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Timewave Zero - a closer look

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by Evasius

This is a great post. Why don't you wise people appened this knowledge to the wikipedia?
I heard about time wave many times in the past and it was hard to find deeper information until now.

Yet, although the source code is "gone", can the software produce graphs for the near upcoming future?
every 6 months? 3 weeks?

cause this is how we are to make sense of any of this, if it a representative of our reality.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by Evasius

Dude, now that you've open your mind Really open your mind and consider:
The universe is saturated with intelligence, and by the law of singularity from complexity is self saturated with consciousness/
This consciousness is observing all reality. including smaller, lesser beings, and might even endow them with powers. miracales, the virgin birth, the Exodus. God talking in the mountain infornt of 600,000 people..which then were led by the pillar of light through 40 years in the desert to Israel.

It encompasses all other religious myths, experiences and breaks down the known laws of nature at the divine will.

Not even going deeper into monotheism, try this:
Today, we have fully computerized informational infrastructure, and our entire leisure economy and entertainment industry are human-intercation-theme based. We have kids playing SIMs-2 for god sake.
A game, where don't sly dragons or do something fantastic, but play a kid having to sit at the computer for 2 hours to "study".

we love our games, Reality TV, stories and movies.
A post singularity entity, might enjoy seeing how life was once for her. Recreating the 21'th century pre-singularity life that we all live today.
smiling at it self's as she reads it

In this simulation your decision matter most, there might be bliss in doing certain things, etc..

You do see where this is going. God as a personal watcher, and possible mover of things can also find a resolution in this line of reasoning.

maybe THIS is the greatest reality TV show ever..

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

It can and does,all ya have to do is look and zoom in on the time frame in question.Like right now we're on a downward slope into more novelty/connection,which abruptly deviates upward into habit on the 12th.What does this mean?We won't know until it happens or is about to happen.Kind of a navigational aid like a compass used while driving.You have to keep your eyes on the road but sometimes it helps to know which way is North.

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Trueforger is absolutely right - it's like a compass, or even serves as roadsigns alerting you to road conditions, especially bump ahead or dip ahead.

One thing's for certain, the software has a use-by date. That date is, as you probably know, Dec. 21, 2012. After that date, evidently the program's useless.

I can use it to graph the present, 6 hours from now, 6 days, weeks, etc. The next date of interest is February 12, so we'll see what happens. I also will post an updated graph for January 27 - Feb 12 when time allows. I need to annotate the graph with events like the recent (and ongoing) colossal power outage in the Midwest US due to the ice storm, as well as the riots in Europe, and London's crippling snowfall.

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 07:32 AM
reply to post by Metaholic

Your proposal that we all live in a simulated reality, thus making us sims is highly plausible -- equally as plausible as many other scenarios. Considering that we ourselves might be in some sort of program, we have to assume that our experienced reality is based on some actual real reality that exists somewhere beyond our knowing. Somewhere there is a real version of us whom our essences are based on. Somewhere there is a realm, much like earth, that our entire reality is based on.

Also if one simulation exists, there have to be many. Imagine getting cable TV with one channel, pretty useless really. If god's watching our show, that god will most certainly want to see what's happening elsewhere (not that I know how God thinks). But anyway, if there are many, then it is also likely that there are infinite simulations, or shows playing out simultaneously. This idea is pretty much the same as that of parallel universes, parallel realities, the multiverse, etc.

So then what is the purpose of this simulation? Is god some kind of pervert? Does he/she/it just like to watch and nothing more? What good would observation only be? I think that if multiple realities exist (which they more than likely do) then they exist to provide information to the god-mind. I think God is in the same predicament we find ourselves in -- the pursuit of true self awareness. God could be running all these universes as one mammoth distributed computing project, where each life lived, each cycle played out entirely, each universe's expanse and collapse all provide information back to the god-mind in order to build God's concept of self.

We think we are self aware, yet we are confused by our own essences. A brain that can study itself boggles the mind, literally. We have no idea where we come from. We have no idea where we're going. We have no idea what our purpose is here, and yet we say we are conscious beings. We are in fact only conscious of the fact that we still have no idea who we really are. We spend our lives trying to figure this out. And how do we try and learn this? Through experience. And that could be what God is doing, gaining information through our experiences -- and if we're all part of the god-mind (which we most certainly are) then we contribute directly to this pursuit with our every thought and breath.

Simulation or not, it all seems to be based on the necessity for knowledge and information, which in turn leads to true self awareness.

Here are a few scientific papers on Simulation Theory if you would like to read more:

How to live in a simulation

Living in a Simulated Universe

Simulation Scenarios, Prospects, and Consequences

Are You a Sim?

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 04:58 PM
Here's a video I put together the other day for another thread I'm working on regarding consciousness and parallel timelines/universes - I thought I'd post it here first.

It begins with a colossal zoom-out from Earth, beyond the boundary of the universe and into hyperspace, eventually leading to the multiversal realm. Then you enter a parallel universe and zoom in all the way down to the subatomic level.

Portions of the movies Contact and Stargate were used, as well as bits of science documentaries and fractal animations.

...and here's another of a fractal zoom animated to the Predator movie theme.

These were created to illustrate the immensity and depth of the fractal universe.

And since I don't think I've posted my Youtube link in this thread yet, here it is:

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posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 06:36 PM
You people, I'm still waiting with the TimeWave zero chart..
Who will he the entrepreneurship and innovation to create a simple website with JPG form the chart and let the community handle their respective event tagging?

One can upload the future prediction novelty graph directly into wiki commons and start from there...

all of this pseudo science is never going to end until we put this to the test.

btw, does the death of all humans form somesort of an armagedon a reason for more novelty or less?
maybe it is allien or artificial consciousness superimposing on our own wave thus collapsing it.
But let's see the charts...!!

-Metaholic, not being able to log in, fearing he was banned for telling the Truth.

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by Evasius

Evasius, I salute you! I find this discussion/exploration you have initiated within the forum of A.T.S. quite invigorating and refreshing. I became familiar with McKenna and the concept of "Timewave Zero" back in 1992 when I read "Food of the Gods" and I have continued over the years to study his ideas.

I look forward to following the progress of this thread! Starred & Flagged!

"As a man is, so he sees. As the eye is formed, such are it's powers"--- William Blake

******************PSYCHONAUTS UNITE******************

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by Evasius

Hey I like thy road sign analogy better,as it(the sign) was there 'all along' and just comes into view when needed,right before the exit,etc...Too much advance notice and there's too much data and It gets confusing.The compass would be in your own you relate to it all in the moment.And the road?Compared to a lifetime it has been there 'forever' in most cases,too.
The upcoming shift on the 12th is actually three in rapid succession,the most pronounced is on the 12th.It actually starts on the 10th.I am writing because of my intuition that these three are not the same event and to urge us to not lose sight of that.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:43 PM
So is this the end of the story here? I think it would be of significant intertest to many people to keep this thread alive to monitor major events and teach others.

How about it?

I did not hear anyone mention that Terence Mckenna identified the 67 yrs from 1945 to 2012 as a fractal of history in which the previous 4300 yrs of novelty/habit will be compressed into.

The point that I see as significant is that this period is the same one spoken of by Jesus in the parable of the fig tree....Matthew chapter 24. This parable is about the rebirth of Israel as a nation(1947) had to one could stop was predestined before timewave zero even began. Jesus said to his deciples that "this generation shall not pass until all these things are fulfilled". How long is a generation? 70yrs? 80yrs? I doubt much longer than 80 we are close!!

We are that generation I think it's a good time we begin to examine our hearts and prepare for the translation/transformation of the believers minds and bodies spoken of in 1 Thessalonians 4.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 12:06 AM
I thought I would bring this one back from the dead for a couple of reasons. This thread was recently started on ATS.
How a Surfer Dude Stunned the World of Science With the 'Theory of Everything'

This guy's new theory of how the universe operates involves a geometric shape called the E8. This theory is also being called "E8 Theory". It is actually pretty simple. The E8 acts as not only the shape of the universe at any one time but also the creator of our own reality in that the E8 creates all elementary particles and matter in our universe. In a way, it more or less acts exactly like the timewave. I see all the similarities between the two and I can't help but wonder.

Here is a little more detail on E8 theory.. Read the ops post first and then compare that to what you see and hear in the video.

An orthogonal projection of the E8 polytype:

The E8, in theory, could represent a cross section of the timewave as it exists at any one moment on the timeline. This "cross-section" of reality would represent the entire universe in such a model, not just time.. This is a profound new realization (to me anyway) for many different reasons, but mostly just because the timewave zero concept seems to somewhat interface with E8 unified theory because of this. Because E8 theory supposedly unifies all forces and matter in the universe including time, then maybe timewave theory isn't that far off. Perhaps it is just a smaller part of the bigger E8 picture of our universe.. Maybe we are simply observing the E8 cross-section 2-dimensionally as the E8 snakes by like a motion picture. Alot like the timewave scenario.

Thanks to Evasius for having the link to this thread in your signature. Without it I wouldn't have found this thread or thought of such a correlation.


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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 11:28 PM
Ok back to work. Apologies for the hiatus, I've been busy lately with a number of things - work, more work, and I've got a daughter coming into the world late April/early May. I'm 'over the moon' about meeting my first child, and as you can guess there's a lot to prepare for. I promise I'll reply to all recent posts in time - I'll start from the top of this page.

Anonymous, I already replied to you but I just noticed the other part of your question - why don't I tack this on to the Timewave Wiki page?

Well that would be quite presumptuous of me, afterall this is 'my take' on Mckenna's work - his work stands alone. All I can do is research it and try to further develop it, expand on it, speculate, theorize, etc...all independantly. If someone wants to add this to the Wiki page, that's fine, but not me. It would have to be made clear that this is a speculative discussion only.

I have though Googled Timewave Zero, and this thread appears on page 2 of the Google search (result 12 of 48,100), which is surprising. I owe that to the marketing of ATS as whole, as well as all that have contributed thus far.

Thanks to all. I find this subject fascinating, and your collective input has really substantiated my views as well as opened my eyes to a whole new set of amazing things.

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:27 PM
It is my understanding that on Dec. 21st, 2012 those who have mentally prepared will be able to use incoming energies to alter their DNA and infiltrate reality from the outside-in, inside-out. There will not be somewhere-someone-something you are not. You will sustain yourself by consuming yourself, thereby becoming unbecoming. I liken it to an "unraveling" of the universes DNA. A reverse of the "big bang". It will not matter if you are not prepared. You will be consumed and made part of the all. Nothing to worry about.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 07:03 AM
I noticed a poetry contest thread posted recently which spurred me to have a look for something old I might like to contribute (the theme was nostalgia). I didn't find anything, but I did find one I thought I'd post here. Evidently I wrote this on Dec. 10, 1998...anyway finding this brought with it a bit of personal nostalgia nonetheless.

I originally called it "Exile" though I don't know what I'd call it now...maybe Quarantine:

Clinging, swinging, ‘round a lonely yellow star,
Held as prisoners of incessant order and ceaseless cycles,
We’re bound by time in an infinite realm,
Fastened near to the nest by ignorance.
A secluded, spiralling blue speck
Saturated with life,
Distant from who we are,
From what we can become
In a silent vacuum of endless possibility.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by John Matrix

I hope it's not the end of the story - I also hope this thread will be ongoing and lively up until zero point, and I'll try and contribute when possible. Since the Timewave program has a use-by date, this discussion probably does as well.

You're correct about the lack of mention regarding the period we're in now, however on page two I posted a series of graphs illustrating the last years, months...moments of this epoch - you'll notice similarities between some of the images showing the fractal & cyclical nature of time according to the program.

Here's a bit of information from an interview with Peter Meyer (the developer of the original DOS Timewave Zero Program) - this info confirms your above post:

The primary function of the software is to display any portion of the timewave (up to seven billion years) as a graph of the timewave related to the Western calendar (either Gregorian or Julian). You can display the wave for the entire 4.5-billion-year history of the Earth, note the peculiarities of the wave at such points as the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs (65 million years ago) and inspect parts of the wave as small as 92 minutes. The software provides several ways of manipulating the wave display, including the ability to zoom in on a target date or to step back to get the larger picture.

A remarkable quality of the timewave is that it is a fractal. Once a part of the wave is displayed the software allows you to expand any smaller part (down to 92 minutes). This usually reveals a complexity of structure which persists however much the wave is magnified, a property typical of fractals. The idea that time has a fractal structure (in contrast to the Newtonian conception of time as pure, unstructured duration) is a major departure from the common view of the nature of time and physical reality. That time is a fractal may be the reason why fractals occur in Nature.

An interesting part of the theory is the assertion of historical periods 'in resonance' with each other. Resonantly we have (in 1993) emerged from the fall of the Roman empire and are well into the transitional period known historically as the Dark Ages. The software permits graphical display of different regions of the timewave that are in resonance with each other. This allows the period 1945 - 2012 to be interpreted as a resonance of the period 2293 BC - 2012 CE. New in this version is the ability to graph trigrammatic resonances in addition to the major resonances, and to construct a sequential set of eleven trigrammatic resonances. There is a new appendix concerning some recent mathematical results.

Interview With Peter Meyer

And I also agree with the other point you make about Israel. Whether we like it or not, Israel directly affects the course of humanity's future (as we saw with the recent mid-February 'dip' which took the form of Israeli elections, and the official passing of the bailout, etc). I'll try and post a screenshot regarding that soon.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 11:01 PM
Here are 3 videos clips of an interview with Terence McKenna regarding Timewave Zero and the I Ching.

At 3:33 in Clip#2, McKenna begins talking about interference patterns, which I found very interesting.

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by BlasteR

First of all, apologies for taking so long to reply - I had to look into the E8 Theory a little before offering my thoughts on it and how the Timewave might fit in somewhere. Also thank you for bringing it to my attention. Your correlation between E8 and this thread is enlightening, and if that particular 'Theory of Everything' is accurate, then I suppose the timewave we're experiencing has to be in there somewhere.

I sourced a few images and then altered them to illustrate my views of how these two ideas might mesh.

The 248 dimensional geometric figure that represents the E8 theory is brilliant (and quite beautiful) - it shows how all aspects of the universe are connected with each other. Changes to one portion affect the entire system. Here's the image you linked to above:

The figure is indeed complex, however it's a mathematical standard. I believe the real representation of the universe would be a little messier and even more intertwined and connected. You'll notice that on previous pages of this thread I look at aspects of our conscious experience of the universe from a neurological and fractal mindset. Everything is a brain, a mind, and ultimately - a neural net, or at least connected like one.

It's my opinion that, if the E8 figure is accurate, it actually represents the 'God Mind' itself - the conscious universe, or possibly what I like to call the 'Neuroverse.'

Take the image below for example. If we zoom in on a portion of the mathematical representative and look at the 'real' structure, it looks similar to the neural structure of the brain. The connections are sprawling, overlapping, and branching out like the dendrites and synapses connecting neurons.

If the universe is a mind, and everything is connected as in a neural net, then entire sections of the mind (dimensions) would be fastened together to complete the Neuroverse. All portions would be in contact with all other portions, tied together with some invisible thread. Somewhere in the model is time (or our conscious perception of it). Deeper still would be the code that time follows.

This last image is an example of how the Timewave thread might be plucked from the God Mind via a dimensional overlay - once aligned, the 'time' portions from each section of the E8 could reveal the event placements of the timewave, which could then be used to form a graph of conscious time:

Anyway that's my take on it - it could have nothing to do with the mind as we know and experience it. But I feel that if the nature of the universe is fractal, then our minds would be present on much larger scales (as well as much smaller scales). I would be surprised that neural structures allowing consciousness would only exist at the individual organism level (as opposed to planetary, galactic, universal, multiversal...and subatomic levels).

There's more to this obviously - I'll continue to research it. Thanks again for posting it.

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Evasius

Thank you Evasius...more brilliant writing. Stil some of it hasn't quite seeped into my intellect, but I will get there...

This struck me as important though...

I would be surprised that neural structures allowing consciousness would only exist at the individual organism level (as opposed to planetary, galactic, universal, multiversal...and subatomic levels)

It would surprise me too, and I'm sure many of us feel that there is a bigger, more complex consciousness to connect with. That universal mandala is absolutely stunning too. I have a thing for mandalas...i draw them, i create them, although on a very simple level, and it's reassuring almost to see the universe represented like this. I'm stilll much good stuff here.

And congratulations of your new baby girl who's on her way....that's so exciting! You and she and going to have some amazing conversations as she grows up....

Cait x

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 10:08 AM
I have to say, all this is ABOVE my pay scale, yet I find it very intriguing!

Is there anything on your time wave of significance for this month March 09- dips and valleys and rises?

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by questioningall

Well FUNNY you should question(all)about the 9th! There is a very distinct valley of NOVELTY atop a peak of HABIT right then.Looks like a craggy volcano on top of a mountain.The 9th is the first one of two,then a mild HABIT bump on the 10th.Then,next will be another valley on the 11th followed by a dramatic sharp spike in HABIT on the 12th.With the 9th Resonating back in time to Aug 20 1770.(Like how I capitalize NOVELTY and HABIT?)Why the question,ALL?PS outstanding level of analysis papa-soon-come!

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