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References to search on Space

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 06:15 PM

I often struggle for references and have to browse pages of google-searches to get to find the one or two things I was working on, if I'm lucky.

Shall we write down our references so that it helps everyone? I'm thinking essentially of the new members, I'm still new myself and I can't see a reference thread for space anywhere on ATS.

If there is, Mods please delete this thread.

I will start with a website I find excellent:

The Living Moon site does not stop at the moon, and offers beautiful photos and essential references & details on Mars and on other planets etc.

Thank you if you can contribute, and Take Care.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 08:32 PM
I won't put ANY NASA or JPL references onto this thread because,

--first, they take ages, THEY'RE TOO SLOW!!!!! AH AH AH!

--second, I don't like preachers of untruths,

--third if you don't believe me go to PIA085090, first result, the hypocrits put a FAKE photo on St Mary, Cape St.Mary, Mars, with BLUE PAINTING on, (trying to HINT for former seas...ah wow wqe'd NEVER guess...
) which erases a LOT of data, try to go to the original [big--the biggest version of it-- Hi Res] and it's IMPOSSIBLE to get ALL the parts of it, btw, how do we know these pics are from where they say, after the Moon (ours!) mayhems...

'Big Brother is watching you' and puts plenty cameras & CCTV around you...but NEVER stop CRIME as they'd have to stop theirs, re IRAQ and the 11th of September 2001...FOR EXAMPLE...

--fourth, google for "The 7 Sisters" on Mars and you will see a big 'black hole'...COMPLETELY MADE-UP, lines and all, well OPAQUE!!! conveniently called 'crater' or something...

--fith, if you wonder about my "second" thought, think of their BRILLIANT TV STATEMENTS, about the "Humanoid Figure" west Vally, see my thread "MARTIAN-MADE STRUCTURES..."




Another ref. but strangely that doesn't give any REAL 'ANOMALY', as they call it, photos: ESA, European Space Agency....blah...

To avoid equally. Good for distant geology. FAKE. Mars isn't terracota or beige colour, try again, euro-fancy.


A good ref but most ppl dont dare editing pics so we dont see much, hopefully it will change after mine and a few Friends daring: YOU TUBE VIDEOS.

A LOT of websites refs are given on OP's Info.

My Playlists on You Tube, see: Space at my channel, I'm LaPieinsky there. See you soon hopefully and Welcome.

(for 'urine-takers' = forever annoying & persistant in IGNORANCE posters, please know that I DO remove unpleasant comments and I DO alert YT authorities on your membership, OK, just to say... on YT they know and keep well away from my work. AS I have a RIGHT to POST, LEAST there.)


Busy week ahead for me, hope you get a good one, little time for me to come here and fight for my freedom of speech and thoughts at every sigh I utter, so, sorry to my Friends but it clearly shows that some do the same as me, politely withdraw and move on to elsewhere...! Sorry, hard truth, I don't like biased mods like maria~~stardust or whatever 'smashing' personality...and her lil friends the megaskeptiks...megapaint/dyed blondes/quick takers,quick barkers, mega-everything, thanx, bye.


Carry on this thread, Feel Free, if it happens...if not I will still sleep!

...if you have good links, it might be never could do like I did, come onto here by accident and think, !wow!, why not carrying on the good ATS work.

I still love ATS and I will stil read sometimes.

Take care, (message to my Friends only, hope to see you again, most of you I see elsewhere....for Others you have my contact anyway, see above.)

M. & Family.

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