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Why Can't I Negotiate My Imminent Contract?

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 12:22 AM
Alright, this may be a *little* premature, but I think it is pretty much a given. If I am understanding properly what I am being told by my government, I am about to sign away some money to any financial institution in need to financial aid to save their business even though it was their own disingenous lending practices that led to their failings. Provided that the institution is "wealthy enough" to save in the first place (meaning that only the companies with direct political ties to the policy making of our country's leaders will be considered.)

I have seen this debated relentlessly on these forums since this crisis has began to unfold, and rightly so, but I'm beginning to believe that this is one case when the herd mentality might actually work against TPTB. It seems to me that this is serious enough that EVERYONE is interested in what this all means. The government's secretive activity and peculiar anxiety is telling me that people are willing to listen to this one... They aren't getting the answers from their leaders OR TPTB. Why not? Because there aren't any answers. This MAY end up hurting them in the long run. People could potentially FLOCK to the alternative reality.

My suggestion, everyone just remain calm for the moment. Keep putting the word out and hopefully everyone will realize that although we are only taking on $700billion dollars of bad debt at any one time, if the bill before congress suggests, Bush has raised the debt ceiling by nearly $2trillion dollars. This is a tax. People need to know this. They will realize this (crosses fingers.)

My hopes are that people do a combination of two things. First, EVERYONE fails to pay their income taxes next year (the fed just absorbed too much bad debt and this will hurt them.) And second, people write their congressmen en masse and demand immediate payment of internal debt (this will effectively do the same thing the FED is doing to these financial institutions. It will bankrupt them through an organized run.)



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