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An age of renaissance...with obstacles

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 10:41 AM
My friend and I were discussing this the other day, and I wanted to see what you all thought about it.

Him and I both believe that we are currently in a new age of renaissance. This generation (I am primarly talking about the people who are 18-30 years old) are a new, acsended, and evolved human being.

The reason being that we all grew up in an age where information...of all kinds, comes in every shape and form possibly created. All the knowledge of man from the beginning to now is so ready and available for any person to have right at their finger tips.

We grew up and were born into the fastest paced age in all the history of man....and we adapted.

I believe...those who choose...that the generation of 18-30 year olds are the smarest people in the history of our planet. We are also the most tolarable to sex, creed, religion, race, orientation, and etc.

The reason for that is we can collaborate with all kinds of people, from all corners of the Earth...with no language barriers. I can learn about anyones culture...and also learn that people, from all over are totally different from me...but also a lot like me.

We have information FLYING at us in all directions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Currently I have TWO monitors, one typing here, disscussing all kinds of topics, with all kinds of people, with all different opinions and feelings...then I have another monitor with Google open ready to bring me any piece of information I ask for...Then I have my phone next to my computer ready to recieve texts, emails, calls, pictures...etc!!!

Like the other day, my girlfriend sends me a picture of a bird, on my phone...asking what kind it is. So I look at it, I google what it looks like and BAM! I have a picture, a wiki page, I can tell you everything from how long its wingspan is to what its diet consists of.

20 years ago...that frankly would only be possible if you studied birds your whole life.

It took me 3 min...what it took someone 20 years ago..4 years to get a degree.

However...I feel that the generation directly above us, mainly 35-55 (not all) are holding us down. We are hitting a glass ceiling. And what sucks even these people are our bosses, our politicans, and our parents.

These people seem like they are slower...not as intelligent...and above all, more resistant to change.

For instance I have yet to hear anyone 20-30 years old even notice that black...or his name is Obama...we (for the most part) dont give a crap

But the generation above us...they seem to point it out every time I mention anything about the man...

Everything I have said above may not even apply at all...only my personal observations...just wanted to know if you all felt the same?

Does anyone else feel like that?

Mods...Sorry this MIGHT be a thread for "Rants" but I didnt feel I was ranting, just wanted to see if anyone feels the same way...


posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 04:16 PM
Wow.... this is rather arrogant.
I am taking a lucky guess and saying you are 19-22. I really don't even know where to start with this. Yes, you grew up with the Internet. This does not make you ascended or evolved as a human being. This just means you grew up in the dot com era. Personally, I think your generation is lazy and unimaginative. I don't think it is a Renaissance.

This so called "unintelligent" generation above you has something you don't. Life Experience. So they don't have a PS3 or can't text message in their sleep but the can tell you about living through the Vietnam War or serving during Operation Desert Storm. Or many other interesting things that you just can't learn from Wikipedia or Google.
This generation earned their spot in their job/corporation through twenty years of hard work. When they retire in 10 - 20 years feel free to step in.

I work in a High School. Students today can't write and if it does not buzz,flash,or beep it is boring or uninteresting.

Do young people read books anymore?

Just a 30-somethings observations.

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