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Im working out but....nothings happening

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by confused one

That's horrible advice. If he's really only consuming 1500 calories, you're suggesting that he consume 750 cal. a day.

Yeah, he'll definitely lose weight. But he'll be miserable and unhealthy, and he'll lose every bit of muscle that he's built so far.

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 12:06 PM
First,don't be too worried about what shows on the scales.I know it's difficult and those numbers are what you want to see change most,and is your motivation in the weeks to come.

I started about ten weeks ago from 'around' the same situation as you 5'11 108kg..definitely too heavy for my aims.

The first two weeks was murder

I deliberately DIDN'T look at the scales because I know it always goes up a little first..This is the shock period where your body is wondering what the heck you are doing to it.

Keep up the cardio and high reps.
I didn't even do any weights till I'd dropped 10kg because I didn't want to bulk up..I'd recommend you spending the time on flexibility.stretching and cardio..not weight machines.Free weights will use more muscles and your core muscles more to stabilise the weights.

DEFINITELY stick at it. You are maybe expecting results too soon.A 3 month program is usually pretty successful.
Wait till you are about half way to your target before hitting the high resistance stuff..You may find weight loss slowing but get great fitness results.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 07:25 PM
ill help you mate.i work out and i have some tips for you
1 either concentrate on fat burning,or the oposite
2 eat nice,4-5 times a day...its a metabolism thing
3 insted of buying proteins,spend that cash on meat and food,it will do you more good then proteins...
4 depends on the person,some bodies change more quickly,just start to work out more intensive,put some spirit into,and eat good after working out
train different group every time,make sure u leave them time to rest
Vitamins overload^^
1-2gr vitamin c on day^^+ what else u have

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 07:11 AM

The old saying "Rome wasn't build in a day" applies to becoming fit.

If everyone could get the body of their dreams in a few weeks or months than everybody would look great.

Don't get frustrated when you don't see immediate results, they will come slowly. Keep at it!

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 11:50 PM

Originally posted by _Phoenix_

Originally posted by Osama Bin Laden at Area 5
if your not working out for two hours atleast then there is a problem. plus 9 bottles of water.

Two hours a day!? If so, that's not needed, trust me.


why not just join the army and be done with it then you dont have to worry about haveing a self esteem or weight problems.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 11:52 PM
dont take vitamins period they are not good for you. its like takeing speed.

but if you wanna go mental take some glucosamine sulfate and some of them 2000mg calcium tablets and you will be sprung but eat alot before takeing the calcium.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by Osama Bin Laden at Area 5

Are you for real??
I've never heard such a load in all my life.

Please disregard EVERYTHING 'OBLA5' has to say on the subject of exercise and nutrition.

The body will use Vitamins that are needed and expel whatever is not. O.Ding on them is NOTHING like taking speed or any other amphetamine.You'll just overload your kidneys and DIE if you constantly take vast amounts.

9 bottles of water while training?
How does that leave you any time left to do any actual work?Go to the gym to drink?

Training on Calcium..Yeah fantastic routine if you suffer from osteoporosis.

Training on ANY glucosamine. Yeah recommended.. for aiding arthritis/sore joints.


Well apart from the fact that you used a double negative in that statement, rendering it actually CORRECT...
I would certainly suggest you do some research on the topic before picking up your Grandma's prescribed exercise routines and medication..

Honestly!!!..some people .. :shk:

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 09:29 PM
Ok brother, I dont have much time before I have to do some work. But I will keep on if you are interested.

I have learned from some very good people. Let me know what type of schedule you have (how much gym and physical training time you have each day) What type of work do you do. (import for dieting tips)

First and most importantly, you have to be MOTIVATED! You really have to want it. If you go at if half heartedly, that is the kind of results you will get.

I am going to go over some basic principles. It is easier to put together your routine when you know 'why' you are doing it.

For your dieting, you have to eat to FUEL your body, not to satisfy.
One of the most important things you can controll with your diet is your bodys metabolison.
Eating 5-6 small meals a day will keep your body burning and fueling all day and night.
Some of the biggest dieting mistakes are made by skipping meals.
When you start skipping meals your body goes into survivor mode. When you do eat, your body will store as much of it as possible 'just in case' a long period of time should pass before getting more. Also, only eating a ocuple times a day, your muscles are not getting the dietary support they need to repair and grow.

I will throw together a good menu a the end with a good gym routine based on your free time and job activity.

For the fastest, longest lasting results, you have to use a balance of cardio and weight training. THE MORE LEAN MUSCLE MASS YOU HAVE, THE FASTER YOUR BODY WILL BURN FAT.

I have to go for now......To Be Continued

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by confusedone

Do not let the scale rule your life, body weight can fluctuate over 24 hours easily. Instead view yourself in the mirror, how your clothes fit you and see if you notice improvements in your energy levels. My advice is to weigh yourself every fortnight and remember you are not trying to lose weight you are trying to lose fat.

2 suggestions for your routine, add some calisthenics ie pull ups and google HIIT training, its interesting stuff.

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 11:36 PM
Haven't read "every single reply, so pardon me if mentioned.

But one word man. DIET.!

It's all what you intake. KNOW what you're eating, and more importantly what not to eat.
If you're trying to lose lbs.....stay far away from weights.
You don't want bulk if you wanna shed some pounds.

Lotsa Cardio. Burn those calories. (always)Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Little things like that make a significant difference believe it or not....ohhh...try to walk ALOT more. It will benefit you in alot of different ways...hiking, even builds stamina up.

You should always walk after a punishing run.

(Ahhhh! Put some mineral ice on after your runs, and feel cooling sooth. Only a coupla bux for a jar)

I suggest to not punish yourself by cutting "everything" out.....but be moderate. Such as eat only 1/2 that burger......and no fries.
Stay far far away from all fast-food dude. Never again basically.
You'll become accustomed, with little time. Trust me.

I'm a former boxer.....I've also been in the military.......not that it matters, but I tell you, I haven't set foot in a gym since I was a teen.
I'm in dang good shape for my age (33).
You truly don't need a gym.
Plenty of better ways to work it out.....

Learn to condition yourself. Know your body....and push your limits.
I call it the *muscle failure achievement. It's basically when you're on that 100th push up and your arms start shaking and turn to spaghetti. Muscle failure.
That's when you know you're gettin something out of it....your workout..

Now......the whole point of working out, staying in shape is SO YOU CAN enjoy some Ben & Jerry's......fried stuff, and other yummy junk food.

Just limit yourself.

I would also find out your blood type (if you don't know), and see what diet fits you best. If you do'nt like seafood, I would suggest to develop a palate for it, and make it part of your diet. Great protein, great results....

You (also) don't wanna be on such a strict diet, that it's unhealthy...

And stay FAR away form diet pills. Supplements, protein shakes and all that crap. Worthless....and a waste of money in the long run. Don't buy into anything *especially* chemical for that matter......

All you need, really is commitment.

Cuz that's what it takes in the end.

Don't give up takes time.....months even, with consistency.

It becomes alot more difficult to maintain weight as you get older 2. Sux.

Easy to put on.....much harder to lose....basically...

I tell ya it'll feel good to see the results when you step on that scale, and see a difference. It's what will motivate you. You will (or your body) will know what it takes....

Good luck kiddo.

and let us know your results.....we'll work witchya.

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posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 07:24 PM
Lifting weight burns more fat than cardio but it is obviously harder to do which is why it is best to combine the two. Your diet seems fine, maybe add a non-fat yogurt with some fruit preferabbly blueberries because they have a lot of anitoxidants. Eliptical can be your cardio for 30 mins and then do 30 mins of lifting weights, not too heavy though. If you do this for about 1-2 weeks you should lose about 1-5 lbs. But if it helps my mom was on the weight watchers diet which has no exercise involved and she lost like 40 lbs in a couple of months. Ohh yea and one more thing if you ever want a snack eat fruit or get acai berry jello, they dont taste that good but acai berries are really good for you...

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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by confusedone

Yo dude I have trained hundreds of people over the years. I am a realist and don't expect you to take my advice but here it goes.

Say the word "FAST." One day a week do not eat anything at all, you can drink 1 or 2 glasses of water in the day that's it.

Stop doing 20 reps. Too many, a muscle needs to be under stress for about 1 min 20sec to break down and grow. Your goal is not muscle but should be strength and losing weight. Keep your rep range with weights between 12 and 8. Warmup with a set of 15- 20.

Run, run, and run. Jog at least 2 - 5 miles whatever you can handle (but increase) 3 times a week.

3 X Week:
Punch a heavy bag for 3 - 3 minute rounds taking 60 sec rest in between and then jump rope for 15 minutes (shoulders will be sore as ever for first week). Immediately after this do as many situps as you can, rest for 2 minutes, and then bear crawl around your room for 30 seconds, immediately do as many situps as you can rest 2 minutes. Now, run in place as fast as you can for 5- 10 sec, then drop to the floor (down ups) for a set of 10. You will be dead now, but finish with situps.

Alternate this with your weight or workout program. Make sure you wrap hands and use 14 oz boxing gloves hitting a bag. Down ups should be run in place, drop to stomach get up , run in place drop etc..Increase as you adapt. Very simple program guaranteed to lose weight make you hit hard and get strong.

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