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Life After Death Communication -My Stories and Your Stories

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 06:44 AM
Hi there

I thought it might be interesting to see how many people here believe they have had some sort of sign/signal from a loved one that has died, that makes them think the loved one is still around.

Here are mine, please be kind, I do not know for a "fact" they were real, but they sure felt like something beyond coincidence to me...

(1) My Father died nearly 4 yrs ago. On the morning before the funeral, I was at home sitting in the chair he used to sit in when he visited. Out of the blue, a sense of him being in the room overwhelmed me, it felt just like it did when he was physically present. This caught my attention enough, but then just seconds after that the electricity in the house shut down by itself....every single appliance that was on was off, no lights worked, nor the toaster, tv, etc. I checked the house all over, same thing. Went to the fuse box - as we all know, when there's a power cut, the switches trip so that some/all are in "OFF" postion and you have to flick them back manually to "ON". Not one single swith in the box was in "OFF" position, not was the main control switch.

So, I phoned the local estate agents 2 mins around the corner - was there a power outage in the village ? NO

I then wondered if any neighbour had the problem....opened the door to look around and spotted the old lady across the road on her doorstep....called across, NO, she had no problem. I mentioned it was my Dad's funeral today and it was all very strange as the power supply seemed fine. She didn't say much in response to this, and we both shut our doors.

Within about 2 mins of me coming in, all the power returned BY ITSELF. Then, the door knocked - the lady across the road came to see me, in retrospect she must have been intrigued by my feelings of it maybe being my Dad letting us know he was around....because she stood there telling me then of a time when she was shopping in town and saw her dead husband as plain as she could see me. They embraced, then he disappeared !!! Her story coupled with the strange electrical activity was just too much of a coincidence for me. But there was a 3rd part to this too -

Across town, in the house where my Father had grown up, his mother and brother were themselves getting ready for the funeral. In a chat with my uncle's partner later that day, I told her about the odd electrical stuff and she was quite intrigued because THEY TOO had had, "weird stuff going on with the electrics " that morning, with lights going off and on by themselves !!!!!!!!!

(2) Around a week after the funeral, I turned on the radio for the 1st time. The song playing was "my girl is mad at me" by Madness. Yes, I was very angry with my Dad as he died through suicide. So, funny coincidence that song

(3) Around the same period, the HI FI turned itself on by itself once. Another time, a CD that was playing began to rewind all by itself then resume play all by itself.....twice in a row. It had never done it before and never did it again. I remember me and my partner just staring at one another, quite dumbfounded.

(4) A few months later, I'm in the bath crying and quietly raging at my Dad, feeling really really angry with him. Out loud I challenged him to prove (again) he could hear me, send me a sign he was still around. I came downstairs a little later to where Sean was watching TV with the door closed. We were sleeping in the at the time. I didn't talk to him about anything and we went to sleep not long after. In the middle of the night I awoke, then nearly at just the same time so did Sean. He proceeded to tell me he'd just had a dream about my Dad "which wasn't like a dream, but more like when you are visiting someone". In the dream, my Dad was apparantly not happy I was so angry and told Sean to "tell her to stop being so angry". He said my Dad looked healthy, peaceful, calm, younger and went on to talk about how "it's all about love" while putting his arms around Sean and Me in this "dream". Sean was quite affected by the visit, he hasn't dreamt of my Dad since .

(5) Recently - in my sons room is a toy garage. It makes sounds when you press it. It never normally makes sounds unless you press it. i am sat the other side of the room with my son when all of a sudden the garage makes a "beep beep" sound. Me and Jake just looked at each other in surprise. It then did it again, at which point I wondered, "is that Dad". I asked this aloud, and the garage RESPONDED with a "brum brum" sound this time , by which time I was falling over myself with a kind of nervous shock. It was actually Jake's bed time at this time, plus I felt a little self conscious talking out loud like this with Sean a floor down, so I quietly whispered that it was lovely to have the sign, thanks for visiting, but I had to go now". It made a 4th sound immediately after this then has ever since remained silent............. !!??!!

I would add that the night this happened proceeded a "down time" I'd been having for a couple of days...I'd been sat the day before crying in the garden missing my Dad. There have been other "signs" like this, and they invariably happen when I've been feeling lowest and wanting my Dad . He seems to always find a way to reply to me.

I've also had loads of dreams about him and one "visitation" which took place in sleep, but was not a dream....2 nights after his death I also experienced a telepathic communion with him which jolted me out of my sleep and had me choking on my own breath, so stunned I was by hell of a powerful mind-mind experience like I've nevr had before in my life or since .....but I've filled enough space here already so will leave things here for now.

Yes, none of what I say I can "prove" but I am inclined to be a rational person and try to factor in other possibilities before deciding something is a "sign". To me, these were connections from my Dad.

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 06:54 AM
As an addendum, here is the one and only sign my Grandmother had about her OTHER son who died, also through suicide sadly. His name was Adrien and he was just 21 at the time.

Some weeks after his death, my grandmother began to see odd blue blobs of "energy" around where she lived. I've never heard anything like this before or since, but according to her, the blobs got bigger as the days went by. Then one day, as she rounded the corner to the front of the house after hanging out some washing to dry, the blue energy blobs were there, building into a mass. The energy turned into Adrien, who she said looked like any other person did - solid and physical. She said he appeared very nonchalant as he said something like, "what are you worried about, I'm fine", before simply vanishing.

Strange...but a true story, and no she was not on drugs or drunk at the time.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 07:08 AM
My Dad, now sadly no longer with us, used to tell me this story...

When he was a child, not long after his father died, his mother was laying in bed just about to drop off to sleep when she suddenly sat bolt upright as she had just heard her deceased husband whisper in her ear, "What have I told you about hanging stuff too near the fire?" She got out of bed and went down to the living room and there, hanging on the end of the maiden in front of the coal fire was one of her slips silently smouldering! Before she could get to it to move it away from the fire it suddenly burst into flames and she had to throw it onto the grate.

Another story I've heard that many times that it's almost become an urban myth, is the one that goes along the lines of a person about to step off the kerb to cross a road only to hear a voice shout, "Watch out!" They step back only to be nearly run over by a speeding car. When they turn around to thank the person who shouted they find they are completely alone and nobody is near. . .

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 08:51 AM
A short time ago, a very dear friend of mine passed away after a long bout of illness. I had only recently reconnected with him, as our paths had led us to different parts of the world. I had hoped to be beside him as it happened, but I unfortunately did not make it there in time. For months I wrestled with the guilt of being absent during his death, imagining that he must have been somehow angry with me as he slipped away.

When we first met, I had an anthology of Emily Dickinson's poetry in my hand. As he was walked by, he stopped in front of me and mentioned that she was his very favorite poet. I had only bought the book on a whim, but we spent a few minutes showing one another our favorite lines. I lent him this book at one point and he returned it just before I had to relocate. At that time, I put it away and did not open it again until after his death. A few months after his passing, I was in the very pit of grief. I had taken the anthology down from the bookcase in the hopes of finding consolation. It was at this point that I noticed a piece of paper tucked within the book. It marked a page that I had never read, displaying the following poem:

"I should not dare to leave my friend, because - because if he should die while I was gone - and I - too late - should reach the Heart that wanted me -

If I should disappoint the eyes that hunted - hunted so - to see - and could not bear to shut until they 'noticed' me - they noticed me -

If I should stab the patient faith so sure I'd come - so sure I'd come - it listening - listening - went to sleep - telling my tardy name -

My Heart would wish it broke before - since breaking then - since breaking then - were useless as next morning's sun - where midnight frosts - had lain!"

This was a perfect summation of my feelings regarding his death. It seems far too perfect to have been a coincidence, though I know that the human mind can find connections in the most meaningless drivel. Coincidence or a message from the departed--call it what you will.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 02:26 PM
Before this happened I was an athhiest/agnostic. I have a hard time sharing this experience because I feel it would cheapen it, but I will because I think it can help others deal with their grief. My mother passed away 3 years ago after having been hospitalized for cancer. The night she passed my sister called me from the hospital to tell me "she's gone"-I'll never forget those words. Oddly, I wasn't hysterical like I always thought I would be when Mom died. Instead I got the strangest sense of peace and a sensation of flying through space (past clouds and stars, but no cold feeling or even a feeling of a breeze). I thought at the time it was some kind of protective mechanism to keep me from losing it. I finished crying and told my husband I was strangley alright and headed off to bed. As I was rounding the corner in my bedroom there was suddenly a shaft of blue light levitating between the ceiling and floor. This really startled me and I let out a yelp-then it was gone. My husband came running and I didn't want to explain what just happened and told him I ran into the desk. My Mom passed away on Jan. 2nd, so we still had our Christmas decorations up, and the electronic candles began turning off and on by themselves. This even began to freak my husband a bit (he is a non-believer in ghosts). He actually purchased new ones--but guess what, they still would turn off and on by themselves. I was starting to think there might be something to this whole paranormal thing. At any rate, minor things would continue to happen throughout the next 9 months--but I could always chalk it up to something other than the paranormal. Finally in October I heard my mother speaking to me. It happened either 3 or 4 times (I can't believe I'm not exactly sure how often it occurred). Everytime it happened I had just gone to bed and my husband was still awake in the living room. The first 2 or 3 times; I simply heard my name called by a woman with a very melodious voice--like my Mom. I have only ever heard my mother say my name in the way she did! Each time I was a little scared/nervous and not sure if I should respond (o.k. I was so shocked I couldn't respond if I wanted to). I tried to push it off as the t.v. or my imagination and I thought I was successful at this until one night (about 2 weeks after this started happening), I clearly heard my mother's voice in a conversational tone (no whispers, no echo, just regular voice), say "I LOVE YOU". She did it in her usual sing-song type of voice. Man, I miss that voice! After that I tried to share with the rest of my family what happened but I don't think they hought it was geniune. I think they thought it was my imagination. I'm pretty sure it wasn't. Each time it happened I was just laying there thinking about what I needed to do the following day. The last time it happened I was trying to visualize what kind of curtains I would make for a bedroom re-do. Needless to say, it was too hard to continue being agnostic after that.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 03:54 PM
My friend Lee-Anne died back in Jan 1997,she committed suicide by overdose.I had many dreams over the next many years.Lee-Anne always believed in life after death,and im sure if i visited mediums etc in those recent months/years she would have no doubt come through.The other night i did visit a medium stephen Holbrook in a special night he did.hence to say Lee-Anne didnt come through on this occasion. However the last few nights i have been thinking of her loads.and tonight i was sat in the lounge when my sons toy sounded off,i couldnt belive it,was this a sign,because at the time i was on the computer researching 'How to contact loved ones',i said, in my head 'do it again' and it sounded off once more.I feel quite happy because i belive this is her way of telling me she is fine.(My friends and especially my mum would think i was mad,so bloody sceptical)Who cares!! I just wondered if any one had a similar experience.When the medium visits our town again i will visit and hope for a message from Lee-Anne.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by paperplanes

What a beautiful story.

I must say I am somewhat - no: very much so - baffled by the fact that this thread has received so few replies (even thought they are very valuable replies).

Why is this less interesting than the latest case of the pet chihuahua turned demon and/or the threatening epidemic of killer pumpkins?

P.S. I noticed this thread only because it had been bumped up by an anonymous reply.
So... when can we see it?

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 08:09 PM
My Grandpa passed away in September.

After my Grandpa died, my uncle's cell phone stopped working, so he switched his plan over to a new phone. He did not transfer a sim card or anything like that, he had to re-enter all his contacts manually.

He turned on his new phone and had a voice mail, which was strange since he hadn't used the phone yet. When he checked it, it was my Grandpa, and he said "Hello Son, I'm home", and that was the end of the message.

It really freaked one of my aunts out, but for most of us it was very comforting. I just smiled, it made me happy.

Technological glitch? I don't know. I choose to think it wasn't.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by Malzypants

Please, tell me he saved the message... !

I've heard of phone calls from "beyond" (or from "nowhere"), but never about an actual recording.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 10:09 PM
I'm sure he did...something to hold on to...

Very exciting

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