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Obama wins and heres why

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 03:57 PM
9/11 was done to make the rich white man look bad, the country would be crazy to elect another ex military white man now, basically a dude "cut from the same cloth" as bush right? he's done so much that people DO NOT like or agree with, if the country believes he was behind 9/11 then they'd never elect him again, they'd go a different route, that different route is Barack Obama

10 years ago in 1998 we had acid rain stories, nobody talks about acid rain now, 10 years ago a woman and a non white man running for president would have meant the world was a better place because non whites and women would be fully equal

well do any of you think the world is a better place now? because hilary and barack aren't the norm for american presidents

the oil stuff is garbage, it's all to get americans to vote against what's always been in power in america

9/11 wasn't set up for oil, that's just a front, 9/11 was so you'd never vote for the same "cut of the cloth"

Barack Hussein Obama II

(attack hussein osama 2)

alex jones at the bohemian ranch was total BS too, he proves they have cameras there, it's not totally crazy to think they'd have a few microphones too, and/or cameras in the surrounding forest that he walked through to get there to "reveal their secrets"

also he's a fat texan, he's stand out like a sore thumb in california with his accent, he's the bohemian groves #1 enemy is he not? how could he be seen on hidden camera and nothing happen to him? nobody says you have to leave? either he's a fraud or they gave him the silent treatment because it's very hard to believe a "secret society" or w/e you want to call the bohemian grovers would just let him walk around and "spill the beans" like he did, especially when he himself proves they have cameras watching the place

how does alex jones relate to the presidential election? well he's the one "uncovering" their "conspiracies"

also oil/gas prices so high? either it's another front of BS so people think they really are after the oil, or they want the money before they have to release a new technology meaning combustion engines aren't needed anymore

the govenator said in the movie Pumping iron something like "i was always amazed that people could be remembered for hundreds of years, or thousands of years like jesus" think about his mindset with that gosh, he's going to build his own pyramids lol

just a few thoughts

if you want more thoughts i can give those.... as for proof, i haven't even looked yet

but what do you ATSers think?

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