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Anonymous to target today at 5pm est

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 08:35 PM

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

What things shouldn't be joked about and why?

How should people deal with fears? remain afraid? How should we handle our taboos? by pretending they don't exist?

Look on the board today here at ats

The Economy is in colapse,

America is on the brink of maybe multiple new wars

The Mideast is still threatening to nuke themselves to death

Our candidates don't know how to use the Internet and they claim they will fix the Economy

Hundreds of thousands of people claim to have been abducted and no one believes them, ufos are being spotted daily and nothing is disclosed

Multiple cities have been devestated by storms

Women are being raped in the third world and slaughtered by the Hundreds of Thousands

Fake religions whish to rule the world

Meth addicts are everywhere

The economic stats for poverty haven't been raised in 30-40 years

Every one is on some kind of dope

The divorce rate is as high as 80%

and with all this... Gay marriage is a hot topic for this election... They debate Health care when Nations have world killing plauges in test tubes...

And I shouldn't laugh at this when:

17 year olds posting nude pictures of 16 year old girls is considered pedophilla while real Pedophilles are in Office?

When a crank call is taken so seriously teenagers are threatened with life in jail

The govt can look in any computer they want but hacking an e-mail is a felony

It's hysterical how paranoid and retarded our leaders and adults have become

And the reality is... they are all a bunch of paranoid schitzoid dope fiends, utterly immoral, baby killing, pill poping self indulgent greesy pigs that wish to live forever and control how we speak and talk and what we see and what we say

so of course we like shock value means nothing, because we are still sane!!!

You have people who smoked dope thier entire life, talked freedom and peace and love that sold out divorced, were too selfish to have kids but excpect social security, were never around for thier children, mandate thought... Money, greed, money greed has been the mantra 40 years

These people got high through the 60's and 70's then made a ton of money and sold out now take perscription drugs and dose thier children and the air is bad and the water is bad and they ate fast food for 50 years, and took a million chemicals into thier lives

and they are paranoid and stupid and trying to stay young forever but it's all plastic and they are dumb, thier nervous systems are shot, most are boderline psychotic and they run things? Physically via expensive procedures instead of helping thier children they look young...but it's fake

Inside the nervous system is wasted, the mind is corroded and it shows...

we watch this whole election and these kids know as i do thier parents are retarded there is no real respect, the kids they poke fun of are victims and in a way they are trying to help

Did you see that fat soft kid in the vid?

His girlfriend believed he was a fag because someone altered his page or because his paranoid disturbed mom has made him into a fag, I know he has a bike helmet and he never says bad words and he is totally emo and puss and...they are trying to smack him back to life

Kids pranked her house and she is calling the FBI and got a dog and an alarm system and calling Kids terrorists because they are "being mean" to her soft FAT pathetic cheeseburger eating Pu$$ie of a son...who she made that way

Social security? No one is going to Breed with that kid...good luck

With the world falling apart...this generation of moronic pathetic adults...Particularly in Americ, Prosac'd out of thier minds siping cocktails and all ALONE because they were selfish sit at home scared and pretend it's all fine and do the FBI on Kids who are having Laughs at thier expense and don't know how pathetic they have become

They have no idea

What they did to thier nervous system

they have no idea the whole election is running on buzz topics from 1965 when they were young


because they gave up...thier entire life, wasted or work aholics, letting the economy be stolen from them listening to the news and being fed LIES every night being told it was all okay

And it's Not Okay and these kids are trying to tell you it's not okay

So what do you excpect but for them to demand a reaction? they have no parents and the ones that do have parents who...are paranoid, bippolar, schizoid, have no functional relations...are clueless to what is going on in the world


and it's run by pathetic people now


There was a topic this week and it's real about teaching public school kids the pleasure of Gay sex... the generation running things has lost its collective mind...worse it's soul

Why do you think Scientology is target...


and your scared of the kids? They are terrorists...

No, it's not too late for them and they know it

You don't even get the dark side of the Joke... Race is made fun of because stereo types are PATHETIC and people who live them deserve it, but no one almost really is actually racist at all...

what planet are these people from? Obama and our leaders...racism as a buzz topic in 2008

LOL because old Black folk remember stupid things and Old White people are afraid of them

But not us lol

Every person who yells racism is a REAL Racist and we all know it... "poor black people" "poor fags" Poor this group"

"we need to understand Islam"


This is how nuts you all are a culture says it weill exterminate your culture via immigration and cultural change want dialoge with them... "don't call them names"

how scared and pathetic... what an utter lack of any beliefs or spirit... what a lack of pride

What kid won't rebel and use the words when told he has to kiss someones ass?

and Please if I say's not you... for you it's just the "some things we don't joke about" I don't know you otherwise...

Just ask yourself... why? why not joke? why not's all sick, there is genuine sickness to such a degree

and we watch the pathetic news and debate health care and SS when... we all know...this is a Conspiracy site...we are ALL here to figure out WTF is going on and why is it all so twisted and who is behind it!!!

and when we see things that are stupid we should laugh

Thats HOW you fight Evil... you laugh at it, that's the real way to confront Fear it's to Laugh right in it's face

Sweet mother of god on a popsicle stick that was an awesome post! Talk about summing everything and I mean everything up in one post. I'm Gen X and I'm taking hat off right now to the Gen Y's. Love ur work.

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 11:01 PM
I must say, I agree with the poster who quoted that massive post.
I originally saw all the text, and thought... "No way in hell am I reading all of that!"

But, I decided to.. and, good thing, too! Well said, indeed.. well said.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by primamateria

Thanks so much!

Growing up gen X sucked, just stuck in this, strange power struggle bewteen our grandparents and our parents ... and lets face it the baby boomers ... (I kind of feel bad for them) like they got a glimpse of what was to come but were just one generation too late to enjoy it...

and they are obviously so sefl absorbed and want to hang on to it so bad..those moments in the 60's when they turned on and caught a glimpse... but they didn't "get it"

and I have watched gen x and... so many of us have done nothing

it's so wierd, because your either like me and your young and vibrant and went the right way OR your old or dead and

Gen X even the name for us was ominous... I know people that died before 35, alot of them, I have friends who look ancient and just live in the old system entirely and it really is an entirely different life...

My best friend from childhood... went though 10 years of school works from 5:00 am until he gets home at 9:30 at night, is bald overweight and just burdened by... the old way of doing things, barely exists, his beliefs are like my dads, everything is very Serious

and.. I'm home on the net all day,

But Gen X, we are going to start inheriting this Nightmare in 4 years

25 - 40 right now gen x

Gen Y 10-25 Half can't vote yet

But I am seeing that... they are going to roll, they have serious numbers, we were... the, marines, the first wave and half of us were cut down on the beaches by people fighting for our hearts and minds (a huge portion of this election is abpout control of us)

But Gen Y is inspiring me... there is a New side... Our side...

I think this will be the last time I see, this sort of thing... maybe 2012 it boils to a head as people just ERUPT

But then it ends, there is a new sheriff in town

My reinforcements are arriving on the beach... it's obvious...

and this is it's a war... between Mutants and Humans
WE are very different, very, very different

This makes...the divide of the 60's pale by comparisson, this is IT, this is the transformation of society becoming complete

I have serious hope for America from gen Y...

Just a little scared that i'll obviously be at the forefront of the fight thats to come in one way or another and I know that now.. i think all gen xers kind of always knew...thats why we slacked so much... it's all going to be dropped in our laps

The end of one world is only the beggining of another

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 11:12 PM
So it seems like the whole Fox thing was mostly a false flag to remove attention away from Oprah until she opened her mouth.

Oh lawd, whoever pulled that off has won the internet... it is officially the most hilarious thing I have ever seen, hands down. I roffled, then I watched all the remixes on Youtube and I giggled like a girl.

Seriously. That was like an internet christmas present for the next decade.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

I have read, I have liked, I have learned...

Great Post

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
reply to post by primamateria

Gen Y 10-25 Half can't vote yet

But I am seeing that... they are going to roll, they have serious numbers, we were... the, marines, the first wave and half of us were cut down on the beaches by people fighting for our hearts and minds (a huge portion of this election is abpout control of us)

Wow, great post! There is both poetry and truth in your words.

I have been watching and thinking about the generational battles for a few years now and have reached pretty much the same conclusions as you, verbatim. I am gen-x as well. I think many of us have stagnated under hopelessness for many years now, hence the slacker label.

I too, now see a glimmer of hope (and a touch of apprehension) in the forthcoming generation. We'll see how this pans out.

Hopefully for the best.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 04:40 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

I have serious hope for America from gen Y...

Just a little scared that i'll obviously be at the forefront of the fight thats to come in one way or another and I know that now.. i think all gen xers kind of always knew...thats why we slacked so much... it's all going to be dropped in our laps

The end of one world is only the beggining of another

I'd like to hear more on this "dropped in our laps".
I'm an X Gen who didn't store up massive amounts of credit card debts and does NOT live far beyond my means. The only people I've seen suffering in our economy so far are the people living like kings and queens without the back-up plan in case something in the world goes wrong.

Anyway, on topic: Nobody who watches Oprah is ever going to read all of this childish mockery of her blunder because, as you're well aware, this sort of hubbub is kept out of mainstream.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 04:50 AM
I have spent ages reading this thread post by post, orininally it started out as news about a supposed group call anonymous attacking fox news and o'reily.
Then it slowly turned into something more, something more important thanks to great posts by a few great people.

Anonymous is all of us, it is every person who does or says something without revealing their identity.
The person or persons who attacked the sites without revealing their names are just people with no identity to apply to link them to their actions.

The rest of the thread, i am on the verge between generations x and y having turned 24 yesterday.
You are right about the fight to come, you are right that those who try to talk others down do it because the are scared in a way.
People fear what they cannot understand and so those who don't understand todays generation and todays increasing level of intelligence fear us and the future.
they fear a future populated by people they cannot understand because they know that they cannot control what they cannot understand.

I was brought up by my grandparents and i can see the problems they have understanding todays technology, the hours that they must spend to work out a remote controls functions and the disdain with which they view certain people.

The old ways don't work anymore, times are changing and people must learn to change with them or get left behind.
It is just the way things are.

So if the anonymous individuals out there want to fight back against a person or organization that tars every person and thing they dont understand with the same ignorant brush, then it is only fair that the anonymous idividuals pick up their own brushes and try to tar them back with the truth.

The future is comming faster and faster, learn to keep up or get left behind.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by mmariebored

well the joy of that is... that is final start of the slide down hill of Oprah and the slow erosion of her popularity.

Don't get me wrong she will survive around for a long time still with her viewer base of PC spewing, drama queens

But the days of her picking up new fans just came to a grinding screeching halt

I basically like most everybody and I know Oprah is a bright woman who made great strides in her life...

But I never liked the DELPHI fomula and frankly she uses it to move people to her opinions and they have had an audience for a long time

But the pendulum swings and she is way off base on alot of things, everything comes down to PC and psychology... and views from a time that... really screwed america up

Shes part of it the ME generation...

what I see coming out of Anon... and coming like FIRE is... there is no I

These are kids from ruined families from a ruined society and parnoid controling society

It's a polar opposite to the ME generation that is what the 60's and the Baby boomers who essentially run this country became

It left them nothing... alone on the internet and in alone we have become One Anonymous with no name

and the basis is also Eastern not Western

The roots of this come from Japanese Culture in the end

which is more sensical than our own...

There is no abandonment of multiculturalism in any of this or genuine Racism... Just discerning thought and choice.

The Japanese don't stress sexuality like we do so seriously, yet maintain very functional relationships and family better than we do... thier media isn't dominated by one typical propoganda voice like Disney, but rather a myriad of voices from hundreds of small creative companies that contribute to the popular culture

Haveing had multiculturalism Forceddown our throats in a most disgusting manner and our own pride in our own Western and European Culture bashed to death daily for the last 15 years

It doesn't suprise me one bit that Anime with it's roots in Japan became a gathering point for mostly caucasian males and females that are simply horrified with having to be exposed to cultures daily and ways of life that frankly disgust alot of us...

If your American what is your options?

Oprah? Main stream dumbed down DELPHI propoganda manipulation?
MTV Ghetto horror show lifestyle music
Maybe we could all be Queer?
Engage Islam... yet another maniacal ridiculous religion of dogma and hypnosis

people say racism... but the choice in a multicultural world was actually made

this has it's roots in sane, technology oriented, sexually open minded, creative, independent japanese culture which has it's roots in Buddhism

so people say racist of it... but really everything is action and reaction and being forced into multiculturism and with a window opened to the world...

none of us chose to look to...Africa... LOL or Islam LOL
or even to America and Scientologists lol or Fundamentalism or Blind Multiculturalism which is what we have

we chose not to respect ghetto culture, to not become Gay lol, which I swear is what the UN/USA agenda seems to be for us

people gathered around what was going on In Japan

and these kids are genuinely creative, they are genuinely funny

Your constant and returning insistance to what is rude or proper... is a way of thinking that, is not going to last much longer

we will have choice and we choose and I for one am not going to be some wigger, i'm not sensitive, I'm a straight White male... and I can choose in a multicultural world which cultures I respect and speak feely against aspects of those I do not and I am free to resent things forced on me that represent a terrible way of life

more than race or anything else... it's PC, in it's Blind respect for things that are repulsive that drive us to be repulsive in order to keep them at bay from our lives

And what is droped in our laps?


The Silent Generation will fade to obscurity after Mccain no matter what happens

it's over they are in retirement or retiring atm

already for 16 years the Boomers have held the Potus... the Silent generation will Silent via death soon and entirely gone...

and the Boomers are ageing and takeing it all down with them in an effort to live for every

a glimpse they caught of what IS to come via technology, but they don't understand it and they have used on the weakest aspects like plastic surgery and Botox... they encourage us Not to have children lo, because they think they are going to pass the mark...they fear death

but if you weren't born from 1970 or later you don;t have a chance

Gen X is split, some of us will make it long enough to reap the rewards others will not

Because the philosophies of the Boomers encourage lifestyles that will kill us...

the diference of working on the net and going to work in traffic and the stress of a boss and social pc conformity... is 20 years off your life, acceptance of the old ways of doing things is a sure path to not achieve one of the greatest leaps in the history of mankind

and the Boomers are twisted, they want what they see as immortality but thier minds are not prepared for it, they are not flexible... like the vampires in an Ann Rice Book many of them have not retained youth in thier minds and without that...near immortality will drive them mad and already has

They would kill us all in wars and delusions of graundeur and greed just because they want want they can never have...

stem cell research, nano tech, genetic engineering, cybernetics,

If your born after 1990 and they don't get you killed your going to live a very, very long life... and the ways of our society are not flexible enough to handle raid change

But the generation brought up on the internet is not inflexible, the asian philosophies appeal because like a plam tree they bend, change is every moment, change is embraced, craved, not feared

to say things like "don't say that" is indicitive of a mind set that does not allow for change, that can be shocked, that fears, that seeks to control

and this is as those from the 60's recognized beyond this time a New Age... the Age of Aquarius, Water

and that's all new age terminology crap... but it's also real

You have to be like Water to exist and prosper in the information age

Oprah isn't water she has RULES, our Government is making a Million rules tryin to make a bucket of them in order to hold WATER, but there is too much water and it simply flows out of the bucket. Islam our "Enemy" also has rules

and only those who have NO RULES are going to survive this ... the change is coming way, way too fast... it's EXPONENTIAL, the rules change daily now, constraining an explosion only makes abigger explosion

I know from whom will be those that survive and prosper

Change is Chaotic, always accompanied by war and death and misery at the hands of those who wont or cant change

this..makes the shift from agriculture to Industry which brough World Wide revolution and 2 word wars... look like a drop of water in a bucket compared to a rain storm

This is a shift of... Intelligence and knowledge...

Oprah... got on TV, one of the most respected Women in America and... accused the Internet generation of... LOL being domestic terrorists because of a prank letter... 9,000 PENISES coming for Our Children!!!

There wasn't a rude or obnoxious thing about it from whomever did it nor bad taste... OPRAH put it on the air... OPRAH filled in the punch line...

and no, her audience will never know... they are going to...keep growing old, cluless and eventually live on the SS money in an economy where Tech is King... and these same people who play the joke will be among the Tech Billionares that now dominate the forbes 500

lets face it Oprah is the richest woman in show business and she is Dwarfed by... a great many internet entrepreneurs

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 06:07 AM
Watch this:

and please tell me...

How I can not laugh out loud at my culture obsessed with th issues of the 60's... How that generation will not destroy everything when it is worried about gay Marriage, Race relations with African Americans, Political Correctness and Islam

none of which matters in the scheme of the Future

Compared to ASIAN Culture, Computers and Information

This Bat #Crazy group of misfits

Tells us to abort our children because it will ruin our Lives... but our lives may be 3 times longer than thiers lol

It may be crude and it may be shock value ...and if it is Just pay attention so it doesn't need to be!!!!

Because Shift happens and Anon is living it and everyone else in America and Britain is living in the past

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 06:29 AM
The number one reason for destructive attention seeking on the net is BOREDOM

It's all too slow... I have lived with the issue my whole life...

I'm bored right now... people type too slow

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 06:59 AM
Lol Have we acknowledged that someone had indeed hacked bills website? I know I am coming in a little late here... couldn't help not noticing that what they said they were going to do, they did..

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 08:18 AM
I don't want to make a one-line post here, but I just want to say...

mopusvindictus, you are an absolute genius and I agree with you 100%.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Wow.. that is a profound video for sure and totally true. Boredom is spawning a whole new subculture. Society needs to recognize that this new class of offspring will bring about change for the better if given the chance. Nice response to the post. Kudos.


posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

The number one reason for destructive attention seeking on the net is BOREDOM

You made that up as a form of passive-aggressive attack. No? You're so full of sh*t. For your information, I've had other screen names and as soon as they accumulated too many friends, I abandoned them and created another. Attention? Who gives a crap? Speak for yourself, most people's accusations mirror their own issues.

I'm bored right now... people type too slow

Then stop posting irritatingly long videos if you want people to respond quicker.

First let me say that 95% of everything in that first video I predicted years ago but it forgot to mention something very important. As I'm sure you're aware, religion, particularly Christianity, has one major consistency in it's entire history, it slows the advancement of technology and productivity in areas of science and medicine. Partly because it fills the brain with useless garbage and discourages thinking beyond an outdated book's perspective. It also encourages wars, as we all know. From here:

Between 1949 and 2007, indigenous Chinese Christianity has been growing at a rate unparalleled in history. Nicholas D. Kristof, a columnist of the New York Times wrote on June 25, 2006, "Although China bans foreign missionaries and sometimes harasses and imprisons Christians, especially in rural areas, Christianity is booming in China." Most of the growth has taken place in the unofficial Chinese house church movement.

I, personally, believe religions, especially Christianity, are a Trojan Horse for the sole purpose of ruining potentially great nations. Funny England is doing so well now...after planting their seeds of destructive beliefs in us over 200 years ago. Now China is the next victim? A forced BRIDE if you ask me.

On topic~ full997 wrote:

So if the anonymous individuals out there want to fight back against a person or organization that tars every person and thing they don't understand with the same ignorant brush, then it is only fair that the anonymous idividuals pick up their own brushes and try to tar them back with the truth.

Hopefully the internet will be free enough to continue doing so but I believe it will be zoned with fences everywhere. People won't be able to communicate with each other for long and the same technologies that were created for advertising companies(keyword searches and cookies were the babies), will determine which zones you end up in and what kind of "education" you'll be receiving online. Everything will be guided, as it's always been. Anyone opposing this guidance system will be labeled as a "terrorist" or worse...

"Bored"? Is that the new term for seeking education and communication?

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by mmariebored


I made that up what? huh?

what do you think that is some reflection on your name...

You see what I can determine here is that your around my age and YOU have obviously chosen to live the way of those that came before you...

You sound like Al Gore in response to Video Post

"I knew all that"

Where an attack on Christianity comes from or how it is affecting China is right out of left field

I bet you invented the Internets too huh?

You gave up your screen name because you had too many friends? WTF?

What does that mean you come and go as different people...

Why not just Be ANONYMOUS then

Perhpas you just can't get past the ego involved in having to be represented somehow directly?

I am not Anonymous in here... because mostly this is a kind debate forum on topics I know alot about and desire to be know for at least in the long term of mylife

(aside from all the politics due to this election and politics can never lead to any good)

But what makes you so angry? That your hero Oprah is ridiculed Rudely?

That I have post after post thanking me and no one is listening to you because your out of touch?

THIS IS THE CONSTANT VICTORY OF ANONYMOUS, you have 3 pages of posts insisting on whineing and doing nothing else because of the way Oprah was treated isn't "fair" or "right" and trying to tell people how they should "THINK and TALK"

You dislike them because you are the kind of person that they go after

You offer no information only the Dogama you believe

I have not once attacked you

Yet in two pages as I am congratulated and complimented for my EXPLANATIONS and they are only that simple Explanations of WHY

You are reduced to a Tantrum of telling me I am full of $hit and spewing some insane unrealted post on how China is being destroyed by Christianity

You can find nothing positive in 2 days of back and forth where my whole posts are positive, where I offer true Change unlike a certain candidate and demonstrate reasonably where it may very well come from, you flounder in your own Dogma unable to find a single thing to compliment and simply spew insults

China for a nation being destroyed by Christianity seems to be doing exceptionally well and I don't think anyone will disagree

I am not sure if you meant to attack Asian Culture or Anonymous or what on earth the point to any of that actually was

You seem simply, eroded and empty of any rational thought because I find it acceptable that Oprah deserves the bashing that she recieved, It seemed to strike some... vital cord that I infered that her time of relevance is over and that the day of PC is ending, I suppose without it, some people have no control

And that in the end is part of Anonymous, the elimination of control

You are as you say part of Generation X, then lead and throw away your elders and be leading I mean listen to those younger than you and follow thier ways, they are not ignorant, they are more advanced, there is no control, there is no order, there is freedom to be had

Let go of yourself... You did not say everything that video said years ago and if you choose rather than to... celebrate it, be insulted as if you deserve recogntion then you do not understand Anonymous in any way.

Nor are you a person who can listen anymore and are doomed like everyone else.

So please... spare me some calm response where you collect yourself, the obviousness of your freak out was seen by all, you have had nothing to say, your debate ended before it started, You said your piece that people need to "control what they say" It was disagreed with

You serve a purpose only of being the thing that is stood against by posting Alone, every few pages the exact same commentary

And You only ruin yourself entirely by talking about all your friends and how you had to change names because you were so popular and have said these things before and your opinion, the same one has been expressed without change over 5 or 6 posts now and you think the word boredom had some relation to your name, which it did not, it is merely your ego at work.

Be sure to read Dianetics by L ron Hubbard and watch Oprah, Tom Cruise is sometimes a guest and these are fascinating forms of enetertainment that can provide hours of fun when you are not on the Interent


Thank you, I am now aware of your Internet Celebrity status you and all your 9,000 friends who have not come to your aid can troll elsewhere, please do so behind 7 proxies for your trolling safety

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posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

You're so transparent. Clearly it's YOU with the ego so big you can't get out of your mom's basement...grow up already.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 11:32 PM
Well, aside from the oh so witty "get out of your moms basement" response...

... mopusvindicus, I'm glad you located that video. At least some are beginning to realize just how antiquated the educational system has become.

For me, well, I learned everything through the internet. That's right, when the professor requested we review certain areas of a textbook, all I'd do is quickly scan it to narrow down the overall topic, and then I'd go straight to the internet to look into peoples experiences with that said topic.

And you know what...

It worked.

I excelled in my studies, I was able to apply my knowledge to projects better than most around me, because not only had I learned about the subject, but I had also : watched someone do it in a video, interacted with people who worked on the technology, viewed the pros and cons of each option, learned about advancements being made to improve the technology, and discuss what I was learning with others out there who were essentially learning the same topic.

The book could only ever give me a general understanding of what I was about to undertake in a project... it could never tell me what to expect when we actually started building... but the internet did.

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 11:36 PM
That was Brilliance at it's best

Sadly, this is why FEAR is so rampant, Why Oprah believes 9,000 Penises are coming for the children. Fear of what you can not understand... rendered impotent of words or true thought in the face of something you can not comprehend

You See, it would be nice to think that, the 15 year old face of what is starting to happen is it's true face and this is obviously what you think when you say the words you just said.

But I do not live with my Mother, My mother died many years ago

I Live in the wealthiest neighborhood in my city, I started my first computer business when I was 12, John McCain keeps an Apartment around the corner from me.

I am what Anonymous grows up to be.

Like it or not, it already is a Technocracy, these...children know that "they run this" I knew it when I was that age too...

It is in the end a funny thing the way power transfers, handed to people who share no common bond, simply because they are fit for the job.

This is the Joy of this generational conflict... The Silent generation knows thier children were misfits, the real power is being handed to us, being shot right over thier greedy, selfish self absorbed children and to thier grand children. Old men in corridors of power know who can be trusted with power, who will know what to do with it

I know

the Truth, so help me g-d, I sit and have my cocktails with these men, I am anonymous, in a way, even in life, they after all achieved greatness by having secret identities and secret organizations too.

Why do you suppose Oprah rants about Anonymous and Palin remained quiet? Perhaps Respect for playing the game?

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