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How We Became the the United States of France

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by weedwhacker

No, it's a Texan/former Confederate territory thing, WW. I do not know where you are from, but if you had grown up anywhere from the Arizona/NM border East to the ocean and north to the MD line (sans Florida) you'd understand it. I always felt the same way about New Mexico. There's a reason why old maps of states like Texas & New Mexico often say "Republic of Texas" or "Republic de Nuevo Mexico" on them.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 11:15 AM

Originally posted by Remote viewer
Want clichés ?

Here's my shot :

We nationalized healthcare, energy, and education.
- I'll never pay for medical care in my entire life
- I have electricity 24/7
- I can point Irak on a map

You might be able to point to it, but you certainly can't spell it! 'Irak' is spelled with a Q. IRAQ.

C- Must try harder.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by burdman30ott6

burdman....I was sorta kinda veering to your side of the argument, but your last post lost me.

You asked (well, you didn't ask, but you wondered where I grew up) so I will tell you. Southern California, born and bred. LA, specifically. AND, just to show my (graying) was back in 1957. This means, next year....I will be 52...OY!

And, no! I am not Jewish...I used an 'Oy!' as comedic distraction.

I'm thinking, you are referring to the Mexican-American War? The Alamo? And all of that? That's pretty well in the past, as far as I know....even for the Mexicans.

But, to your original idea...your OP....I would simply say, France is part of NATO. So, why try to dis-respect a nation, simply because the Government at the time had the foresight to not get involved with a pre-emptive invasion on a country that posed no real threat to the Western World????

burdman, I lost track of where you're coming from.

As far as I know, most citizens of France are very content. They, like others, fear and despise the "illegals" that stream accross their borders, and suck the teat of the system....but, that tends to happen here, as well.

As I heard can build a twelve-foot tall fence, but the determined people will just build a ladder taller, and climb over.

Our focus should be directed outward, not inward.....

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 04:18 PM

As Bush is a neoconservative with a Machiavellian view of governance such a sentiment might be true, but perhaps you should document your claim that Bush has been recorded as saying "This job would be a lot easier if it were a dictatorship, but only if I were the dictator." Otherwise you’re resorting to a Joseph Goebbels’ tactic.

However, on August 12, 1993 Pres. Bill Clinton said “If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government's ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.” On MTV he said “The Constitution is a Radical Document...It is the job of Government to rein in people's rights!” furthermore, in the NY Times on 11/25/97 Clinton said “There are a lot of very brilliant people who believe that the nation-state is fast becoming a relic of the past.”

BTW, Bush won in 2000. The supreme Court decision was to force the Florida supreme Court to obey Florida laws when Gore tried an end run around them. But I realize liberal Democratic partisans seem to have to believe that Darth Bush and his Sith Lord Cheney are responsible for stealing 3 elections (Mexico’s included), 9/11 and all of the al-Zarqawi bombing, the Indonesian tsunami using a nuke from a sub, blowing up the New Orleans’ levees to clear out blacks for Cheney’s investment plans, the Florida hurricanes using HAARP technology, the deaths of several Democrats thru plane “accidents”, and the current Wall Street meltdown. And he did all this with an IQ of 95 according to the Lovenstein Institute prank which liberals fell for lock, stock, and barrel.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
The same people with problems that earn Minimum wage and are disfunctional will be the same people regardless of what system it is and the same people who get rich will be rich regardless of the system

It's just kind of a waste of time

This is not true. The income disparity in Europe and more civilized nations are not nearly as large as the one in the US. Unless you wish to argue that American has more very smart and very stupid citizens due to 'diversity' you really have no defense for that type of finger pointing.

Right to health care?

You see... my issue with Socialism is NOT what they Give to others...

It's what I am subjected to... the 10% tax difference or whatever means little to me, I'll figure it out and get what I want

But the thing is you wont so easily get what you want with privitized health care. A national health care service only has to break even but a private one has to run on profit margins of at least ten percent or higher to be considered worth of investment.

what I worry about in lets say a National Health Care system is being told I HAVE to do things the way others do them

This is something that can be sorted out in the same old democratic way as before and there is no reason why a nation can not have competing( less public funds used to 'satisfy' clients) health care institutions thus allowing the citizenry to vote with their feet.

because not to be rude
Most people are straight up idiots and that includes doctors
For example...
If I got cancer, there is no way in hell I am going for Chemo and already, there are situations in which Doctors can ORDER your treatment

I understand but again there is no reason why this has to be so entirely monolithic. Obviously there are drawbacks but they can be addressed by having different treatment programs in different hospitals.

I BUY my Doctors
when I can't I go to Mexico to get what I want
But I decide my treatments (with advice) But I decide
and I think Chemo will kill me... no I don't think I know I can do better in treating myself

Well Chemo WILL kill you and it's always just a question of whether it kills the cancer before it kills you entirely. It's pretty much the shotgun approach to handling hostage situations.

I haven't had a disease once in the last 20 years, ever since I started treating myself, my way as I know myself and what I need

so it has nothing to do with what they give others...

Well in my ideal system you would be able to choose not to pay any taxes related to national health care and be shown away at the nation's national hospitals in case of emergency. There will always be people able to afford private care that can indulge their every whim/belief so there is no reason why the system should exclude others who are willing to save up for such emergencies.

I'd prefer that aspect of socialism... give away the welfare it keeps the lowest IQ portion of the population in check... might even be there for me If I ever get really reckless and screw up

The thing with welfare is that it's mostly profitable to give child benefits instead of building prison cells or new hospitals to treat the victims of the resulting poverty and violence. What most people don't realise is that it's not as much about handouts as it is about providing for your own future security by providing others with the means to sustain themselves on a very basic level.

The option to handle my life myself... has to always remain...
I want to be able to always opt out of human stupidity when I observe it

Isn't that the truth.
Us 'smart folks' always want to set ourselves apart by presuming that what we have/know is innate instead of learned adaptions that are in fact possible for most. In the end arrogance sets you apart in the most negative ways which best explains why the poor have more smiles to spare than the rich who are desperately trying to hang on to their 'gains'.


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