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A more alien-like economy (that can't fail)

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by gl2

Thank you for the great reply. I will surely look into some of this info you mention.

Happy future.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 06:57 PM

Originally posted by gl2
Oh, re free energy. What you don't know, what you'll learn through more advanced physics is "delta t." It isn't entirely free and Tesla himself caused a standing wave to create a small earthquake in New York City. But to use such without having to pay, if regulated and carefully counter-balanced (the energy drain, its orientation and its possible seismic or atmospheric effects) and done within safe, global conventions, why not?

Interesting... My fiance has come up with something that would extract Dark Energy without any standing waves or other issues. He based the device on the "Tesla Crop Circle..." We haven't money yet to build the thing, but it is a scale-invariant, rather simple device.

It would not require regulation or counterbalance; no seismic or atmospheric effects.

And if we can get it built, and marketed, everyone could have one (or two or however many). Heat and cool the house, run the car, cook, power appliances, you name it. And factories could use them. And transportation. And any other energy need could be supplied.

And if we all didn't have to pay for energy - the energy we use directly, and the energy used to produce what products we buy, initially, things would be a LOT cheaper. Further down the line, as robotics become even more sophisticated, labor and time would not factor into cost either.

It is a fact that back in the 1970's, we (humans) transmuted lead into gold. It was done to prove we could do it - not do it economically. Without the cost of energy added in, it was likely economical - one could sell the gold at a profit. BUT... When the cost of energy was added in, it was equivalent to several millions of dollars an ounce.

So... We only made a very small fraction of an ounce.

BUT... If we have the power to transmute - AND free energy in any amount we need... Raw materials become as abundant as we might want. We can change any matter into any other matter.

And with robotics, and with free energy, and with transmutation... We will not need money for every one of us to live on par with today's Elite.

This is what they don't want us having. THEY have the free energy. THEY will not give it to us - as I have said: Because THEY will no longer "own" us.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 03:10 AM
Hi GL2,

Great thread! I admire your courage. Your evaluations of the various ETs are correct IMHO. I've read and communicated with major contactees so can varify.

My comment about George W is that he may not be anywhere near ideal. Obama or McCain more than likely will not be appreciably better. And in the end we will have to work with the system that we have.

We can not change the system, ie. our government, only incrementally. No big changes. Our constitution, courts, legislature and people will not allow major changes.

The challenge is then, what should we do now? The answer is we need to educate ourselves as to why we are in the situation we are in, who were the real culprets and where do we go from here?

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by plumranch
We can not change the system, ie. our government, only incrementally. No big changes. Our constitution, courts, legislature and people will not allow major changes.

Certainly we can. When, in the course of human events... Honey, we can change anything we want to if enough of us are behind it.

Let's write a new Constitution. Let's get behind it. Let's change things.

It's called a revolution.

The challenge is then, what should we do now? The answer is we need to educate ourselves as to why we are in the situation we are in, who were the real culprets and where do we go from here?

We are in this situation because we have let money interests take over. Let's write them out of the picture. Lets rescind "personhood" from corporations. Let's define things that need defining.

That's where we should go from here.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 08:54 PM

We are in this situation because we have let money interests take over.
reply to post by Amaterasu

Actually it is more like that we let Congress take over money interests. Congress lowered security requirements for loans made by companies such as WAMU and Lehmann, the corporations took advantage of the situation in a competative fashion (as corporations always do). They made the loans thinking that the government will back them up since Congress was the governing body that lowered the standards. Corporations were correct, Congress is taking responsibility for their own shortsightedness and today or tomorrow will bailout the corporations. A lot of resourses were lost in this shortsighted move by congress and we the taxpayer are the loosers.

Why did Congress lower standards in the first place? So that otherwise unqualified buyers (read poorer people) could qualify for buying their first house. Sounds like a good thing right? Maybe not (in hindsight)!

The lesson is, vote for senators and congressmen who have some economic sense and don't make the same mistakes again and again!

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:36 AM

Originally posted by Amaterasu
Let's write a new Constitution. Let's get behind it. Let's change things.

If they actually follow the constitution as intended, that would be all I ask for. I don't think the constitution is bad at all, I think the way it's been manipulated is pretty bad though.

They get rid of the general welfare clause loophole, and use it as intended as where the congress gets authority to protect the amendments, and the majority of problems would be fixed. You can even add things like universal heatlhcare to the constitution, so long as you get 2/3'rds majority and add it as an amendment. Even though I'd vote against it, that would be the proper way to do it, and would be applied to everyone equally as it would be a right.

But that is the peoples fault. Because we do not make the politicians follow it. Instead we vote on what "gifts" the politician will give us.

The constitution created a good system, it just needs to be followed. While some people like to bring up slavery, the constitution easily allowed for it, and IMO set the tone for it in it's principles.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 03:37 PM

The constitution created a good system, it just needs to be followed. While some people like to bring up slavery, the constitution easily allowed for it, and IMO set the tone for it in it's principles.
reply to post by badmedia

I think the lesson to learn is that the Congress under Carter back in 1977 and the present congress finds it pretty easy to thwart the constitution without consequences. Pelosi's present version of the bailout bill, for instance, thwarts the bill of rights by giving the Secretary of Treasury the power to redefine controls relating to bank lending.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by gl2

"May I have your attention please", I repeat, "May I have your attention please", Code 1, I repeat, Code 1, wardee #000.122112 has escaped and is on foot.

Again please be advised #000.122112 was last seen walking walking due north up the mountain.....again.....wearing a black 'members only' jacket with courdoroy purple pants with what appears to be a large 'star' on the rear end. Please approach with extreme caution, as the subject is flapping his arms about with a vengeance and we know not what he will do next. Once again, please be advised, approach subject with extreme caution....

LOL, was that for real? Wow!

I going to pretend I didn't read this whole thread.

Trolls having a little fun with the Mr. Spacepants I hope?

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 01:48 PM
This resource based economy is the only sane and possible answer to the slave based federal reserve system of self-imposed unnatural scarcity which is maintained by the trauma, suffering and death of countless individuals throughout the world in the illegal pyramid system mascarading as a free-enterprise democracy. Offers this same resource based system, and is an incredible example of what we need to work for, replacing the farse of the scam being shoved down our throats by the monetary system. Zeitgeist's new movie is an eye-opener, not only exposing this farce for what it is, and therefore merely restoring the constitution would not help as its the monetary machine driving the world that is the true power. But this movie shows us how to change it. It actually gives the solution, or at least the step in the right direction on how to begin, each of us, to effect this change here and now.

Google Video Link

The movie will be available for download after the 10th. Also, after the 10th this new site of theirs will begin to assist in ideas for change now:
I knew that this thread was about the only true answer to our solution. This new information only reinforces this.
Thank you so much for making the effort to bring this up despite the inability for many to see. I see this as so important, never mind that it is similar to the survival movement, could they not become one and the same? Each of us cannot change or wake up the world. But in groups, in meetups, in presentations advertised locally in our communitites, door to door invitations, with childminding for little ones, this can become a regional awakening. And we can affect the awareness and get people prepared to group and look after each other, everyone, not just the landowners, all people, the poor, the mothers, the elderly, even the local criminals, no one excluded. We can have something ready, with ways to contribute. A new plan that can take effect if the worse stuff goes down, but a new plan to work for even if business continues as usual.

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:10 AM
I would love to see humanity from a logical aliens standpoint. Looking at the illogical actions most humans take, from an outside perspective. On the other hand, we may not be the most illogical species in the universe. I see many reports that indicate higher intelligence and more systematic consumption. There is a good chance, that there are creatures with far greater greed, consuming planet after planet. We may be next on the list, who knows? I watched a tree get vaporized and vanish into a black cloud once. who knows what that was for? Analyzing materials covering the planet? checking use? Whatever it was, it was weird

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 11:23 AM

Originally posted by gl2
30 covers of young women posed to make men think they're edible, to make women feel insecure and ugly.

You can't sell something to someone who already feels secure with what they've got.

So in the name of business, you create insecurity.

Same goes for wars.

Originally posted by gl2
So, in the US, you have a choice: either recognize that men like Venezuelan president Chavez are telling the basic truth (we need to share more equally) even though it's discomforting to people who have 3-car garages, or ignore men like Chavez and call them a threat to your relatively small island of abundance.

I don't think the problem is 3-car garages as much as it is CEOs being paid an equivalent of 18,000 years income of an average worker, combined with the cleverly hidden wealth of the world's elites, totaling $100 trillion or more.

I don't care if I'm earning 40k a year and my neighbor is earning twice that, or 10x or 30x. But 18,000? Somewhere you cross the line between being a really hard worker and being a gross parasite on the world around you.

Originally posted by gl2
And how do we achieve that here? By simply being honest.

Amen. Keeping secrets from each other might seem to be the way to keep yourself safe, but only in the short run. Long-term, our misery is sustained by the constant greed, fear, secrets, and conflict in the world, which might seem like a means to an end but they create the problem in the first place.

If we are allowed to communicate freely with each other, the collective consciousness of mankind is so intelligent that I believe there is not a single problem we couldn't solve to practically everyone's satisfaction.

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 04:03 PM
bm, you want free energy? Read the item I wrote below, about a physicist who invented an easy version of it using a quasi-crystal and simple electricity. You can try it, but remember, the man has monitors. I don't mean to argue against anyone's idea of how to live his/her life. I agree, freedoms must be preserved. But to preserve them, we need to organize beyond the monsters trying to run us all into a hole. I don't see how we can possibly survive, free, if we don't have legal restrictions on the worst offenders. To do that isn't to tell people what to do, but it does tell the monsters (i.e. some Rockefellers, DuPonts, Rothschilds, and the Bilderberger mafia) what they can't do. I'm a volunteer at a free legal office, just a volunteer not a lawyer.

mystiq: love your openmindedness... I discuss how to fend off abductions via a more comprehensive second depth awareness and investigative ability (see my free book at

the free energy story (my free copyright--use it wherever, as it is):

The Mark Comings story

Mark Comings had completed undergrad and graduate work at UC Berkeley and Caltech in physics. In 1984 he was working at Lawrence Berkeley labs, the various accelerator and other labs just up the road from downtown Berkeley in a small fold in the Berkeley hills called Strawberry Canyon. One day while working in an area just beneath one of the complex's accelerators, he put together a device using electrical materials stored in the room. His supervisor okayed his use of the materials.

Mark is very bright and gentle (he later married noted physicist and PhD Russel Targ's daughter before she died of cancer). He speaks honestly and is the kind of person who inspires trust, being a man of new age, nonviolent nature. In the underground room he set up an apparatus using a piezoelectric crystal. The crystal was barium titanate, and he soldered a wire to each end of it (a.c. wires). He attached an oscilloscope plus an amp meter and a voltometer. Then he worked to adjust the oscillating wave interference patterns. It was a simple design and he says other researchers fail in the same kind of effort because they didn't consider the basic cosine function, which he did. The crystal allows for a concentration of the electricity inside it, which caused the crystal to hum audibly. He says it was an "overunity" device that put out 2.5 times more energy than the amount of electricity put into it.

He went home that night without telling anyone, even in his lab, about what he'd accomplished. The next day, when he got to work the Berkeley police were there, angry, and they grabbed him in front of his coworkers. He asked what he'd done and they said, "You know what you did," then handcuffed him and hauled him off while 11 coworkers gawked, wondering. The took him away, then handed him off to UC Berkeley police who put him in a holding cell down in the basement of Sproul Hall, the building at the end of Telegraph St. where the Student Union is, plus a plaza that has been site of important demonstrations. They tried to intimidate him and made him sign the same procedural document eight different times. He finally was allowed a phone call and his girlfriend came with bail money. He paid it but wouldn't leave until they told him why he'd been manhandled (he was only 24, optimistic but confused by the Orwellian treatment).

Finally, one of the cops said okay, here's what you did: you fell asleep in the women's bathroom and were trespassing. He was aghast, as was his girlfriend. It was entirely false. He knew it was all about his overunity experiment, but how did they even know about his experiment?

So he left, bewildered. The next day he went back to his workplace and told coworkers that he hadn't done anything wrong; he'd merely rigged up a piezoelectric barium titanate crystal that achieved overunity (put out more energy than was put into it). He asked his boss to vouch for him---his boss had okayed the use of the materials.

Meanwhile, all of the materials had been removed from the room where he did his experiment, and his appartatus was gone, too. His boss cut him off and said, "We can't have people like you working here.” He was fired.

A few days later, he decided that with his skills and background, he would apply for another position in the labs. As he approached the applications office, the UC Berkeley police ran a car up onto the sidewalk separating him from the front door and four cops jumped out, grabbed him. They threw him into the car and said there was a restraining order to keep him away from the university. They drove, high speed, up into Strawberry Canyon and turned left (beyond the old Bevatron accelerator but before the public museum up on top of the hill, there in Berkeley) into a driveway down to an accelerator. The car headed for a wall without slowing, which alarmed him, but the wall opened up (sliding electrical doors) and the car drove down several stories of circular ramp. There, also, was a larger holding cell/jail--possibly a remnant of Reagan's mass arrests as governor.

It was an Orwellian scene. No specific charges, just intimidation while the desk cop pored over a large file about Mark Comings. Mark got out, later, and went into hiding for a couple of months, then went to live with research colleagues in southern California, where he used a fake name to remain inconspicuous. Together, they built a lab in a bedroom of their house, but a few days before he could test his new, improved piezoelectric crystal device, he arrived home to find the entire room cleaned out---everything was gone. He ran out looking for signs of the culprits. He'd only been gone two hours that night and he found only one of his file papers in the gutter down the street.

Again, it was Orwellian. How did they know he was there? Maybe it was the fact that he'd ordered the piezoelectric crystal from a science supply co. He wasn't sure. Years later, he was hired by noted Silicon Valley company owner Joe Firmage to work on Firmage's ISSO co. research into overunity devices. Also working on the project was Kirk Hawkins, the man portrayed in the Robert Redford movie Sneakers, about a hacker who's hired by the NSA to teach them what he knows. The Firmage project had brilliant,
inspired talent but may have been targeted by so-called men in black. Due to disconnects, seemingly untraceable snafus and more, the project didn't go as planned.

Next, Comings worked for a corporation called the Sara Corp. There, he finally met other overunity researchers and people who talked about how they'd worked directly on "alien technology." There he was told the reason why he'd been arrested, Big Brother style, back at Berkeley labs. US black budget structures had a system of scalar energy detectors that, like the scene in recent movie The Last Mimsy, can immediately triangulate the location of anyone in the US (perhaps the world) who was tapping into scalar energy (i.e. with his overunity device). It may be fairly easy to do. Scientist and retired Navy Col. Tom Bearden writes about how electronic detectors pick up scalar energy signals and how they sometimes emit sounds like a woodpecker's tapping, hence the name "the woodpecker grid." You can hear the sound on Bearden's website.

The news is important for two reasons. One, the US and possibly other industrialized nations now have a system to locate and conceivably disable any dangerous weapons use of scalar energy devices. They've had a system of the sort since 1984, perhaps earlier, given fears about Soviet scalar technology. In other words, if someone like the fabled Yakuza or the Japanese cult or an irresponsible government tries to do seismic or scalar damage, a global system of reverse-streaming scalar devices could locate it, blow out its circuitry and prevent damage to the planet by the new scalar technologies. In other words, we can now openly discuss and research such technologies, plus their origins and history, given that safeguards are in place. Although it was born in Big Brother fashion and is now partly under black budget mafia control, it shows that the necessary infrastructure for public disclosure about overunity devices and more is already in existence. But there's one very ugly catch.

Mark Comings spoke with others who'd achieved overunity and they were met with that same brutal police tactic, a brutal repression of the best scientific minds in the US, and this continued until the end of the Cold War. Since then, or thereabouts, experimenters haven't been so brutally assaulted. But when they try to license and manufacture such devices, someone invariably shows up and worms into their finance, or ruins their effort's funding. It's nightmarish. One researcher tried, in earlier years, to do his experiments, but police arrived either in helicopters or in cars. On one occasion they broke through the windows of a house he'd rented far up in Alaska to escape detection and ground his face into the broken glass, cutting and scarring it. Is that how you treat the best minds of a nation?

I've come to the conclusion that the structure that targeted Mark Comings for removal from early research is essentially a kind of operation COINTELPRO against scientists. (COINTELRPO was mob-controlled J. Edgar Hoover's FBI program to ruin the lives of anti-Vietnam War activists-I've met some of them personally.) The most disturbing aspect of the scientific version of a COINTELPRO-like program is that it attempted to hobble the lives of the best, independent human thinkers, apparently in order to prevent them from putting forth relatively harmless but trenchant, original human thought about new physics, the universe, and technology. The goons and cops no doubt thought it was all about security and dangers of weird technology. In a sense, they couldn't possibly have understood the creeping Big Brother implications of the black budget structures.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by gl2
Obviously, the best way to live well is to reduce population--not through war or disease, but as the UN suggests. If each family has but two children, then by 2100 the population of Earth will be 2.3 billion, all of whom can live at the European-US/Canada-Japan standard.

I strongly disagree. Instead of lowering our population we need to increase our population. Once we start colonizing orbits and moons and planets population will never again be a problem. You should give this a read:

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by Lightworth
This may seem a bit off topic, but to me it's not: I just finished reading (the Frank Herbert novel) DUNE, and I got about halfway through the Appendix 2 (after the end of the main story, concerning the religions of the "future"), and decided I couldn't finish the piece of s#@t. It's the biggest imperialistic, uncivilized, misogynist, anthropocentric universe model of a sick fantasy ever written! It's what all reasonably thinking and feeling people should most adamantly reject concerning the future of human space travel, exploration, colonization. DUNE is the same barbaric insanity as today and all throughout known history! No such lowly beings are truly worthy of interstellar travel. Rant over. Peace out.

I'd read all Dune books and liked them all. Dune is a look at what an advanced anti-AI society could be like. While I personally would not like to live in such an anti-AI society, I find the series highly entertaining.

You make it as if interstellar travel is something that only perfect beings can achieve. Interstellar travel is simply a technology, and like all technology it can be discovered or stolen.

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