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Project Blue Beam Inspired Audio Equipment for Sale... (No this isn't solicitation.)

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 10:41 AM

The link above will take you to a website that sells many cool high tech and other geeky items, long before they become common house hold names. Much of the time you can tell people about stuff on their website and they have a hard time believing it. The item that is causing me to post this topic is a cheap commercial product of some of the technology to be used in “Project Blue Beam”. A top secret government project that has yet to be fully implemented.

For those of you unaware of what Blue Beam is. It is the globalist plan to cause the apocalypse as prophesied about in Revelation. They tried it once back in the 1930s and 40’s but their puppet went crazy and had to be stopped. The name of the puppet that had to be stopped was Hitler. It was not yet time for the apocalypse to happen. There was still too much good left in the world. So after Hitler fell, the gloabalist had to institute a new plan to bring about their utopia through the apocalypse.

They believe that they must commit massive amounts of evil and chaos to cause a world utopia. That is the whole point of their slogan, “Order out of Chaos”. Like Hitler their twisted logic fails to see that what they are doing is wrong. Their new revised plan detailed brainwashing the people through television and media and perverting the church people into supporting their wicked plans. (The early stages of Blue Beam.) If they did not do this the church people would rise up and stop it.

They cannot have that now can they. So their plan spans over years and years. It has been in progress now for close to thirty years. However it will not be until the last seven years that it is so bad. Holograms of false gods appearing leading the world even farther into the pits of hell, and fulfilling the prophesies of Revelation. Well, now that the brief lesson on Blue Beam is finished. I wish to comment on one area of the technology they plan on using, that you can now buy a cheap commercial version of from the link above.

One of the things they plan on doing is, when the holograms are in the sky. They plan on giving it audio as well. The audio for these shows will come from many sources. It will appear to come from your windows, furniture, cars, mail boxes, and yes even rocks. The government has ways to beam harmonic frequencies down onto the earth. They can do it world wide or in specific locations. Those harmonic frequencies transforms ordinary objects into amazing speaker systems.

This new toy that you may buy from the link above, is a cheap commercial version of the audio technology to be used in Blue Beam. This cheap commercial version of the audio system compared to the governments Blue Beam audio equipment, is like viewing old silent 35 mm movie compared to viewing an IMAX movie. So yes, while it may cost you 50 bucks, it is nothing compared to what the government has.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 02:06 PM
glad to see somone else who understands the situtation facing the world.

wouldnt it be funny if the world found out,caught them out and what started off as a fake fight between good and evil turns into a real one between us and them!?

also i dont believe they are trying to create good,they are trying to eradicate the human species ,there not allowed to kill humans themselves so theyve been concoting stragems to get humans to do it for them,basicly manipulating humans to kill each other.

project bluebeam is their masterplan,if we can survive this,we will be free from them forever as we will have the technological capabilities to to detect and understand what thier up to,presently things such as mind control nanobots and human gray implantations.

there desperate,they really are,were getting to smart for them and they dont like it,there feathers are being ruffled.

its now or never folks,half a decade to go!

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