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Is Religion Simply A Security Blanket? INTELLIGENT Discussion With NO FLAMING

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 12:18 AM
Religion bothers me.

My Mother grew up in a Pennycostle household, so she was deeply (IMO) brain washed. When I was a kid, she would take us to a Christian church every now and then in the morning for Sunday School. I vividly remember taking empty ice cream pails and sticking Jesus stickers all over them, and that was our "craft" for the day. I was five years old and asking "what is the point of this?" She also enrolled me in a bible summer camp when I was in the 5th grade. I didn't really care that I had to go to these things, but I was always asking "Why? How is what the Bible says true?"

My Pennycostle grandparents would send me a bible every year for Christmas, like I was the spawn of Satan and needed to be saved. I literally had a collection of bibles. My Mother's brain washing made it very hard for her to understand why I didn't really believe in God. She would pray all the time and still does. Not in the open or anything, but she has this personal relationship with God. I was always well informed about biology (well, for a kid anyway) and evolution, and I told her it didn't make sense. I said, "Mom, how is it even possible that Noah got one of every creature on a boat? HOW?"

So my whole life has been me contemplating this religion thing. I believe that religion is something that was practised a long time ago, and it was used to explain phenomenon that people had no answer for. It was also used as mind control, crowd control, etc. "We cant explain how THIS happened so it must be the work of our MIGHTY LORD. Do not anger him or you will go to HELL".

Who believes in Hell anyway? I'm sorry but the concept of burning under the Earth in eternal pain is silly.

If this GOD is so mighty, why would he reject those who do not follow him? What about buhdists? Why can't they go to heaven too if theyre good people? Or all the primative tribes in the rain forest that whorship nature and what sorrounds them? These are the flaws I can't accept.

My Pennycostle Grandpa recently just passed away. At his funeral I was told "If you ever want to see your Grandfather again, you need to accept Jesus as your savior and repent for you sins". Needless to say I was a little upset. I wasn't upset because I thought it to be true, but rather upset because I thought it was the silliest thing I've ever heard. I see my Grandfather every day, because he's still in my heart and soul. I don't need to repent to find him.

And then I have to ask, why does everyone have to push religion on everyone else? It's so rude. Why must we always CONVERT? I believe in letting people find their own way.

If people choose religion and it makes them better people, then that's great. But throughout history and in our lifetime today, too many people have died at the hands of this GOD, and if GOD IS REAL, I know that wouldn't be (it's) intention. If there is a creator, it is not of this world or of anything I could comprehend. I will find out one day.

Where do I stand now? I believe the body is a vessel for the soul, and that this is just the first stage of life. Even if there isn't anything on the other side and I'm just dead in the is what it is. I have morals and values because I have life experiences. I won't ask for permission to live my life.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 02:37 PM
religion whilst asking no questions is a blanket

knowing that what you feel is true is the key to life itself

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by Malzypants

MALZY...I believe you just explained the best description of how 'religion' is a Security Blanket, simply by speaking the truth and memory of your experiences.

Nicely done.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 06:24 PM
im also an agnostic and i just find it hard to believe how any religion grew. in my opinion religion is one of the greatest manipulations the human race has seen so far. it is responsible for most wars,terrorist attacks and racism. never mind a black president, imagine a black pope. i mean in all fairness the current pope is an ex-nazi. moremen are racists by religion. the clan was founded by moremen. moremen is a branch off the catholic church. how much more racist can you get. in fairness i dont know much about different religions so i cant comment on them but how many different faiths is there. only one faith can be the right one and even then there is no scientific proof for any of them. but still smart people follow their religions without question. to sum it up i have no idea what religion is. i just think that the world would be a far better place without it....ONE RULE!!!

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by xrayspecs

Seriously, 'xray'....

You obviously know how to use the ~shift~ key, since the last few words were capitilized. AND, you found the !....

So, just a gentle admonishment....please use the ~shift~ key to capitilize words as you write, in your sentences. It will give you a great deal more authority in what you're trying to convey!

EDIT: Not that I am telling you to use ALL CAPS!! Please, don't. Just try to write in paragraphs, with appropriate spelling and punctuation...and appropriate'll be taken much more seriously.....

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker

I'm going to take your advice "weedwacker" just because it's about time I started but seriously "weedwacker" nice way to be a prick about giving the advice.

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by xrayspecs

Sheesh! xray....look, all I want to do is keep the discourse above the level of what you normally see on the Internet.

That is kinda-sorta the point of this it doesn't fall down to the level of some other sites.....

xray, we SHOULD NOT be having this discussion!!!

Back to subject....not sure how many pages have come along, but here's my two Euros....

....I DO think that a religion is a sort of 'security blanket'.

However, isn't it Human Nature to 'believe' in something? Even if it's farcical, it is Human Nature to believe anyway.....Unicorns, fairies....Humans believe in almost ANYTHING, as long as they are TOLD WHAT to believe in!!!

This is why 'Religion' tends to hold people....because we are likely the only mammals that know we will die....and 'religion' preys on that....that singular knowedge....that Humans have....the concept of 'death' and what it might mean????

THIS IS why I agree with the OP....a 'religous' belief, no matter the religion, IS a 'security blanket'....because Humans have come to realize, due to our big brains, that we can die....hence, we have burial rituals, ans such.....

Only WE Humans mourn our dead. As far as I know, don't know much about the mammals in the oceans....

But....WHY did 'religion' rear its ugly head, in the affairs of Humans???

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 05:46 PM
ENOUGH.... take your further jabs private or suffer the consequences.


posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 01:55 AM
It seems to be surprising to many people that the churches are filled with so much evil. Sadly, many people have let this fact (and it is a fact) destroy their faith. But for people who look more closely at the life of Christ they will see the truth of God in his life, death, and resurrection.

Do you not remember that it was the church itself that put Christ to death?

Do you not remember that not one, not even one, of the Apostles were a Jewish priest?

Do you not remember that Christ turned over the tables in the temple?

A major truth about the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior was the corruption of the people who ran the church of God, the Jewish priests. People are not perfect. Only God is perfect. The life, death, and resurrection of Christ proves many things, but firstly it proves that there is much corruption in the church, and yes, the Church of God as well as other churches. If the church was not corrupt, then Christ would never have been put to death. Does this prove that God and religion are flawed? Of course not. In fact, it only validates that God is in charge, not matter how corrupt the church may be at any given time.

The life of Christ demonstrates that the church is flawed because humans are flawed. This is the way that it has always been. Have you never read the old testament? How many times had God turned against his chosen people and chastised them precisely because of corruption and evil within the church?

But unfortunately, we are raised today to simply believe that God’s churches on earth are nothing but good and that no one who does evil can reside there. But this is not the truth at all, and the Bible will tell you this. The Bible will tell you that churches themselves have in history been some of the worst and most corrupt places on earth. God does not hid that some, or even all, of the churches run by man are filled with evil.

What does Christ say in the Book of Revelation to the 7 churches? Does he give them all nothing but praise? Of course not! Instead, Christ chastises each and every one of the 7 churches of God. Do we learn from this? No. Do we say that the churches cannot be of God if they have flaws and the people do evil? Sadly, some of us do. But does Christ himself say that they are not the true churches of God? Of course not! Instead, he instructs the Apostle John to write each and every one of the true churches a letter explaining all too well that they are doing evil in the site of God and that they need to change their ways immediately.

But we are not raised to be guarded when it comes to God and to the his churches. We should be raised this way but many are not. God and Christ are not the problem. It is we who are the sinners. We are the problem. We are the ones who run the flawed churches and we are the ones who turn away from a perfect God because of the many sins of man.

But if we were raised to be guarded against evil from all sources, most especially from the church then we would all be closer to the perfect God because we would walk closer down the path of our Lord and Savior who constantly corrected the priests in the temples.
God is perfect. We should never turn away from God. And we should never be raised to treat man as if he can do no evil because he is a member of a church, a school, or a representative of the law.

If a police officer broke the law and beat you after he caught you speeding does this invalidate the law? Are the laws of our country a scam if even all the police officer in the country do not follow them? Of course not. Why then do you say that God does not exist simply because many men choose to do evil?

Let me tell you something that is not a secret. The world is filled with evil and it has been this way the moment that man was placed upon it. The churches are filled with evil, the governments are filled with evil, the people are filled with evil and yes, you and I are filled with evil too. The Bible say that our righteousness is like filthy rags to the Goodness of God. The Bible says that none are righteous before the Lord. Why then do many people expect that only good should be found in the churches? The Bible does not say this and neither does the life of Christ. When did it start that people taught their children that all the people in church are good and wholesome when nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact that the churches may or may not be evil does not prove God to be false. Oh no. Instead, it only proves that God is true, for God has granted each and every one of us the power of free will, and because of this, evil will always be everywhere in this world as long as we are in it.

If you have let the evils of others destroy your faith in the perfect God then guess what, you are only human, just like the rest of us. A sinner, just like the rest of us. But learn from this and read the words of God. Do not let the evils of man take you further from our Perfect God and his Son, Our Lord.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 12:46 AM
Religion was a way for me to become acquainted with God and the Bible. But...I feel that it was only a stepping stone for me to develop my own conscious contact with God, eventually without religion and a dependence on the Bible.

The problem is; religion becomes a crutch and a mediator, with its leaders determining the meaning of Gods will, rather than man standing on his own two feet with his own connection to God.

There is something wrong when you have all religion believing and teaching that they have the 'Truth," while all are not agreeing on what that Truth is! This is a huge problem.

This is why I say that the odds of Jesus coming to earth...again, would create such turmoil amongst the Christians, that I am sure some would label him the Ant-Christ, ironically! Because to most, he would be speaking truths that do not go along with their teachings. AND! They would not recognize his voice, for they would not understand his riddles!


"Religion is for those scared of hell. Spirituality is for those who have been there!"

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 01:15 AM
Spirituality is a sham and a lie. It is the foolish belief that you can be close to God without doing anything he demands of you. Here are the web definitions for the term “Spirituality.”

1. A sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of self and of relationship with 'that which is greater than self', and also practices such as.

2. This is generally understood to refer to the path of awareness. Unfortunately, however, this term usually refers to a realm which is outside. For example, “spiritual” has been divided from “physical.” Yet in authentic awareness, there can be no such division.

3. That personal function which relates my life's meaning to transpersonal reality. Spirituality is subjective, and is not necessarily defined by association with a certain tradition or by organizational affiliation.

Hmph, what a joke. “I’m one with God because I’m a spiritual person.” I can’t believe that anyone could take that statement seriously. The only logic behind spirituality is that those who claim to be spiritual are the people who want to claim that they are holy while turning their back on God's commands. It’s the same as saying, “Well I don’t kill people, so, I can’t be a bad person right?”

Here is the truth that way too many people choose to avoid...

If God is real, which he is, then he does things a specific way because he is perfect. Perfect is doing only good, and not evil. There is no grey area with perfection. If there is a God, which there is, then he would have told us what he wants us to do because, being perfect, he wants things done a very certain way. Well, our God not only told us what to do and how to do it, he also showed us how he wants it done. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who avoids the church because of some bullcrap spirituality cop-out is doing evil in the site of God. They know it. They just think your not smart enough to catch on to their fence-riding mumbo jumbo.

If you follow God, then you are a member of his church on earth, period. I don’t give a damn how many people this statement upsets, it is the bold faced truth and I know it, whether you do or not.

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 03:21 PM
Originally posted by Hot_Wings

Spirituality is a sham and a lie. It is the foolish belief that you can be close to God without doing anything he demands of you.

I do not know where you come up with this reasoning and anger. But believe it or not, I do relate to what you are saying and in the past would have felt the same way. Also, there are many claiming to be spiritual and yet, worship other doctrine, and teachers, in loo of an orthodox religion.

I was where you are at one time and never would have understood my post above, until I reached that point.

Religion teaches self-sacrificing, and performance, not God.

Hmph, what a joke. “I’m one with God because I’m a spiritual person.” I can’t believe that anyone could take that statement seriously. The only logic behind spirituality is that those who claim to be spiritual are the people who want to claim that they are holy while turning their back on God's commands. It’s the same as saying, “Well I don’t kill people, so, I can’t be a bad person right?”

How is a spiritual person turning their back on God? It is the whole point of being spiritual...developing a conscious contact with God.

If there is a God, which there is, then he would have told us what he wants us to do because, being perfect, he wants things done a very certain way. Well, our God not only told us what to do and how to do it, he also showed us how he wants it done.

If God first of all, performed the miracle of inspiring the Bible, then he also would have performed the second miracle of; making sure his words were written down "perfectly" and not misquoted hundreds to thousands of times. He also would have made sure that the Bible was based on the original writings and not on the countless copies! He would have been "perfectly" capable of preserving all the many originals...but he didn't!

He would have made sure that the KJV which gained tremendous popularity and is still being used would have at least had some accuracy to it. Instead of being instigated by a sex addict (King James) who had little, to no religious leanings, but certainly had the love of power, and wanted to unite church and old story, and used an edition formulated by one of the worst copies in existence by Erasmus!

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who avoids the church because of some bullcrap spirituality cop-out is doing evil in the site of God. They know it. They just think your not smart enough to catch on to their fence-riding mumbo jumbo.

Which church? There are soooooo many! Which one follows "perfectly" the imperfect Bible and knows 100% what is Gods will, and which is mans created doctrine?

If you follow God, then you are a member of his church on earth, period. I don’t give a damn how many people this statement upsets, it is the bold faced truth and I know it, whether you do or not.

I respect your desire to follow whatever your heart dictates. I am not going to tell you that my way is the only way. I would be no different than what all religions say and I would be returning to my vomit in doing so.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 06:36 PM
These days it is actually very common to be "spiritual" and still have absolutly nothing to do with God. Your "spirituality" is simply your ability to, in some way, connect with the supernatural realm.

What most people fail to realize is that while God is most certainly supernatural, not all that is supernatural is God.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by Lightmare

Your "spirituality" is simply your ability to, in some way, connect with the supernatural realm.

And you know this about

You would be very mistaken if you feel, or imply that I am a new-ager.

Christians feel that if a person is not connected to a religion, then it is impossible to believe that "God the Almighty" would have anything to do with them. Like he would have to get permission from religion and its ministers first!!

That he would divorce himself from someone like me. I used to preach the same thing until I saw the hypocrisy, and arrogance in it, and lack of love. AND I might God!

Christians who are part of religion feel that if anyone claims to have a connection with God and are not part of religion - then it must be the devil that they are connecting with. Which in itself shows naivete and a lack of true spirituality, nor a real understanding of God. He is fully capable of choosing his friends.

It is ironic that the Bible was never intended as a guide book for God! hold him accountable to it!! I wonder how he truly feels about that?

It was written by man for man with very little divine inspiration leaking through. Except as a book that would be used to mislead individuals to say exactly what you just said! The truth of that is being revealed now.

With all this said, I love the Bible and now can look and read it through very different eyes. It is indeed exciting times with all the new discoveries!! And I don't have to worry that it is competing with any of my former religious beliefs, or yours!

That's a good thing!

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by MatrixProphet

Just to clear something up. The term "your spirituality" was meant as a general term. It wasn't actually directed at you, MatrixProphet.

Sorry about that. I should have been more clear.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 09:16 PM
religion starts as a security blanket or something like it. People feel fear of what they don't know and turn to religion because it seems like it has all the answers. It is not irrational, they feel that if it is true it is good, so they begin to trust it. Then they begin to have faith in it. Then they believe it is infallible. Then they begin to fight for it. Then they will die for it. Then they believe they will go to heaven for it. It is the same for all religions that exclude others. It is inhumane. But sometimes they will stop at the first step and say, "fear what?" And then they will say why do I need a religion? Then they will find answers in their heart and they will be the right answers.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 10:41 PM
I was raised Roman Catholic but for the last 20 years have been pretty much uninvolved with God or any church. I don't believe in God in the religous sense. I do believe there is some higher state to be attained, but I don't think worship of a God or Jesus Christ is what will get one there, it may even hinder ones chances. I do think that ones soul (life energy) can move to an elevated galatic existence. A utopia of sorts. You do have to live the type of life that was taught by Jesus. That is the only requirement. To be able to be pure of heart and to have the willingness to do you part to make society a better place for yourself and your neighbor. I beleive there are those with much higher powers thnrough out the universe, but I do not feel that they are gods to be worshipped, but the next evolution of ones development, with more to come after that.

In my opinion churches are not a crutch, they are just a mistaken belief system. They mix the worship and lifestyle messages that Jesus laid down. Everyone was just suppose to worship the rules of human interaction, not a God or some church. The message got confused over time.

What is great about churches is that they do tend to bring people together as a one community, but unfortunately also act as a divisive force against other communities. For some the community aspect may be the crutch. They may not believe the theology so much but want to surround themselves with people they believe are inherently good and church is the easiest place to do so. Once everyone is inherently good, like in our eventual galatic future, then there will be no need for churches.

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 10:51 PM
I guess we must all believe in something, even if that something is nothing. I am a Christian because That is what I believe....We all have freedom of choice, I don't try to shove my religion down anyone's throat, because forcing one will not make them believe...I don't think I use it as a security blanket, It is just what i believe.............Thanks for your post.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by Lightmare

Sorry about that. I should have been more clear.

Thank you for correcting that!

It is a common thing for a religious person to assume that if one is not religious but claims to be spiritual that - that person must deal in incense, twigs & berries, chants, wears specific garb, uses crystals and the laying on of hands, and has an icon set up in honor to their favorite guide or teacher!

I do not subscribe to any of the above and am not involved in any Eastern beliefs, nor Course of Miracles, nor any of the latest religious fads. They obviously work for some people, and they are happy doing so. But none of it is for me.

Nope, it is just me an' Jah.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 12:57 PM

Originally posted by Sublime620
My Opinion on Religion:

I have none.

While I don't really have any faith at all, and cannot even comprehend it, there are far too many geniuses who had faith. Einstein, for example, understood far more about the universe than I ever will, and he still had faith.

So, more than being critical of religion, I am jealous. However, I do wish those with faith would use it towards good more than they do. So many use religion and faith as a means of hatred instead of peace.

I have read this idea that religion, I suspect you/they mean Christianity, is a means of using hatred against others. I think it is a ridiculous statement; maybe you just don't research or look into it, but there are so many many many "religious" people who are doing good, they outnumber these so-called hate-mongers to the farthest reaches. There are millions of Christians this very moment making a difference in someone's life thru mission programs, and right here at home too. I could list literally hundreds maybe thousands of charity programs run by Christians. Where is this hatred? Are you talking about the nutty guy who shows up at military funerals, or protests homosexuals? I mean, that is not a grain of sand in the big picture. Christians' number two command is to love each other, as you love yourself.

Catholic church, though founded on Christianity, has a lot of problems, which were created by man, not God. Thankfully I wasn't raised in a religous home, never even went to church; my mom just said a sweet little prayer at our bedtime every night which she ended "in Jesus name" -- I can understand how these heavy religous doctrines could have messed some people up, but no need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

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