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Our true destiny and purpose for souls on Earth

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 05:27 AM
The human experience has gone off the reservation to such an extent that it has been decided at the collective creation level to cease this experiment and start a new smaller one.

The experience main objective was for energy forces to inhabit humans and see if it could create a being capable of replicating the level of conscious and positivity that exist in the greater creations universe in a world made of matter.

This experiment is also running on many outer planet with many other types of life forms some have manage to reach this goal most have failed.

The human experiment is one of the youngest from the many that are running but also one that has drifted the most off its intentioned path.

The goal of creating a simple human being with the intent of the end game to have and enlightened and
peaceful civilization has being corrupted by ourselves and others over time, some of those who have corrupted us are themselves part of their own experiment.

Mostly where Human kind has failed the most is on its treatment of its own kind.

Never in the history of this experiments has a race savaged its own self so much.

The greater creation has trouble understanding how a being powered by positive energy can allow what has been allowed to happen to this planet to date.
Many have undertaken over the time to come and rectify this situation all have failed to date.
There is now a last chance effort to a final attempt from a small group of humans and aliens who's sole mission is to get us all back on track but there is a even bigger movement underway to insure we fail.

The bottom line is there is but a few short years to return to our intended path or this experience
will be terminated there will be signs of great calamity to reinforce this period is approaching each
worse that the previous.

The only comfort to all is should we fail as a race all those those who perish here in the end will be reunited at the collective conscious and will further partake it other adventures some on a higher level
others on a lower level depending on ones choice

None will be judged good or evil as we have all failed as a collectivization and as long as we have our own kind living in hunger and misery are are far from our path.

There is a possibility that another experience could be under way which aim is to see if it can disrupt
the human experiment since not one conscious in the matter world can ever know the collective
creation entire program I can not answer this one way or another.

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 05:29 AM
Forget everything you've been programed to believe and look inside yourself for answers and ask yourself am I proud to be a human........ Key word Human( Humanity) Where is it

Forget your False rich churches , forget you government lies ,Forget religions that promise paradise
and hell. Forget false Gods
,The greater creation conscious is what we human beings call god and we are all part of it already

Paradise and Hell are both a state of mind that we all pass thru with our emotional struggles nothing more

Or forget this warning and carry on this insane dance till the end

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 10:22 AM
We are gonna make it
everybody is and will be playing there part, as time compresses and our consciousness expands the changes will be immense that's my feeling

"Drunvalo: I know we are going to make it because I have been allowed to see into the future. However, even though I optimistically say "we make it" we are still going to pass through this little "eye of the needle" where it is going to look like it is hopeless. And they [my guides] wouldn't let me see what this was - but something happens and what looks so hopeless turns around very quickly."

We've got to stick together to make this beautiful place better ...


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