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We all know what happened in the 2000 electionm but...

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 11:08 AM
We all know what happened in the 2000 election, but....after all of contraversy was settled by the court, stopping any vote counting issues by appointing GWB,

and after declaring "war on terror" post 9/11, and initiating the patriot act, Bush Doctrine (i.e. pre-emptive attacks on sovergn nations, decloration of war passed by congress not withstanding), and a multitude of questionable executive decisions from no bid contracts, to defying congressional subpoenas and a host of other outrageous administrative constitutional ignorances,

We finally come to the 2004 elections.

With such a nation-wide division between the parties and in the incumbant approval rating and policies, we new this election would be close.
It would also test us, having had 4 years to correct voting procedures to remedy the inherent issues of 2000.

So, the Bush administration was up against Kerry and thus began the next fight for the White House. This time, we had Democratic and Republican candidates, both being fellow skull and bonesmen, campaigning against each other.

Prior to election day, neither candidate would answer questions regarding the Yale Fraternity.

However, we did here a confident (or prophetic) statement from GWB.
"i'm not gonna lose" (Interview with the late, great Tim Russert)

Then, with a purported 2-1/2% Bush lead, even though the exit polls show a 3% Kerry victory,

Kerry Concedes.

Now, with the upcoming 2008 election, will Bush declare Martial Law and stop the election?

Not as long as there are no impeachment procedings, according to some Washinton insiders.

or will it be suspended nonetheless? Some say Isreal will attack Iran, with US backing and by November 5, 2008.

Will the 2008 vote even matter if there is no inauguration??
or will the vote be fixed once again to install the puppet McCain, allowing 8 more years of the dictatorial Republican Administration?

How about 2016?


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