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ET Contact 2012 The Merkaba's Are Coming

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 12:57 PM
Et Contact 2012 The Merkaba's are coming .
As we lead up to 2012 undrstand that their will be what are called Mini events that will appear in the skies above.
Their are so many Beings coming to Earth now and have been before Mankind exists today in this modern time.
Their are varied types of Ets coming to Earth some good some not so good .
Just as their are Human Beings that are good and those that do harmful things to others.
The important thing now to understand is that the Good Ets are coming .
2012 is the key to this .
Those who come from Pure Light are and will create what are called Merkaba's through their consciousness.
A Merkaba can be one Being ro expand to be as big as a MotherShip with 1,000 of beings within.

The Beings coming by 2012 are people that are of what is called Christed Beings Etheric Beings of Light within a Light Body.

Those coming have gone beyond Space adnd Time and they can appear with a blink of an eye if desired.

They will be many people claiming events to come between no and before 2012.

Some of these events will come true and others will be not happening at all.

The Planet Earth and The Empire that has existed in control of Humanity is now about to fall on its own.

Your looking at the Old Earth Structures dying and in place of them the New Earth that is to come after .

So if everything seems upside down understanding that the Ets and UFO and or Spaceships Merkaba's will be seen more on a regular scale then not.

The Ships from the Spiritual Dimensions and Planetary Sytems will always Radiate a feeling of Peace and Love .

If Ships (UFOs) appear and you feel fear or no love then you will know they are not of the Light.

If you do not feel that when certian events happen soon according to some predictions then you will know .

Also beware of those attacking The Light saying they are this and that for those Beings will be diverting you from your own truth and feeling of whats coming to Earth.

Understand that Humanity will climb many Mountains between now and 2012 and in the process experience many things not experienced before in ones lifetime.

I have looked at alot of information be presented all over the place now regarding Contact dates etc.

Their are many upon Earth who are connected to Ets that are good all over the world.

The Earth is now in a State of Great Awakening so that all Humanity can be prepared for Direct Contact by 2012.

The End is Only the Beginning

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 01:03 PM
Awesome. Can you tell the Merkoba's to bring pizza and salad? I love refreshments.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 01:06 PM
this looks like another 2012 theory. I think it comes down to it you believe in what you believe.


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