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My personal UFO 'solution'

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 03:07 PM
This really is, just my personal view. There are surely a million counter-arguments out there for each paragraph, but please allow me to post it. I bet we all have a private view of what we thinks going on, but I bet most don’t, afraid of being labeled cooks…

Here goes, I saw UFO's, and close-up too, when I was a teen, and again when I was in my 20's as many people have. I never got close enough to interact or touch anything, but close enough to know 100% there are spherical metallic craft, that fly and hover around without any noise or exhaust gasses, so that was good enough for me not to remain part of the ‘skeptic’ community on UFO’s.

With that background, I was always excited and secure about my belief that I saw 'alien' craft, and that surely one day it would be really cool when those interplanetary visitors came out to mass-disclose with us humans. But now I am 30 years older, and having read and listened to everything I could, I now feel I was sucked in by a con trick into believing these were ‘alien’.

I was listening to Jim Marrs talk recently, and he mentioned an old book on the subject of "the Nazis going underground" –but that book was written BEFORE WWII, that really made my ears prick up, Nazis going 'underground' before WWII? Now that is very interesting. I know some researchers think the top-level Nazis, I stress NOT the military patsies that 'lost' the war, but the real dyed-in-the-wool occultists who run the Great Plan behind the scenes, shut-up shop and literally flew off to a hidden base in the craft they developed, to continue the Great Plan when they knew their foot-soldiers were likely to lose WWII.

The views of authors and speakers like David Icke, R C Hoagland, Alan Watt, Jim Marrs and even Alex Jones. They all seem to be converging to point to some ultra-powerful Nazi-ideology group that see themselves as the elite, the 'Master Race'. This elite despise the very air we breathe, have existed behind the scenes for many years, always setting us to war against each other when it suited them, always stealing the cream of technology, controlling us by owning the currencies and bringing us toward their Great Plan of a one-world government, controlled by an iron-fist police state, with 80% population reduction as their immediate goal. I believe they somehow manage to control all government agendas that further their interests, most especially space technology and have run NASA since it began.

Everything my brain and heart tells me is that this is indeed what has been going on, and that there has been a massive quickening of their agenda of late, possibly due to the Internet exposing them earlier than they ever expected. I think there indeed has been some faction of humanity, that is highly intelligent, that decided some time back in our hidden history, perhaps centuries ago, to exist away from us, or secretly amongst us, all the time perfecting the minds and bodies of their new ‘race’ by selective eugenics (beautiful tall Aryans, or ‘Nordics’?) and perfecting technology that was advanced and ‘out of time’ and always slightly ahead of our own. Knowing their intent toward us, lets call them what they are, Nazis.

To come back to my ‘alien’ UFO sightings, they were not at all alien, but were glimpses of this secret Nazi technology, and that any 'alien' appearances' have been staged, faked, animatronics mixed with mind-control, to misinform and confuse us while the Great Plan gathers pace behind the scenes. Planetary domination and extermination takes time to plan properly.

Barney Hill's famous account was a perfect stereotypical account of a cruel Nazi looking down on him (from the craft). I think he hit it on the nail on the head with his initial impressions. Many other UFO accounts also detail UFO-crews terrorizing the victims with what are clearly human controllers, Nazis, enjoying the terror they inflict. The Kelly Cahill case is another. Oh yeah, they all have their bug-eyed, grey Santa’s Little Helpers, but as I suggested the ‘greys’ ‘blues’ etc. are a cover, for show, nothing less than animatronics or ‘Muppets on steroids’. Even the ‘pleasant’ interactions with our cosmetically perfect Nordic Nazis, such as Adamski’s ‘Orthon’, were an act, concealing an evil agenda. Yet another distraction that continues to this day while the Nazis finish the job. That being perfection of viral weaponization techniques, finalizing collection of our planetary DNA profile before they unleash population thinning extermination upon us, which I believe will be by selective viral means disseminated by aircraft or public water supplies, with perhaps a dash of thermonuclear war to help things along.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 03:55 PM
I really expected some energetic responses to this. Anyone agree or disagree?

Just to add to my conviction, I also believe the Nazi-cult that is behind UFOs, also runs our world's shadow governments, by directly controlling the very highest levels of powerful world-controlling groups like the CFR and Bilderberg. I believe the likes of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have been in cahoots with them, on promise of some fine assurance of status in the New World Order.

Like I said, this Nazi-cult is old, and has been running the show for a long time. World Wars have come and gone at their creation like some sick game of chess. Right now, they are bringing the world closer to One World Government, by bringing closer the concept of One World Currency and cashless society through the current so-called world markets crash.

Time is of the essence and you need to rub your eyes quick and see through the whole party trick of 'aliens' that has distracted you while these devils take our planet from us.

When they are done, there is no room for you or your family in their plans.

[edit on 22-9-2008 by LynUK]

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