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My Alien Encounters...

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 02:30 AM
I have had a few questionable experiences in my life which I attribute to
Alien like encounters. In October 1986, when I was 14 years old, I would have an experience that would spook me in regards to aliens, and their existence.

The experience may have triggered precognition, and other abilities in me, I am not certain, but it would be shortly after the encounter, that I would start having precognitive dreams, I have a thread on that topic.

My Thread on Precognitive Dreams

I went to an observatory in Osoyoos BC in Canada during the Ursids meteor shower to check out the spectacular display of meteor activity in the night sky. Young, naive and bored, something in the sky that looked like a meteor with a circular orbit caught my eye.

There was a light in the sky that was behaving abnormal, and from a glance it appeared close and became triangular in shape, then receded back to the circular orbit. The meteor or thing, seemed to shoot out small flare like objects, from the distance it was at, very hard to tell what it was.

I pointed it out to a friend, who then when they saw it agreed we should show some adults because it was odd. We met some complete strangers who we described what we saw, and as they watched it, it seemed like something had shot from it, and came down behind the forest.

The adults wanted to go investigate, and we decided to come along because it was better then hanging out in the cold just watching the show. We walked along a cattle trail for a short period of time, as we got closer to the point of contact, I noticed what I thought where humanoid shapes in the shadows of the night.

We kept walking towards them, soon to be right in contact with the shadow group. The best way to describe them was, they were cloaked, transparent but the refracting light of the moon gave away to the mass that was hidden.

One of them reached out towards me, my friend saw the movement and screamed at me to look out. It touched my shoulder, and it was exactly at that moment, that I freaked out and screamed running back to base camp.

My friend ran along with me, and the adults also panicked and ran back with us. We all agreed we saw something. The beings, what ever they where existed, they were not human, but humanoid, thin arms and large heads, but most certainly cloaked. They were about my height, so at 14 just under five feet.

My shoulder actually burned, it was sore and the adults excitedly told their friends about it, we ran to find our parents who dismissed our wild claims and decided we had enough fun and drove us away.

As we drove back to our home, my shoulder felt like something was radiating on the surface, it burned slightly but not too painful, and it hurt for a few days.

At 14, I never thought aliens where real, but that made me think perhaps they were. I couldn't dismiss it as being my imagination, my friend also saw them and confirmed it. Drugs didn't kick in until college so it certainly wasn't a hallucination.

What would be odd though, is I did change greatly in a conscious way, as I started to have dreams come true, lucid dreams and out of body experiences. I often wonder if this encounter, and the touch on my shoulder triggered that awareness in me. I am running out of characters so I will share my other encounter stories for my next post.

Do you know what type of aliens these could be, and any other encounters with cloaked aliens, or partially invisible? Perhaps even dimensionally out of phase?

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 03:10 AM
The second encounter would be a little strange as well, as it took place when I was older, in my early 20's and had a sensible grip on the fragile reality that was my mind. This one would occur in my house, in my bedroom at night. I would have a girlfriend sleeping in bed with me at the time.

How this story goes, I was sleeping, and light suddenly filled my room, I thought that my roommate came into my room but I was unable to turn my head or move to tell him to get out.

The light dimmed and I passed out into a dream, in my dream I had an alien looking over me while I was in bed. It seemed to have human like eyes, in that they were not big black ovals, rather large orbit with eyelids, pupils.

There was a cylinder in the back corner of the room, it was repeating in English, "Don't wake up, don't wake up..."

I put my hand on the back of the alien's head, it was cool to touch, leathery. I calmly told the Alien that it should not fear me, I would not hurt it. Then I drifted into unconscious sleep.

That morning, I woke up and asked my girlfriend if she noticed the lights going on in the room, she said yes, but she also said she tried to move but felt paralyzed and fell back to sleep. I asked my roommate if he came in my room that night, and he said no, he would never do that without knocking.

I dismissed it as odd, and because the alien was a dream, I didn't give it any real consideration. That is, until my Girlfriend would talk to the neighbors kid who lived in the complex underneath us.

About a month after this experience, my Girlfriend bumped into our neighbors kid. he asked my Girlfriend if she believed in aliens. She was open to it and said yes. So he, being about 6 years old btw, told her that he saw one about a month ago land in our back yard.

He said that he got up to see what the light was, and when he looked out the window, he was paralyzed with his eyes open from the light, and he saw an alien get out of the ship, and float up to our room.

I remember coming home and my girlfriend pulling me aside going, uh... I talked with the neighbors kid who lives below us, and he told me the above mentioned story.

That would be the last encounter that I remember of this nature. Any other alien related memory is all dream related. These two encounters are the only two that have some tangible connection to this real world.

I can elaborate on some of the dream experiences in another post as there are not a lot of them that I can remember.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:25 AM
This means they're still working with you. Are you referring to the White Lake Observatory, close to Oliver, BC, near Willowbrook. One of my sitings with a friend took place there. The was around mid 1980s. Didn't have missing time at that point though. The experiences have followed our family wherever we live though.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:52 AM
Thanks for sharing your experiences.

How did you feel with the second one? Fear or at peace?

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by mystiq

It was Kobau Lookout (Linked to google maps).

I have been to the white lake observatory, and on many occasions have tried to have encounters there lol... none that I remember. Same with returning to Osoyoos, no luck there.

What were your experiences like?

Nuclear Paul -> No fear, I am completely unafraid of them now, I'd rather just try to understand them.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 05:03 PM
When I was too young to remember my family, along with numerous others at the campsite saw several ufos, where the smaller ones split off from the large and zigzagged across the sky. All my childhood I had to sleep with the light on. I had very bad nightmares, often about dragons for some reason, and woke up thinking someone was in the room and climbed into bed with my parents and brother. At 5 I saw a grey that paralyzed me very briefly and examined me. I knew it had a kind of cold intelligence (which was strange to note at that age, but I thought because I felt its mind). I told my mother about it a few minutes later. Didn't realize too much was wrong in our lives after that. I had no idea what that guy was until I had seen pictures of a biological looking grey recently. A memory also surfaced about an abduction with greys. My brother was there as well, and I could see how pale and frightened he looked. He doesn't remember and told me he doesn't actually remember his childhood. But he still believes he has an implant inserted in his sinuses, because in the 90s he was driving truck for my fathers produce store, with a partner. A ufo darted behind a cloud and exited a moment later. That moment was a 2 hour time loss and they were driving 2 hours ahead on the road.
The craft near the observatory was witnessed when my friend and I were driving to go out to a nightclub in Penticton, so I don't believe we had time loss. But it actually looked sort of like a small passenger jet. I kept telling her to boot it, but she stopped the car. It came at an angle until it was roughly 50 feet over us in a field. Then in a space the size of a dime compared to its size, it turned 3/4 of 360 degrees until it was pointing in the same direction as us. Then it nosedived to the ground. I thought it was crashing and screamed: "Drive!" She didn't. It straightened out around 15 feet off the ground and just hovered soundlessly. Finally she drove. It followed and when we hit hwy 99 we saw it going over the mountain.

I drove that road many times to see how it followed us, cause we could see it through trees and rocks, but there was no space for it. I felt it wasn't a hologram, ( a term I learnt later). I could sense someone onboard showing off for us. In the end it may have been multi-dimensional because it created its own space to fly through an impossible terrain.

Then my children and I began to have sitings here after moving here. The first one hear was April 12th, and I was thinking about Bush and the illuminati and thinking of all the poor women and children in the world and thinking "THEY repesent the human race." It was an internal political rant. What creeps me out is they monitor all our thoughs, so when I stood up I was rooted to the spot and the words came strongly with emphasis: "WE represenet the human race!" I went outside with a smoke and there they were, hovering for 5 minutes. The kids ran around outside saying, "we come in peace!" and one climbed our shed and waved.

My 6 year old and I saw a large cloud ship on 2 separate occasions, a perfect disc down lowish in the back that disappeared quickly when we went in and out, while the normal clouds were still slowly changing patterns and drifting. The one I saw was 40 plus feet. Didn't see the one he called me out for a couple days later, but it was gone. We looked at pictures. I'd never told him about my siting nor had used the words cloud ship to him.
I was called out for a triangle craft by the boys, a black triangle with 3 whitish lights in corners.
Stars that disappeared. Something up high that vanished and reappeared then vanished again.
Then back in the Okanagan again during summer, one in Oliver appeared part way across the sky, a red light surrounding it, and soundlessly slowly flew to behind the property behind a cloud and disappeared. My 17 year old with very good eyes (he sees thousands of stars in Chilliwack when I see 20) said it was a diamond shaped craft. That time my 6 year old refused to sleep until midnight and then said he was afraid that they were following us, and he didn't want to be near the window. He thought they would come through the window and take him while he slept. I don't know where he got that exact idea from. Then we felt safe for a couple months. No way did I like being outside on the back porch. Tried to keep the kids in the house as well. Then about 2 weeks ago my 17 year old shared with me two dreams onboard a space ship being shown important dates for October, every other day it seemed with names and events that he was not allowed to remember. The second time he got a bad headache when he thought about telling me but finally did. He was before a viewing screen and shown a crash of a ufo and badly injured greys. I don't know if it was a history lesson or what, because thats the
only part he remembers. Then the cat was growling one night and he saw a grey before sleep, with a reprimand for being awake. He promptly went to sleep.
All the spiritual advice to protect your family doesn't keep them away. I do this all the time and all it did was make me think the problem was solved.

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Wow that's amazing Mystiq, and to think we share the same area as I lived in Penticton at the time of my experiences. I've come a long way from who I was when I had my first encounter, and I don't know what if anything at all, the aliens are up to regarding me. I personally think they had their interest, perhaps moved on, I don't know as I don't recall any recent events.

I don't deny they exist, or that they are in the Okanagan, I had another person from Penticton tell me stories about seeing one land in her driveway, and another friend claim to see one land behind a house... so certainly seems to indicate some activity in the Okanagan area.

My fears and concerns are gone, I'm not to worried about who or what they are as I feel if they really had any true interest, then we would have some disclosure. The fact they want to act in anomynitity and secret means they share the same interests as the goverment... keep secret, keep a hidden agenda.

I've moved on to more interesting areas of phenomenology and personal reality, which is quite facinating, and I don't have to wait for some secrets to be revealed.

Thanks for sharing, I hope you familly can deal with all of this interest, and hopefully it hasn't brought any problems you way.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:05 PM
Those are some freaky experiences...

Did it look like the cloaks from the first encounter were made with human material?

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:06 PM
wait... dont answer my question
I just realised what you meant?

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by Unknown_Significance

The would look kind of funny wearing cloaks, like half-elf rangers or something

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