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Press Releases › Bob Barr Files Suit in Texas to Remove McCain, Obama from Ballot

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 09:34 PM
This is what I'm talking about!!!!

Atlanta, GA – Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's nominee for president, has filed a lawsuit in Texas demanding Senators John McCain and Barack Obama be removed from the ballot after they missed the official filing deadline.

Orrin Grover, attorney for Bob Barr and Wayne Root, said that he believes that the Texas Secretary of State is bound by Texas law to remove the Republican and Democratic nominees from the November ballot. "Either we have rules and deadlines, or we do not," Grover said.

Apparently the rules do no apply here......Justice

And hows this?

The petition also alleges that the Democratic Party's late presidential filing falsely claimed under oath that Senator Obama had been nominated hours before the nomination actually occurred.

Lies? No way! People dont lie!

This is unbelievable, yet it doesn't surprise me. The corruption is so blatant!

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 09:40 PM
It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. But I bet they will still have their names on the ballot when it is all said and done. The election commision will come up with some excuse to keep McCain and Obamas names on the ballots.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 09:44 PM
It really doesn't matter if their names are on the ballot or not. The winner has already been decided and the election is only a formal farce to trick the people into believing that they still have a choice.

The NWO have ordained their new puppet months ago...

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by WatchNLearn

I agree with you 100%...

I wanted to show people how obviously the rules were broken here.

I mean, we have a presidential candidate hiring an attorney, to make sure people follow rules, and if rules were broken then there should be formal reprimanding.

I do agree, the illusion of choice is a powerful deception!

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 09:52 PM

Originally posted by WatchNLearn
The NWO have ordained their new puppet months ago...

That's an interesting theory.


posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 10:12 PM
It would have been impossible for the two parties in question to have abided by the law, insofar as the candidates were not even nominated yet.

Certainly, something is amiss if the parties are holding their conventions too late or if state laws make the filing too onerous to be complied with.

There is no doubt in my mind that neither the people of Texas nor the nation would be benefited by either being forced to vote for candidates they don't support or to refrain from voting altogether. Certainly, most Texans wouldn't be pleased with that outcome.

Barr makes a good point that election laws and the election process should be synchronized.

His point regarding the Obama nomination time being off by a couple of hours is nitpicking and calls his whole case into question.

Regardless, if there is a discrepancy here it should be rectified in a manner that benefits the election process without disenfranchising an entire state.

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by GradyPhilpott

You make excellent points!

Although, rules are rules, especially made by rule makers.....

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 12:00 AM
Although the State of Texas may say that it would be too expensive to print all new ballots without the two major parties candidates on them, the solution is simple enough ... when the process of counting begins they counters are told to ignore votes for both major party candidates.

Oh yeah, the PTB already selected ********** to be POTUS quite some time ago.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 02:07 AM
Please continue the discussion in the existing thread.

Thank you.

Thread closed.

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