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King of Kings

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 12:13 PM
I dont intend for this to sounds like blasphemy, but I'd like to solicit your opinion. Was Elvis the King of Rock and Roll? Many of the old school might think so, but the vast majority of the new generation would argue that point.

Every heard of the saying "Elvis has left the building"? Ever really why that statement is so infamous? Well it has something to do with the people/fans wanting an encore performance from the King. When the PA announcer says "Elvis has left the building", it is in effect saying... the King has better things to do. There is something profound about that statement in itself. Now why would thy give the title "King" to the man who wont give an encore performance?

The point I am making here... is about Jesus, which has a an even larger title "King of Kings, Lord of Lords".. There are countless religions out there who have a firm belief in Christ, which is a foundation and morally positive influence on society. No one can deny that... Everyone on the planet is waiting for Jesus to make his return, and claim this title. I have never once heard anyone say "Jesus has left the building", so I assume that he will make an encore appearance. So, for this even, I will hold my bic (or cellphone) high and wait for him to take the stage.

Do you believe Jesus will make an encore performance and claim his rightful title? Or do you believe that "Elvis = Jesus"? and he has left the building? Despite what the bible says, What does God tell you? and what does your heart tell you?

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 01:07 PM

Originally posted by mapsurfer_
Despite what the bible says, What does God tell you? and what does your heart tell you?

That He is coming back... SOON. Jesus admonished us to look for the season- a season that all the signs are pointing to as being THIS season.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by mapsurfer_

That would be blasphemy if you said that on a Christian forum but this is religion and you are free to invent your own religion.
Right now the great delusion is about to take place. Like Oct. 7 or whatever the web-bots are predicting. As in the movie Independence Day. The mother ships are already built and are in storage to be presented to the world as our saviors. If we buy into it, we, as a world, is lost.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 11:01 AM
JD dewey, Aliens were created for this reason by the Govs.

Now as for the OP. He is coming back very soon. The signs he gave to us from the saints are these.

1. technology.

Once this increases they said know the time is at hand. They even predicted air planes and cars (hourseless carriage), so basically what is happening is mans intelligence is doubling every decade or so and satan by Gods will who is the smartest angel God created is allowed to create ancient egypt all over again.

antichrist will use this technology for dillusions and bait in the future.

2. Sin.

Once sin has increased then you know the time is at hand.

Now i truley believe once they created the new mass the grace left the world. They created it in the 60s. morally the world has declined each decade, and you can see it get much worse in the 90s in the culutre ect. It's getting more lustful and so forth.

So this age right now we are in a confusion, a great confusion many saints and God talks about in the end times where mans mind will be confused to what sin is, they will think about nothing but shallow amusements and entertainment and so forth, and it's because of the sin that lets satan in and he blinds the understanding.

God has left the world to itself and I believe this is where we are right now.

next will be WW3 and immergence of the antichrist who might be here after obamas reign or during. i don't know the role USA will play in antichrist reign.

anyways he (Jesus) will be back to stop the nuclear wars in the future or else nobody will be left on earth if he didn't intervene.

I got a book of saints prophecies. Go to tan books. It's catholc prophecies from saints throughout the years. it's amazing.

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