a stargate, or consciousness altering event, or a doorway of sorts. And that does actually fit in as well. Because when you start to see what is going on, it's like a door in your mind being opened to the true reality of things.

So even though I don't like or want whats going on, and could never support it, I do think I understand. It helps me deal with things.

As for the movies part. Always remember this: An artist tells lies in order to reveal the truth. The people and images in the movie aren't the important thing really, it's the plot/moral of the story that reveals the truth. The matrix movie is a great example.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 08:35 AM
it's pretty clear what is happening regarding the media and the government, the thing is, it isn't entirely what i'ld call a conspiracy. it doesn't qualify because their all so blatant about it.

essentially, it's a well known fact that, although the government doesn't have any censorship powers, it exerts it's muscle in the form of access limitation. basically, if a network does not toe the (government) line the access that network has to the government decreases proportionately.

this isn't just for interviews and conferences, it's also for all those big stories that appear with the reference to "government sources" or "unnamed insiders" or something similar to that.

same thing with movies, let's say you want to make a movie with a war ship in it, or a jet fighter or any big piece of expensive machinery, up until very recently your only options were to go out and buy the piece of equipment or to "borrow" from the military. if you want to borrow the equipment, you had to portray the military as wonderful or else you'ld never be helped out again. the same probably applies if you require military advice for accuracy or if you are using copyrighted material where the military own the copy rights.

there's all kinds of cross over and interbreeding going on as well as this big stuff, like embedded reporting for instance, and it all adds up to a complete smoke a mirrors form of censorship and media control, and it sucks big time, but it isn't something you'll ever be able to pin to a particular government or department or political party.


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