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The Fed owns our money and now they are after our banks

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 09:41 AM
Here is just a thought that I had yesterday while I was watching all of this unfold on CNBC. I have nothing to back it up really, I'd love someone to research into the theory further, or prove me blatently wrong would be fine too.


Everyone knows that the Federal Reserve is not a part of the US government, and the US doesn't print it's own money any more... the money is just ON LOAN from The Fed. So our money is already completely owned by the Fed, and our whole country is paying interest on our money to them.

But being in control of our money supply isn't enough... now the Fed as well as the US government is starting to expand and directly target and acquire BANKS as well. When $80 billion was given to AIG, for all intents and purposes they now OWN AIG. AIG is massively indebted to them and they will never, ever be able to pay that much money back. The US government OWNS AIG.

They are targeting the banks INTENTIONALLY, ONE BY ONE singling them out. They use widespread fear and panic to drive these companies into the ground, and then pick them at at an insane bargain. You have to follow the money trail... who shorted all of these companies and began the initial panic? I don't know how to do it, but I'm sure someone can... people found out that Bush/Cheney had all those investments in defense stocks, there is sure to be a smoking gun like that out there.

People have already said that the bailout equates to basically communism... they are right in a way, although I would say more of a dictatorship. If you control the money, you control the people. If you control how, where, and when people store their money, you have COMPETE control. The government and the Fed intend to keep doing this, soon every large bank will either be funded, indebted, or owned by the government or the Fed and there will be a banking cartel/monopoly.

Not going to get into the privacy and tax issues of what will happen when the government knows exactly how much money is in, going out of, and into your bank account.

The news media always gives hints as to which bank is going to go next. They don't actually say it, but they imply it with images of certain organizations at certain times. Watch Washington Mutual (WAMU) VERY carefully over the coming days and weeks. I truely believe they are being targeted to get hit next, although no newscaster I watched even mentioned them today.

Once all of the banks have gone from private hands to being in the hands of the government and international bankers, large private corporations will be next on the chopping block.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 10:43 AM
The government buyouts don't mean that the government owns the banks afterwards. In fact, the companies obligations are minimal. That's why people are so upset about all of these bailouts; if the company was obligated to pay that money back, then it wouldn't be nearly as outrageous as it is. The bailouts are keeping our economy from falling off the edge; though there may have been some better and cheaper ways to do it had the fed decided to do something significant earlier.

Regardless though, the government already owns banks in the sense that they are subject to federal law, regulation, and inspection.

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