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A more alien-like economy (that can't fail)

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 01:24 PM
This is a clever way to get the message out about an ideal economy and how to make it, I agree with you on almost every aspect here in this article.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 01:59 PM
Yea sounds like basic communism.

Been tried, doesn't work.

Until humans can learn to change thier thinking and care about the whole, instead of being greedy, it will never work.

You can put the best economic strategy on a civilization, and it will not work, if thier minds and spitrits have not evolved enough to make it work.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 02:59 PM
The kind of civilizations et seem to have from all the testimonies of many differs enormously from our systems including communism. Communism is simply a police state, and this is not the same. Try to picture Norway, with the highest standard of living in the world according to the UN, switching to a moneyless system without current environmental abuses. These people are already half ascended! There are several models, such as open source, as in the desktop I use by preference (as I dual boot, but rarely go into xp). This model creates the most innovative software solutions due to the free contribution of the best minds. (yes sometimes a little geeky, but for most things it works easily enough). People give and take from the system.

I've never bought into the PTB misrepresenting politics to make people confused. A system is either a democracy of some sort, or its a police state. Period. How one manages greed and winners/versus losers over more humane cooperative models to me is patriarchy (dog eat dog) versus matriarchy (sharing and cooperation) or if thats too sexist, the latter includes the feminine energies that are stamped out in the former. As an example, Scandinavian countries use proportional democracy models unlike our winner take all this means that the percentage voted for holds seats. It also encourages many many different parties emerging. In addition far more women get elected, still not quite half but closer. Half and half should be manditory. Cooperation amongst parties needs to happen and there are mechanisms for a lot more public input. The PTB have successfully clouded the understanding of people to steer away from this. Now the system mentioned is still abused by the wealthy so this would also have to be overhauled.

This is about creating win/wins for all people, not just the healthy highly energetic street smart conmen who can succeed in todays current business mode. I know there are exceptions, but the ones that normally rise to the top are not my kind of people. The world needs to treat everyone, with their differing makeups, health and talents equally. We need win/wins versus winners/losers, all within an environmentally responsible system that teaches from childhood the high level of participation and never to put your trust into leaders but become them yourselves.

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 04:27 PM
What's wrong with capitalism, when it's not done in conjunction with fractional reserve banking? I read the OP and admit a lot of it went over my head, but I don't see humanity burning out the earth. Sure, we need to adjust some things and get off this artificial scarcity economics so we're empowered at the individual level to do ecological friendly stuff, like buy organic produce, keep plants, drive electric cars or hydrogen fuel cells, buy solar panels, etc. But I don't believe the overpopulation meme, this planet could support a population four times as large, and at current growth rates it will probably flatline somewhere around 9 billion.

Economics is a psuedo science of ilusion, and all it does is keep people from realising this world is governed by evil, selfish, unbridled, envious greed. Correct that and I am sure there will be enough of everything to go around. We have abundant energy and abundant resources. What we don't have is much knowledge at the group level and social freedom to do the right thing? Doubt me? If I put in a hydrogen generator in my car it would not pass it's MOT, this is how stupid our society is now.

We don't need an alien solution for what seems to be a 100% terrestrial problem imho, however I'll read the OP's book to see if he can convince me of his case.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 04:39 PM
It not only has brought the planet to the brink of existence, but is based on winners and losers, and millions (in reality billions) being mistreated in the most unimaginable way. I knew when I was a toddler and had watched the news that this world was primitive and ugly and that we had to share equally. Children, even small children get the sad truth. Besides this isn't free enterprise capitalism to begin with, thats one of the lies. That would imply small local businesses buying from each other. This is an illegal pyramid style monopoly mascarading as a free-enterprise democracy with a grab of ownership for everything being made by a tiny wealthy minority. The small business owners who support this system believing it benefits them are sadly misinformed.


posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 04:54 PM
sty: You’re framing human mind in terms of 0,1 binary bits of information. Here’s a quick example of how you regularly exceed that. When you look at an urban landscape you see millions of bits of info and make nearly instant decisions. You don’t reduce that to 20 bytes of info, which is a computer idea that’s merely assumed re a human mind, not proven. Here’s how aliens access more information. Simply fade it all down so that you can recognize more subtle information thresholds. Also, negative-cycle physics (i.e. scalar, negative energy, and other condensed states) condense more information. You access that in nearly instantaneous bursts of info—not the flash-like bursts of your visual imagery, but more like the imagery in the dark of your mind. Indeed, your thoughts connect many thoughts and memories, not just the 5-12 bytes that you pre-suppose. A faster alien version of mind doesn't pop out all of the details in precise, mechanical fashion, but gets a larger, albeit faded overview (with much faster, finer shifts of energy). For instance, our words can convey info equivalent to a single line on a leaf, but telepathy can convey the image, details and overview of the entire tree. Fast shifts of that can do even more.

Badmedia: I agree we need to get rid of the parasite, the Federal Reserve, that gives money to its Rothschild-Rockefeller owners essentially for free. But when you label aliens as "communists," aren’t you pasting a human preconception on a much larger, pre-existing order? Equality isn’t communism. You already have central planning in defense, in the Fed, in the White House, and more. If you don’t like that (especially now), think more globally—a more diverse, yet adequate resource system.

When talking about aliens, remember: they have near-total transparency. Their technology, their physics and all their science shows that, as Russel Targ, PhD says, the biggest secret is that there are no secrets. But that doesn’t mean we have to be monitored drones working for a master race (which is a very real possibility if the wrong aliens gain sway here). Initially, if you communicate telepathically with either humans or aliens, you feel naked--your thoughts can be known. But you get over that fast and you actually improve in character by being more honest and looking for what everyone agrees on. It becomes the standard.

As mystik says, our current system is a leftover from monarchical times that promotes antisocial personalities. As long as you can keep your mouth shut, you're cut in on the criminal booty. It's a primitive idea of Darwinian order--animal frenzy is success, nature. But alien physics are about the "nature of nature," a second depth or extra dimension(s) of relationships. They deliberately redesign their genetics, so it isn't the old Darwinian notion--it's a categorically smarter version.

When we provide a minimum adequate safety net for everyone and begin to de-stage the weapons, greed, and hoarding scramble (old Darwinian version), fear abates. When you see the rest of humankind as equals, you don't fear them. **This thread began with a discussion of actual, physical aliens and their real-world(s) societies.

No matter what we do now, if it's killing the environment none of it will last long. Aliens go through a kind of cycle: at first they find that individual greed and insularity destroys the natural ecology and deprives them of freedoms (i.e. Bush's corporate Big Brother scheme, or worse) so they opt for social identity---less individualistic. But then they find that when they erase certain individual freedoms and legal guarantees, maybe opting instead to be absorbed into a larger alien alignment's pre-existing multi-planetary trading/resource network, they're treated like drones. Mind-reading/mind-controlled technology tells them to merge with the one-nesss of the alignment. They can end up working to sabotage the ecologies of planets like ours so that the target population is desperate, then easier to absorb (along with their resources).

So greed isn't merely a human attribute. It comes in many disguises: alien empire, alien technology-for-sovereignty trade-offs (see the tall whites, for example), master race alien schemes that eliminate your freedom in exchange for last-minute technological "salvation," etc.

So the next step, for aliens, is to re-kindle independent critique and certain individual rights. In some cases, however, aliens have been genetically altered to make them more obedient. You get way over your head on day two if you allow an alien alignment to take up among you, as the Federal Reserve/Rockefeller/Rothschild mob has already done, here. **See Sgt. Clifford Stone's reports, Bob Lazar's report, Lt. Col. Steve Wilson's report, and Charles Hall's books, for evidence of how aliens reportedly have a foothold on this planet, believe it or not.

I know how weird that sounds to some. Some of us have hundreds or thousands of hours experience and reading about such subjects. But others here may think, What the....?

So you have to step back and see it all in a larger context. But be honest about it all in order to simply get the discussion going.

Ever been in a place where all the participants were equal--either a resort or a workplace, a school, a library or even a museum? With simple rules in place, that much was easy. A globe can be the same way.

But today Henry Paulson just threatened that if we don't cough up money to bail out his old Goldman-Sachs/Fed Reserve cronies, our credit cards could be canceled.

It's a scam. Do you trust the least popular president in modern history to reframe the whole economy during HIS LAST SIX WEEKS IN OFFICE? Suddenly, he's doubling the national debt for this year and for many more... but don't call it a "tax" in this election period!

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 05:23 PM

Originally posted by gl2
... the biggest secret is that there are no secrets.

That Russell Targ quote couldn't be more wrong, and much of it has to do with the telepathy you mentioned subsequently in the same paragraph. The inability to formally merge (the right kind of) nonhuman intelligence with our own, and truly improve the human and ecological conditions, lies in virtually everyone's quite substantial comfort level with secrecy-BASED government itself. There are things no one ever mentions even on so-called "alternative" discussion sites like this one.

Don't get me wrong. I agree with your premise. We need more than anything else to reject the pathology/pathocracy model of government-politics.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by gl2

all I can say about that is .. pathetic... pipe dream... very pathetic.. has no basis in reality... just another wild theory based on science fiction,

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 06:19 PM
I don't focus on image. I focus on philosophy, or what I like to call reading between the lines. No matter how much transparency they may have, it doesn't change the fact that the philosophy behind it is in fact communism/socialism. These are both forms of a totalitarian government.

When you centralize power, you take power away from the individual for a so called "greater cause". Usually the community etc.

The only way you can give/return power to the people is to respect the individual. Aliens aside, I will explain how a true system that respects peoples free will, and why centralization is not an intelligent system.

Take an issue like healthcare and education. When you have a centralized power you get 1 program for everyone. Everyone is forced to participate in that 1 program. You are only allowed 1 program to try and make changes in, and if it's a bad change then everyone suffers. You reduce the amount of things that can be tried to improve things.

When it is decentralized, rather than 1 program you have 50 or more programs. Each program works individually to be the best program it can be. This allows for each program to try new things that work, and because you have so many programs many things can be tried at once, which increases the progress and how well the programs function. Unlike with centralized power, when 1 program tries something new that doesn't work, only that 1 program suffers. And since there are many other programs going, that 1 program can look at the many other programs in order to best see how to fix their current problems. And when 1 program makes a breakthrough, then the other programs can easily and quickly add those good changes to their programs. Because you do not put your eggs all in 1 basket, you have created the best "safety net" possible. And this not only works for healthcare, but education and every other "program" people desire. I personally would like to see it decentralized to the point where communities handle the majority of the issues.

Power to the people. When you have centralization then our 1 vote goes against the rest of the country/world. I have 1 vote out of 300 million in America. My 1 vote makes up a very small % of the vote, thus I have very little to no say in the issues that effect me. Where as when the power is decentralized I have my 1 vote in a much smaller pool. This increases the power the individual has over their own lives. The more decentralized the more power the individual has, with of course you being able to choose for yourself being the most power. The more things are centralized, the more power you as a person lose in your life.

Centralization of power is nothing new. It's exactly what every other country has done in our history for centuries. America was the land of the free because all the power was decentralized and given to the people. We did exactly what I mentioned above until the last century, and we were #1 in the world when it came to education, healthcare and freedom. We have since been centralizing power and look at what has happened. We have dropped in every measurable category. And all the time it has been sold by those who promise false gifts - politicians. They promise to make it better but not once in all these years have we seen improvements. It gets worse and worse.

Transparency is in itself not even a new promise. Our government now is supposed to be transparent, and that is something else they promise. But even if people believe they are doing good, and are completely transparent and honest in what they say, it doesn't mean they aren't deceived themselves. I'm sure we've had many politicians who believed what they said, that actually thought what they were doing would make it better.

When in fact, the only way there can ever be anything that even resembles true transparency has much more to do with the understanding of the people than the puppets in charge being transparent. I personally today am given transparency in government, and even in this thread. Not because I can read/hear your thoughts. But because I actually understand what is being done.

For example, all these economic bailouts. Know some may say that it's good for the economy. And as long as the people actually believed that, then we would have your so called transparency. However I understand the economic philosophy behind it, and I realize what is actually happening is the dollar is being devalued, and that we live in anything but a free market. THAT is transparency. And if anyone here expects to ever have any true transparency, then you had better wake up and look at the big picture. If you want to read between the lines, then you need to understand the philosophies behind the systems. The philosophy behind a system is no different than the logic I program into systems I design on a daily basis.

For example. The philosophy of karma. In a programming world, it's as simple as"

If ($user_action == "bad") [
$user_situation--; (subtracts 1)
else if ($user_action == "good") [
$user_situation++; (adds 1)
else [
do nothing;

To understand the philosophy behind things is to understand the logic and the system itself. Without it, you will never have transparency, no matter who's mind your are reading. A lie detector test only tests if the subject believes what is said is true or not, it does not in anyway reveal any actual truth unless the subject is aware they are lieing.

And a system of communism is not suddenly not a system of communism because of transparency. It is a system of communism because of the philosophy and logic it follows.

You can wrap it around any kind of images and "goodness" you want. It matters not to me. Those images and things are nothing more than variables in the equation. When you understand the philosophy of whats being done, then you will have transparency, just as I was able to see a communistic system being passed off in new and exciting images.

Sorry, I design systems for a living. I understand the logic/philosphy behind it.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 06:26 PM
Also, as for the "oneness". To realize the oneness is to see and know/understand your connection with god, and how in the end we are all one. How everything in the universe is connected. That is an understanding I can not explain in words. We have our own individuality for a reason.

Our lives represent a single perspective of which their are many. The best way to gain knowledge is to look beyond your single perspective and to understand other perspectives. That is not to be confused with "knowing" the other perspective.

Can't focus on image my friend. Image is an illusion. Philosophy and logic is the truth. Religions have turned bad because they focus on image. You have christians and muslims fighting because they focus and worship the images. Because if they were actually looking and understanding the philosophy then they would never do the things that have been done. They have been decieved by image. I can listen to a "Christian" talk about and worship the image all day, and it is actually what they believe. How is knowing their thoughts going to change any of that? That's not transparency.

And that goes beyond religion as well. We've been told we live under a free market, and all these other "images" as well. But when you look at what's actually going on you see a much different picture.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by badmedia

I don't see how actual Contact/Disclosure, and the subsequent change in knowledge and lifestyle, would lead to more centralization - communist, fascist or anything totalitarian. After all, a truly evolved enough species would respect the individual freedoms of being a REAL individual above all else, as I see it. Free markets are the best way to go, as long as they're REALLY free. Yes, there will also have to be adjustments made for environmental protection... What the hell are so many people afraid of? Nothing tangible or substantiated, for sure. So many are too busy living and (at least effectively) worshipping illusions. That's not a trait of an intelligent enough species...

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 08:27 PM
Its not merely accepting alien treaties and agreements. There is a ruthless organization that has been dealing with our governments that goes against the higher ets conservation, that spreads out in numerous planets. This group uses the energy and resources of its lesser members and the energy that is the clock their galactic and solar timeline. In otherwords, they're the fat cats of this system. And we don't want disclosure to lead to bad deals for the human race. So far, the advanced ets don't seem to be helping us. Systems that are capitalist have to be balanced by cooperative and humane sharing at their base, the ying must be balanced by the yang.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by Lightworth
I don't see how actual Contact/Disclosure, and the subsequent change in knowledge and lifestyle, would lead to more centralization - communist, fascist or anything totalitarian. After all, a truly evolved enough species would respect the individual freedoms of being a REAL individual above all else, as I see it. Free markets are the best way to go, as long as they're REALLY free. Yes, there will also have to be adjustments made for environmental protection... What the hell are so many people afraid of? Nothing tangible or substantiated, for sure. So many are too busy living and (at least effectively) worshipping illusions. That's not a trait of an intelligent enough species...

Read back on my previous post, I agree with you. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to peoples claims about aliens, although I do think we've been visited and that there is life out there. It's just too easy to fake it for me to believe any specific story. But I do look at what people say either way as it's a good idea of what someone thinks a higher intelligence would consist of.

The OP is trying to suggest that we need to move into a more "alien-like economy", and his opinion of that is communistic. Which is what I disagree with. As you say, truely higher intelligence will respect individualism, free will and free market principles etc.

As far as the environment goes, I am extremely strick on my opinion with it. IMO, regulations on pollution just legalize a certain amount of pollution of which is approved by the leaders. When in fact, nobody should have the right to pollute ever. All pollution should be illegal, the same as you can't go around throwing your trash in peoples yard. Anyone who pollutes should be charged criminally, and the restitution from it should be given to the people who's environment was harmed. Being in a free market enviornment doesn't mean you can just commit crimes, and it sucks people try to make such an argument.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 01:27 AM
In short, I think you should watch the documentary "The Greatest Story Ever Denied". This movie will give you all the answers to "what" could be fixed potentially by the intervention of the "known" alien technology we, at this point for myself and the others I would say, have been in possession of for potentially the last fifty years and it is this technology that ours is based upon. You may have heard the term "reverse engineering", meaning we take an aliens technology, not of this earth, and it is recreated by humans at the level of technology we understand and what we can re-create from it. Anyway, why this particular documentary is important is that retired government, cia, nasa, and military officials come forward and release the statements about ufo information they were never supposed to talk about that pertains to many aspects you might want to know about our history with the aliens. And the point that will be somewhat off from the thread topic, but still relates, is that according to some of these retired nasa contracted engineers and developers we already have a working technology that would create free energy, it has no emission what so ever, and that seems to be the most logical reason "they" ,that is, the ones with all the oil... and p.s. money in this country and most likely others don't want you to have it. WHY? Cause they either haven't found a profitable way to exploit it yet. Not to mention, what would be the worlds reaction if you woke one morning and news reporter was telling the world we now have an answer to all our problems that involve energy. It might raise a few eyebrows and I don't think they feel like answering your pestering little questions about where the ideas came from, who created it, and how long have they known about it, especially since it would be taking time away from them plotting more plans to get THEM rich and make YOU poor. See the documentary, for all of you who have only a slight belief in alies, secondly, those of you who want to see how release of this technology could save this planet, or atleast pro-long it's existance till the next mindless war is concoted that finally turns this place into a dust ball, please see that video, parts 1-9. I promise you, if you're a skeptic and you want alittle more shove into the realm of believer, it's a pretty good one. Rant over.

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by m4edit

I've already laid out why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It's because of the constant transfer of wealth via the federal reserve and the invisible inflation tax. Oil is merely a physical form of energy which backs the money and has allowed us to make the dollar the worlds currency, thus allowing the inflation to continue even longer because of how far it is spread out.

Why is it I keep seeing people like this posting "Oh the alien technology will save us" and all this stuff, but yet these same people can't even grasp the basics of economics?

It's absolutely ridiculous. And a complete turn off for me as I am genuinely interested in the UFO/Alien topic, but I feel like I'm just reading a bunch of political propaganda covered in alien imagery.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 03:17 AM
GL2, I am a contactee and I fully agree with everything you said. Awesome work on your book, thank you so much!

I however do believe that Humans are too primitive for the concept you present. In time I am sure we will adopt more a more sound economy but as it stands we are still too greedy and irresponsible. Lets just hope we dont wreck the Planet before things start to change!
The form of economy you propose is Communism - no matter how many people hate or fear the term- I mean Real Communism, when everyone do work for a greater good: equality and preservation. Because the examples of it we have seendont reflect the true idea of a common good.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 03:21 AM
The "alien technology" may not save us. It could "potentially" be a solution. There are alot of possible solutions, I only recently joined this site yesterday, made about four comments so far total. I've read alot of threads and I should have back tracked on this one to see that you'd made that point. However, I do know a great deal about economics and I know taht generally the problem is the people, as long as they choose to consume a product and it's providing a consumer need that entity providing the need stays in business.

It's absolutely ridiculous. And a complete turn off for me as I am genuinely interested in the UFO/Alien topic, but I feel like I'm just reading a bunch of political propaganda covered in alien imagery.

I hope then that you'll atleast watch the video I mentioned, it's not centered around alien technology and our involvement, though it's mentioned, but more is covered on alien existance and testimonies from people who seem to be believable sources of information. Watch the video and take what you want from it, as far as alien technology fixing problems, say it exists, thats your choice to vomit at the site of the words, but other people believe it to be a possibility, so why be so uptight about the very mention of it?

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 03:23 AM
And since I've failed to make acknowledgement to it in previous posts, I to agree that GL2s idea is very well thought, where ever it might come from and it was definitly food for thought for me.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 03:28 AM
reply to post by gl2

Excellent post gl2!

Noble thoughts these are, but who in here is going to effect the paradigm change needed to transform the rules of our imperialistic culture? Obama? Macain? Osama? Just who? We’re up against a steel wall that separates us from an evolutionary change that could propel us into becoming a Type I civilization where we would be capable of harnessing the entire energy of the planet without disturbing its fragile eco system.

But are the powers that be interested? It goes completely against their grain. Deep entrenched vested interests will prevent this happening at all costs as they stand to loose trillions of dollars and the power that comes with the moolah.

Probably what is needed is divine intervention, in the literal sense of the term. Otherwise this paradigm shift cannot happen - at least not within our lifetimes.

And by the way, how do you know all this stuff about alien economics? Apologies if you’ve already answered this question!


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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 03:46 AM

Originally posted by mystiq So far, the advanced ets don't seem to be helping us. Systems that are capitalist have to be balanced by cooperative and humane sharing at their base, the ying must be balanced by the yang.

That might actually be a good thing. If they were helping us the only way would be to impose their will upon us. We'd all be running around in the same clothes, we would all have the same model of car, tv, cellphone, computer, all things that would make life a lot cheaper and easier.

But really humans want to feel different, "inviduals" and need all these things to create such an image. By wearing an expensive suit, car, watch and cellphone you give a message that you are more important (to society) than others and thus you get a better quality of life (just like male peacocks flash their tails and get all the chicks).

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