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Lets Talk About Joe Biden!!!

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 11:20 PM
As registered Idaho Democrat I wanted to do the best job I could at exploring the various pros and cons of my current party choices. I figured that I might as well share my new found knowledge with the members of ATS so as to provide a genuine informed opinion, by listening to and regarding the opinions of various members.
Here are a few things that I like about Mr.Biden:
The Passage of the Violence Against Women Act.
His description of the Irag War as a "Neocon Fantasy"
His position on children and family. Largely due to the death of his wife and child very soon after his 1972 Senate win.
The fact that he overcame a childhood ailment.Stuttering, which plagued him in his formative years.
Here are some things I dont like about Mr. Biden:
Plaigarized a term paper in college
Did not vote to provide funding for womens health and education.
Pushed to lift arms embargo on Bosnia
More interesting stuff here...

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posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 01:00 AM
I've recently decided, as a former hardcore Obama supporter, to drop support for Obama and Biden. He was one of the men responsible for the creation of the Patriot Act, He voted many times to fund the farce that is Bush's War on Terror(which I like to call the "War on Terra") and I'm willing to bet that he has a very good idea as to what he is funding. Barack Obama, as a man who is said to be qualified to teach Constitutional law, has broken the Constitution by allowing the president power to spy on all of us. He voted for the Patriot Act, and ratified the second version, he voted YES on the new FISA amendments that allow pretty much blanket surveillance on all of us, which is illegal under the Constitution...These amendments infringe or eliminate Habeas Corpus, the 1st amendment, the 4th the 10th, the 14th, and a few others which I will not get into here.

Biden and Obama betrayed me. Simple as that.

Many here on this board know how much of a supporter I was, but I just can't drink that kool-aid anymore than I can chug McPalins'. I cannot tell you how hurt I felt, like breaking up with someone you really care for, to realize that the man "Making history" is doing so because the history was planned from the start. McCain is the overt evil guy in this lights, camera, action, made-for-TV-Drama, and Obama is the evil with a warm smile and message of hope he didn't intend on keeping to in the first place.

And no I'm not an RP supporter either. Just a tired young American who is tired of being lied to. I am 24 years old, I grew up thinking this country was a great land of opportunity with a proud history of heroism, generosity, and with Liberty and Justice for all...

I just don't know anymore...And I want that feeling back, I want to get back together with my girl, the beautiful United States of America...The country that took me in as a political refugee, and turned me into an American patriot, willing to bleed for her, so that my blood may give color and meaning to the words of the of the Constitution that have faded with the erosion of time.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 06:51 AM
I always thought that there was something so engaging about Biden's very friendly, open smile--even though a repub. I wondered if that smile of his was genuine, or simply the smile that the Cheshire smiled at 'Alice', full of hidden mischief, and also deception---now, I'm wondering if the man isn't suffering from something like Alzheimer's, due to the many 'gaffs' that have left his lips of late--such oddities as the one about FDR telling the country about what happened to cause the Great Depression of 1929, over the television--not only was FDR not president then, there actually was NO television then, either--whoa! What's up with Mr. Biden, then?!

I would really like to like some of our politicians--really--but, thanks to little things, such as the now-invented tv, and also radio, not to mention the wealth of info one can find on the internet right now, the more I learn about most of them, the less it appears likely that I'll ever find myself truly liking any of them, any time soon.

Out of disgust over Iraq, and this administration, I left the repub party--and, 'accidentally'[it's true!] told the lady at the election site on Primary election day this year--[when she told me I had to be one or the other--either a dem, or a repub--in order to vote that day] to put me down as a democrat[oops!]--I thought my husband was about to have a stroke, he was so upset with me for that! I don't know--I had wanted to be an Independant!--so, maybe I need to be checked out, to be sure I don't have something like Alzheimer's, myself!

Personally, though--if Sen. Biden isn't suffering from dementia, or something simliar, that might be the cause for some of his bigger goofs of late--then, I have to think that maybe he isn't constructing the grounds on which he might bow-out with some honor still in tact[if that's even possible!] in order to allow Hillary onto the Obam ticket. Otherwise, I have no idea what's behind Biden's constant 'slips of the lip', that are only growing worse over time!

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 06:55 AM
here is some good stuff on Biden:]Biden and Rush

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