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A more alien-like economy (that can't fail)

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 05:20 PM
Aliens think our kind of "economy" is ridiculous. It will surely fail. The US economy is like a house with a broken, slanting foundation. Rather than re-design and re-do it, Bush is simply pouring concrete into the rubble. Worse yet, he's trying to bulldoze the surrounding ground to match the slanting foundation (he's been doing that for years).

Instead, think as aliens do (you don't have to wait). First and foremost, the prime determining number is the sustainable resource of your planet--it's the whole number 1 and all of your economy is based on fractions of that whole. If you want to allow people to have currency, hence privacy to buy without an electronic Big Brother, then issue global or regional currency that's based on fractions or decimals of that sustainable whole quantity. That way, you won't ruin your ecology or deplete your resources and have to seek them from other planets.

Obviously, the best way to live well is to reduce population--not through war or disease, but as the UN suggests. If each family has but two children, then by 2100 the population of Earth will be 2.3 billion, all of whom can live at the European-US/Canada-Japan standard.

So, how do you do the numbers to arrange that kind of economy? Obviously, you have quotas on a global scale. We can't thrash about like small-brained dinosaurs thinking that greed will control the human ecology. Aliens suggest that no such planet will survive--decently. To live like that is to ask to be taken over by an alien alignment that either wants to use your people as biological resources (our desperation makes it easy for them) or an alignment of aliens that must intervene to prevent us from becoming a resource/weapons threat to our neighbors.

To think that greed and the Darwinian "logic" of animals is the best policy is grotesquely immature and unscientific. It causes conflict, excess, and secrecy among the most criminal elites--as we see in the case of AIG (owned by intel/narco-related goon Hank Greenberg), Morgan Stanley, Lehman, Goldman-Sachs and all such gangsters. They KNEW their scheme would fail, but know that "when banks fail the money doesn't disappear; it ends up in fewer hands" (quote from another thread).

Of course, a more alien-like economy isn't so materialistic, nor does it feature frenzied hoarding. Here in the US, when people read about rice shortages in poor countries, some ran out to buy big bags of rice before someone else could. That kind of behavior is everyone-for-him/herself. It's an animal scramble because there's no global safety net.

Aliens must either plan on a centralized, or a tightly coordinated global scale. No overfishing. No plowing down of rainforest. Reduced population. Global laws, not elite economic shadow chambers.

I'll repeat that. You, and especially your children, can't live well, your planet can't survive if you don't live according to your needs, not your wants and TV-inspired desires. Take a look at any US magazine shelf: see what's wrong with the US economy? It's starkly obvious right there on the stands---for every intelligent magazine cover there are 30 covers of young women posed to make men think they're edible, to make women feel insecure and ugly. In other words, it's do as you're told and you may catch the crumbs that fall from the king's table.

But an alien "economy" isn't simply fractional exchange (or allotment) values. An alien "economy" has hyper-space numerical values written into all of the calculations. And what are those? They're simply negative numbers that have two characteristics at the same time: they're always mirrored by positive decimals (fractions of that sustainable whole) and they're mirrored by the large whole number value (the energy universe) within which they're merely a fraction.

Some will say, wait a minute---aliens look at the star map and try to scheme ways to grab other planets before competitors do, don't they? Some try to do that, but there are more advanced populations and competitors who can tell them that they aren't allowed to take certain planets. There are aliens who will boot them out, turn off the energy systems in their craft if they try to horn in where they aren't wanted. There is almost always a more advanced monitor. So, it isn't take whatever you want--even if it may seem that way because advanced aliens don't do command performances for low-order upstarts who venture into places where they aren't wanted. Accidents happen... entire crews disappear sometimes.

Rather than cling to a failed economic "order" that's not really order but is a loosely-packed anthill awaiting bad weather, we need to get real, here and now. Take a look around--do you see evidence of aliens, more advanced neighbors? They go out of their way to make themselves obvious, and their lesson isn't merely technology. It's about ecology, moderation and shared non-violence. They talk about ecology and more advanced genetic/social strategies. Brain has already won out over brawn. We see more efficient bodies, larger brains, and hyper-space technology.

On an alien planet when a child asks an adult "Why do we have to limit ourselves to the sustainable whole?" the reply is like one of our life lessons about why we have police or "government."
Alien children learn early and are told about now-dead planets that failed to conserve the whole. Alien adults tell them about alien neighbors, maybe a failed past empire (like Rome or the USA, believe it or not).

A man like Bush assumes that the role of government is to tell convenient lies to hide the fact that the world is run by super-rich elites. So when you see that smug, child-like grin on his face during the worst of times, remember: it's like a cheating husband's habitual lies. The man will never mature as others have. Such people can't possibly come up with economic solutions.

So, in the US, you have a choice: either recognize that men like Venezuelan president Chavez are telling the basic truth (we need to share more equally) even though it's discomforting to people who have 3-car garages, or ignore men like Chavez and call them a threat to your relatively small island of abundance. An alien would say that when a predatory, weapons-propagating empire like the current USA (not its original basis) threatens the global ecology, you need to help other nations form alternative networks of law and distribution, then drive the logic home in the USA when other nations succeed using better models.

Or you can organize within, however daunting that may seem at the moment. But remember: the US economy is failing because it isn't up to basic, universal standard. So a crisis like the current one is a chance to begin on basic global reforms. Don't fall for Bush's ridiculous band-aids, at the moment. It takes a stronger man/woman than Bush to even begin on the change we need.

And what are those hyper-space values written into alien "economies," which they see more as resource ecologies, given that aliens don't reportedly use paper money, as we do? First off, it all fits into a new kind of mathematical model that's part of a shared, computerized accounting system. The truth is, we already have an economy based on electronic values, rather than hard material resources. But in our case, we don't admit it. Instead, we pretend that greed is the route to a better world. And where did that get us? A war-hungry, predatory junta that thinks the engine of the world economy is Walmart consumption here in the US, a failing empire that fights wars to steal control of foreign oil and prop up the falling dollar.

Apparently, alien economies are based on extra-dimensional values that seem complex but are really very simple. They don't allow individual greed to distort the entire planet, like we do. No Rockefellers, no queen, no Rothschild money mafia. Instead, they both rate and clock their consumption according to the single, determining quantity of available, sustainable (realistic, survivable) resource. If they exceed their limit, they know they'll suffer, so the nightly news will actually talk about that, rather than wait or ignore it (like Bush and global warming).

Aliens use extra-dimensional values because they correlate to the energy in hyper-space. Here's how that looks in real life: There's a limited amount of energy that aliens can pull out of the vacuum of empty space, and if they exceed that they can cause earthquakes, solar flares that can damage their atmosphere and their electronics. So, they either conserve energy or they must shield their entire planet with a scalar energy field that shortens the life of their sun. It's a double bind. They don't burn fossil fuels because fossil fuels are used up in a mere flash of their historical time. Instead, their energy is either simple conventional wind, hydroelectric (wireless distribution), or solar---plus some scalar.

So a competent alien economy is based on energy. You mostly get energy credits, not money. Aliens see the logic in that: equality and sustainability--all of it is rated to the planet's resources. Aliens use innovative math that always computes more than one numerical value or equation at a given time. Rather than use our simple, linear math, they use a non-linear math that has converging, or co-existing multiple FRACTIONAL values. So whenever they use a whole number, it must be counter-balanced by the larger, determining fractions or decimals that rate it to larger cosmic quantities. They don't just dream up whatever cosmic quantity they choose. Cosmic values are pre-determined and explicit in the all the quanta and the energy fluctuations everywhere all around them.

So an alien economy has negative numbers and decimals fluctuating with every use of energy. Negative numbers and decimals must correlate to a negative cycle in the gravity and the scalar energy around them. A "negative cycle" is negative because it pulls and cycles inwardly like atomic gravity and the strong force, while normal energy curves and bends outward. Aliens have to rate their resource use directly to a negative cycle because their scalar energy is directly dependant on it.

Better yet, alien economies (resource use) must use new, alternative values to work correctly. Their math must put extra-dimensional values in very equation. Instead of a whole number sitting alone, you may see a floating value--like an exponent that we use but the aliens will use an extra exponent sitting to the left of the number, for example, to represent the scalar, negative cycle relationship of that number to the larger energy ecology. It's a very real, binding kind of equation. In fact, that new negative-cycle value doesn't sit still but is smeared out into space-time and is ALWAYS in more than one place at a given time. So it's extra-dimensional. It's spread out on a greater scale.

No doubt aliens have various ways of writing that, but they must always pose new, alternative values that co-exist and fluctuate deeply all around in the quantum vacuum. More advanced aliens will model multiple categories of advanced alternative values---multiple shells of values that can pose counter-check conservations on raw energy use.

So you can see how extra-dimensional values and computer systems are necessary parts of alien "economies." Their technology, their energy distribution, and the amount of time they can live on a planet all depend directly on a safe, conservative use of such energy.

So alien economics are more equal (within an alien society, not necessarily between all aliens societies just yet) and more scientifically responsible. Now that we have downed alien technology and Manhattan Project-like programs in various countries to learn how to understand the new scalar technologies (also called zero point, or electrogravity/magnetogravity, etc.), we absolutely must bump our economics up to a more alien-like standard.

That means a global system, not an NWO or NATO military fiction. A truly global system that cares about how people actually live and feel in India, in Haiti and in all of Africa, for example. And how do we achieve that here? By simply being honest.

Disclosure is the first step.

But some say, wait a minute---the powers that be won't allow that. Meanwhile, the powers that be are failing, a disaster. They're going down like dominoes at present. When Morgan Stanley, Merril Lynch, Citibank and Goldman Sachs etc. are dead in the water and begging for government bail-outs, the powers that be aren't so powerful. When the king is begging the villagers for food, the villagers don't have to obey him anymore.

Rather than pour concrete into that crumbling foundation, rather than resort to the ultimate lie (a socialist system designed to help only the super-rich), rather than to freeze your debt to THEM in place but really do nothing to correct their stupid ruin of an economy, we need to open up and take a look on a larger scale.

An ant lives in two dimensions: the flat, limited surface upon which it crawls. Don't let a failing empire of narco-dealing, child sex slave trading mafioso limit you to an ant's life on the flat surface of Earth. Look up and out beyond. Live in those extra dimensions where aliens who visit here regularly already live. Don't ignore alien science and their better kinds of resource use.

The change begin when you step out into that greater universe. Don’t let goofball royalists tell you that disclosure would upset the human economy. It’s already a disaster. We need a major upheaval but we need people to look up and see the more intelligent universe all around us in order to do better, this time. Alien science and mathematics will help us, rather than blow away our tiny anthill.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 05:52 PM
This was so incredible. I'd give 5 stars and flags for it if I could. I've read some very interesting articles on on hyperversals, and I was wondering if you were the author. Great post.
I really think we should be learning from our visitors as their societies seem vastly different and more humane than ours for the most part, as well as ecologically responsible.

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 06:22 PM
you have some very interesting ideas.....I like much of what your suggesting..

BUT................ I am left to wonder ~how~ do YOU know so MUCH about how Alien species regulate THEIR economy?
Are YOU the secretary of finance from Zeta Riticuli on vacation here in the USA for a bit?

You choose wording as to imply you have 'personal insider information' on Alien planets and how they organize themselves......

...........................just sayin'

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 06:25 PM
Very well put , if only the world would listen....

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 06:39 PM
I guess we really need some ideas as the best way to establish this. If the economy crumples and people wouldn't just line up for crumbs like they did in the 30s, but defiantly banded up together with some solar and wind devices and started their own communities, it might go that way. But the fascists will probably be dismantling these as soon as they form.
Developing alternate trade and economies that boycott the neocons is also good, but this is normally done by commerce, not the average person, and commerce doesn't have the incentive to make these kind of changes. And most people want to avoid a revolution, not to mention the average person refuses to go beyond what the mainstream media suggests.
Do you really think they might force a disclosure and even offer advice to us, without staging an actual takeover. The articles I read on eyepod spoke of verdants (I believe) and an appropriation of our world and resources and even stealing energy from our sun and neighborhoods clock for the purposes of this other expansive race that was living beyond its needs. We would just be fodder to them.

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 06:51 PM
Very, very nice!

S'd&F'd from me too.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by gl2

wow ...that is amazing bro

that message is resonating...

i wish you were put in a leadership role to make this happen....

maybe you will!!


posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 08:17 PM
He stole that idea from Kevin Martin.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 08:24 PM
LOL I just asked the question about what they say about what they will do when they come about our whole money system.Then this post popped up lol ..

So have you been talking directly with them about this ?
Is that how you know or is this info others have passed along to you ?

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 08:31 PM
[A man like Bush assumes that the role of government is to tell convenient lies to hide the fact that the world is run by super-rich elites. So when you see that smug, child-like grin on his face during the worst of times, remember: it's like a cheating husband's habitual lies. The man will never mature as others have. Such people can't possibly come up with economic solutions.]

I am still reading this ..but I had to comment on the above .
So they dont care for Bush eh ? lol ...
I kind of thought he may be one of them (Reptilian bloodline) at least according to some on this forum .


posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 09:05 PM
lol, i just added this on a very similar thread :

TextI do not believe that an advanced race would have a monetary system any near with our concepts about money. First, we have to keep in mind that an advanced civilizations would be made of ETs that evolved from Biological creatures as we claim to be evolved from apes. What I mean - their DNA was re-engineered long time ago, also their mental capacity was enhanced (enbeded with quantum computers) to a point they are no longer biological creature in the way we see it. Possible their minds can be million times more developed than ours - to us they would appear as Gods.

Having this in mind, I guess they would not need a system to use the work of the many for the benefit of the few as it is happening with humans.

if i would have to give it a guess - probably one based on energy would do it as you can convert the energy into anything you want. And very very likely they would not trade with a green paper that represent the energy , a pice of paper is in the end a pice of paper and nothing more..

so i would expect they would have ways to store "unlimited" quantities of energy in a very small place, then use it to create what they need . Maybe the black holes are just ETs banks that went bankrupt haha

o, I was just wondering - what are you going to do when a few Ets manage to accumulate 75% of the planet?

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 09:07 PM
LOL HI sty ...yes it was on my thread .
I asked that question and as soon as I posted it this thread popped up on the recent posts I came to check it out too ..

Thanks for posting to my thread too Sty ..


posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by Simplynoone

o, do not worry I was almost to post a similar one too! i guess it is the week with so much financial trouble that makes us wonder..


posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 10:27 PM
Yes, I'm the one who wrote that book, Alien Mind, excerpted on Eyepod. Now it's updated and has 10 new chapters on its own free site ( If you haven't seen it lately, re-load it---I reworked it because I got a grant/publisher to put out a print edition (coming late this year).

And yes, I've experienced alien contacts since 1995, as I note in the book. So there are abundant, often emphatic direct alien quotes to draw on in my discussion above, plus others' writings.

Finally, aliens don't need quantum computers in their brains. You already have quanta in the quadrillions in your brain, each of which can connect with distant universal quantities (in hyper-space). How is that significant? In two ways: 1) You can connect with other minds, telepathically (also using psychotronic energy technology--if involving aliens), and 2) once you get started on such interactions, you begin to notice that a hyper-dimensional connectedness allows mind to esentially check information outside of the head, believe it or not---like a quantum computational quickness and information capacity. See my book for further details.


posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by gl2

Finally, aliens don't need quantum computers in their brains. You already have quanta in the quadrillions in your brain, each of which can connect with distant universal quantities (in hyper-space). How is that significant? In two ways: 1) You can connect with other minds, telepathically (also using psychotronic energy technology--if involving aliens), and 2) once you get started on such interactions, you begin to notice that a hyper-dimensional connectedness allows mind to esentially check information outside of the head, believe it or not---like a quantum computational quickness and information capacity. See my book for further details.

Well, if so how can you explain that your desktop computer can make about 10000000 calculations a second while your amazing brain needs several seconds for a 5 figure calculation? I guess you over-estimate the biological brain capacity. The nature is more blind that you think! I also recommend you a book called " the selfish gene" by Dawkins.

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:03 PM
I believe I will pass on communicating with the aliens ..not sure I am gonna like them at all to tell you the honest truth and I dont think they are gonna really like me either ....Something fishy about them ...
I appreciate your reply though .

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by Simplynoone

lol - my theory is that the ETs are so smart that they would not be able to understand us. I believe that life in the Universe has several stages - 1)unicellular life, 2)multicellular life and 3)artificial life. I believe that the steps are as important. In the moment when some creatures can actually re-program their DNA and enhance their bodies/brains then we talk about the type 3). I believe that talking with an alien would be as hard as a bacteria would try to talk to us. Sure , not all ETs are on this level , but those capable of traveling across galaxies. This is what we call "singularity" :

Google Video Link

Google Video Link

Why I list this - the idea is to understand where we are heading in long therm , then I assume the ETs already passed this point let say 1 000 000 years ago .

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:19 PM
Thank you, I just downloaded this. It was one of the most fascinating informative accounts I had read. Are many of the human contacts that people experience then of the verdant alliance, misrepresenting themselves?
I'm going to listen to your interviews. Terrific thread. Its imperative we stop abusing our resources and share this planet in an advanced equal manner. And its becoming more and more obvious that there are advanced civilizations visiting this planet who have already overcome this. It may even be that some never actually experienced our situation and started cooperating from the beginning.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:23 PM
We're just coming to be.

Transcript of Voice from Space Broadcast

Read at your own discretion.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 01:35 AM
The perceived culture of alien is that they are like a bee hive. Everytime I hear about "aliens" it's generally that they are all alike and want the same things. Even in stories that involve different races, it's always this race wants this, that race wants that. And I'm not even going to get into how that kind of thinking promotes collectivism.

It's been tried before, and it's called communism. The equality and such you speak of is only equality in material. Even though you claim it's not materialist, it completely is. In fact, it's your want for material needs that even has you writing this post. Now I'm not saying that it's bad, we all want and need material things. But to say it's not materialistic in nature is misleading to say the least.

But if they are of higher intelligence, then they won't follow a bee like pattern. They will respect the individuals rights. Because they will be smart enough to understand that at the base of every community are individuals. And when you sacrifice the individual in the name of the community, then your base quickly crumbles. And history has proven this. It's even happening now in the US, where our own form of communist government has brought us to our knees in less than 100 years. Because the communist and other types of centralization you speak of allows for corruption. Always has, always will. We have evil in this world, and to pretend it isn't happening is foolish.

We hear all these "great plans" of how 1 person has an idea that will change everything. And it only sounds great to them because they imagine they are the ones in charge. Oh yeah, universal healthcare is great. I would make sure everyone got healthcare. I'll be voting for that. And sure, you probably would. But you are not elected, you are not going to get elected and you are foolish to believe that because someone says yeah - universal heatlhcare will be as well minded as you are. They are in power for a reason, they seek power.

This thread has nothing at all to do with aliens, or anykind of higher intelligence. It's just some scheme you've come up with that you think will work, tied to such claims for attention.

The problem with the economy today is not money. And it never has been. Money is nothing more than a generic symbol of energy to ease commerce. Buying products and selling products is merely a representation of a transfer of energy. And sorry, but there is nothing wrong with "hoarding" what you've earned. Why do we sleep? To hoard back some energy so that we are more productive when we need the energy.

The problem is that we live under a system of economic slavery. Were a certain group of people are allowed to print up money and give it to where they want, which in turn robs the people of their wealth. And it's extremely hard for most people to grasp because it's not even a physical taking of the wealth.

If you have $100 in the economy, and you own $10 you have 10% of the worlds wealth. If there are 10 apples in the world, then each apple is worth $10. You have enough purchasing power to buy 1 apple. In comes an outside force who is able to print money up as much as they want. Lets say they add $100 into the economy. Now there is $200 total. And your $10 only represents 5% of the wealth. Now each apple costs $20 and you can only buy half an apple. Your purchasing power was just robbed from you, and you never lost a single dollar in your wallet.

And if that wasn't bad enough, this same entity makes us pay the $100 it created back. Plus interest which is never created. By default you have a system of debt which the printers of the money have all the control over you. There is never enough money in this kind of a system.

Who hurts the most from this are the poor people on fixed income. When the price of that apple doubles, they don't have a way of making another $10 to buy that whole apple. Their quality of living decreases. And yours does too, unless you are lucky enough to increase your income as the inflation increases.

All we need to do to fix our problem is to remove the entity that is producing the extra money, and giving it away to their corporate buddies so the CEO's can bring in millions of dollars in pay as their bk their company. So that the money in peoples pockets keeps it's value.

Gold and silver is of course the easy way out. Because it keeps the inflation rates low. But it's not the best system. The best system is one like colonial scripts. Which is similiar to what we have today, but the new created money is done so only at the rate of growth so that you do not have inflation or deflation. This is supposed to be what the fed does, but they don't, nor can they as long as they create the money as a loan + interest. And the newly created money would NOT be a loan that has to be paid back. It will not be a system of debt. The newly created money + corporate taxes should be the only income the government operates on. Individuals should not be paying taxes in a "free" society.

So I don't buy into the bee hive mentality, or communism as I call it. Any higher intelligence will understand and respect free will, and the freedom it requires. And the only system of money that respects the individual is one of the free markets behind sound money. Anything less than that is economic slavery. And that is what we are all today.

Nothing wrong with hoarding energy. Hoarding energy is what makes rockets work etc. What is wrong in our society is we have people who hoard energy by silently stealing it from others. And it is done systematically and has been legalized. If your or I did it, we would be put in prison for counterfeit. When they do it, it's a bailout or "for the good of the community".

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