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What to do with evil people

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 07:18 PM
I've seen things like this too. It really bothers me. Whether or not I get involved depends on how badly the person being abused is being threatened.

I will tell them to stop or other things. Sometimes simple shame works. My husband also says I am gonna get hurt one day. If I see someone being hit I'm going to get involved to stop it.

As for people and evil, yes some are unfortunately. You really can't change them. I will probably be flamed for the next statement but it is not my philosophy, it comes from a friend of mine and while it would never happen, the world would be a lot nicer place.

Here it is. He claims if everyone were born and given a justifiable homicide card (kind of like a monopoly get out of jail free card) life would be a kinder place. The person in traffic wouldn't flip you off because they don't know if you used your card or not. Those kids wouldn't of yelled at the old people because they might of been shot and died.

Sometimes you just have to use humor. My sister in law and I joke about THE LIST. If someone upsets me badly I call her and say I've added someone to the list. Our running joke is if either one of us goes totally insane we will call the other one ask for the first three people on their list and take them out before we go after the people on our list. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. but it allows us to get over it quicker. We can laugh about it.

People are always going to be jerks. I just pray for them and forget about it; That's really all you can do.

PLEASE don't misinterpret this post. I am not violent. I have never hit anyone nor have I ever been hit. Not even a school yard fight. I do have a sardonic sense of humor though.

At least the fact that this bothered you shows you are a decent caring person which speaks volumes about your character.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 07:42 PM

Originally posted by JesusisTruth
they were cursing old people out with hate. That's what i call evil spirited.

and i call it misguided frustration. If you are constantly blaming anything that offends you on evil, then you are just creating it within your own mind.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 12:39 PM
If someone is misguidedly frustrated and that leads to cursing someone out or possibly murder, what do you call it?

evil is a harsh word I used, which of course I should of realized would be picked apart by the advocates.

I meant evil as in, anything that goes against love.

If I curse someone out for no reason, frustration or not, no excuse to not control yourself, then I'm gonna say to myself. Damn I just commited something evil.

if they weren't evil then they were knuckleheads.

[edit on 27-9-2008 by JesusisTruth]

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