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Timewave Zero - a closer look

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posted on May, 10 2009 @ 08:30 PM
reply to post by Indigo_Child

Thank you for the book you linked to, I've just started reading over it now - very interesting indeed.

It's amazing how so many schools of thought were able to come to similar conclusions using entirely different ideas and perspectives from their varying cultural backgrounds. This fact alone gives substantial validity to this collective theme given the parallel thoughts expressed from genre to genre.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by RazorX
First off, congrats to you Evasius.

Originally posted by trueforger
Also,there is the issue of Synchronicities which,to me indicate cleaving close to truth.

Terence also said that the number of synchronicities would increase as we get closer to the end. In the past few months i've noticed more and more synchronicities than possibly in my entire life combined...

A major influence on McKenna's work was Alfred North Whitehead. Whitehead defined novelty in relation to time as "the emergence of new states of connectedness." This inevitably means that as time flows forward, relationships are created where none existed before. Existence becomes intertwined and interwoven, experiences become connected with other experiences, and likewise past, present and future will all eventually become connected in ways we never thought possible, as with resonance.

Although the physical universe is dominated by entropy where matter is in a constant state of breakdown and unravelling, the conscious universe is just the opposite. The conscious universe is progressing towards a singularity where everything is connected and all is one, just as how we assume the physical universe began. Thus we come from a single point and are approaching a new single point, that point being the infinite zero which represents nothing and everything.

As our Now progresses towards this 'concrescence,' previously unperceivable connections between things, thoughts, events, etc. begin to leap out at us at the most unusual times. These instances are synchronicities. During these moments we are noticing the tightening of the spiral. As the spiral tightens and events seems to coincide and form odd relationships with one another, we notice the connection and write it off as a coincidence. We are approaching the point however that these connections will become blatant and overpowering, where these new relationships will become undeniable and obvious to all thinking individuals.

So you could say that at least one aspect of the zero point is that the majority of conscious beings on this planet will at some point in the future become aware of this new connectedness in such a way that all future experience will be affected.

More on Whitehead:
Fusion Anomaly: Alfred North Whitehead

A few related quotes:

"Order is not sufficient. What is required, is something much more complex. It is order entering upon novelty; so that the massiveness of order does not degenerate into mere repetition; and so that the novelty is always reflected upon a background of system.'' -Alfred North Whitehead

"As a net is made up of a series of ties, so everything in this world is connected by a series of ties. If anyone thinks that the mesh of a net is an independent, isolated thing, he is mistaken. It is called a net because it is made up of a series of interconnected meshes, and each mesh has its place and responsibility in relation to other meshes.'' -Buddha

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posted on May, 10 2009 @ 11:46 PM

Originally posted by riddle6
reply to post by Evasius

Despite everything I have said above, time seems to be passing faster and faster, more than it ever has before. I would go to clean something or do something around the house, and even though it felt like it took a max of 30 minutes, it turned out to be three hours. It's like I've completely lost track of time. Normally I wouldn't have to rely on clocks for most things, I was able to tell when it was time to go to school, time to bath, time to go to bed, etc. Now, I will find myself looking at the clock all the time, and yet I am still late for just about everything. I have even had the hardest time sleeping at night. It's like my body is saying "No, you still have another hour or two before you need to go to bed," even though it will be 3am and I have to be awake at 7am.

I share your frustration. What's funny is that as a kid, my parents constantly told me that I had no concept of time. I was always late and in 'la la land,' so to speak. I never allowed enough time for given tasks, and found it hard to prioritize and plan, so you can imagine my condition now given the accelerating experience we're all immersed in. LOL I still have no real concept of time, but I find that it isn't necessary any longer to have my mental clock to precisely match all other clocks.

The perceived acceleration of time still has me perplexed - it's either physically happening, or it's an artefact of busy lives in an ever-changing world. Like I said in a previous post, supposing that time depends on our consciousness to exist, if our perceptions of it change, then perhaps the physics of it might also follow suit. I think as time flows towards this upcoming 'singularity' we'll begin to notice more and more the connection between our thoughts and time itself. If we think quickly, time flows quickly. If we expect increasing change in our day to day lives, we'll experience it as expected. One plays upon the other and vice versa.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 09:56 PM
Here is Timewave Zero - Part 5. There's enough audio to eventually make parts 6-8 or more, it just depends on what kind of free time I have (which will more than likely be minimal).

In this video, McKenna continues to speak about the program, increasing novelty, and the zero point. I put "continued it Part 6" at the end, however that might be awhile.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 10:13 PM
Terrance Mckenna was just one of the many warnings we have been given. His genius is borderline prophet.

I am excited for the future videos, and get to it, we don't have much time left.

I thank you for your efforts.

posted on May, 17 2009 @ 07:48 PM
Thanks OP I've found my way back to this thread after tangental paths took me to other threads where your great contributions made me assume you were that OP as well! So thanks here and thanks there. S&F.

It's fascinating and this has hit me only the day after hearing for the first time about the WB project. god how i'd love to get my hands on them especially pt6.

there's a lot to take in over these related threads but rest assured I'll be taking it all in.


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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 09:03 PM

Originally posted by Evasius
The perceived acceleration of time still has me perplexed - it's either physically happening, or it's an artefact of busy lives in an ever-changing world. Like I said in a previous post, supposing that time depends on our consciousness to exist, if our perceptions of it change, then perhaps the physics of it might also follow suit. I think as time flows towards this upcoming 'singularity' we'll begin to notice more and more the connection between our thoughts and time itself. If we think quickly, time flows quickly. If we expect increasing change in our day to day lives, we'll experience it as expected. One plays upon the other and vice versa.

There's an interesting distinction to be made because time can be said to be experienced in a couple of different ways; mainly how we perceive it to be passing (psychologically), and how it is actually passing (physically, as measured by the number of revolutions around the sun)

So how do we actually experience the passing of time then?

Evasius, I've just started to read 'Future Shock', as per your recommendation in one of your posts, and it's been a great read so far.

Can it be said that time is actually physically speeding up? Is this possible? Not so sure, although I'm very intrigued by what Toffler's take will be on it...

One thing is for certain, there's a lot more packed into our daily lives now then ever before. This can only contribute to our psychological notion that time is speeding up.

Evasius- are you familiar with Ian Lungolds presentation of Carl Johan Callemans theory of the Mayan Calendar?

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 11:44 PM
reply to post by sharps

Thanks sharps, I think that thread was regarding Gregg Braden's 'Time Codes' and 'Fractal Time' work. Braden's most recent work is basically McKenna's research recapitulated. I heard his interview on C2C and not once during that 4 hours did I hear McKenna's name mentioned - therefore I have not read his Fractal Time book, nor will I ever pay to read it.

He also had some sort of fractal time code calculator developed (which I could never get to work - anyway, it evidently tracks resonances on many levels and supposedly gives you an idea of the certain themes we're living through)...all of which you can do with Timewave Zero and hopefully get for free from this ongoing discussion. Here's a link to the calculator - maybe it's fixed by now.

Anyway, I'm glad you're interested in all this, and I'm glad some of what's contained within this thread and linked to elsewhere has benefited you in some way. Cheers.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 07:37 PM
Evasius this thread is truly one of the shining jewels at ATS.

I don't post much, but I am quite the fan of McKenna and I honestly have to say I have never before seen anyone disect and reorganize his theories so much (well at least relating to Time in this case).

You could be a Time professor at a University lol.

Peace and keep up the good work, we are in desparate need of people like you.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by PhotonEffect
One thing is for certain, there's a lot more packed into our daily lives now then ever before. This can only contribute to our psychological notion that time is speeding up.

That's indeed how Toffler interpretted the feeling we all inevitably perceive that time rushes by faster and faster. A comparison relavant to his opinion could be: imagine your life (timeline) as a peice of string, with one inch representing one year of your life. When your string is four inches long, one inch of that (one year) takes up quite a large chunk of your entire existence - in fact one quarter of a lifetime. One year feels like a very long time to a four-year old. Now take a string 80 inches long and zoom in on a one-inch section. It's tiny in relation to the entire timeline, and likewise progressively feels smaller and smaller as the string gets longer and longer. Viewed this way, time and its passage is subjective in comparison to the total amount of time consciously experienced. That, combined with accelerating change, shorter attention spans, more and more information thrown our way, more experiences, more to do in the same amount of time...all that contributes to a modern type of psychosis called 'Future Shock.' Perhaps the human collective jacked into the information grid is together suffering from a similar affliction, you and myself included.

That's one very logical way of viewing the situation, but there are larger forces at work contributing to this acceleration. Consciousness is considered to a degree in Toffler's hypothesis, however other important effects of the global mind are not - like it's power over the physical world. Thoughts affect objects, experience, and time itself. Time would not exist without a thinking creature to experience and ponder its flow. Our mass consciousness is evolving, as is our perception of time. If our perception of it is changing, perhaps time itself is changing. As with Einstein's Special Relativity, maybe our perception of time's speed is different to that of an outside observer's. We sense the acceleration by feeling the increasing amount of bumps along the path, however an external alien race observing our day to day routines would see us speedily darting about like a timelapse shot of a busy anthill.

The image below shows how the perceived flow of time could change in relation to an accelerating point of view.

Diagram 1: Changing views of spacetime along the world line of a rapidly accelerating observer. In this animation, the vertical direction indicates time and the horizontal direction indicates distance, the dashed line is the spacetime trajectory ("world line") of the observer. The lower quarter of the diagram shows the events that are visible to the observer, and the upper quarter shows the light cone- those that will be able to see the observer. The small dots are arbitrary events in spacetime. The slope of the world line (deviation from being vertical) gives the relative velocity to the observer. Note how the view of spacetime changes when the observer accelerates.

Using the image above, it would be easy to imagine the approaching singularity, timewave zero, 2012, whenever and whatever the case may be as a funnel, or a fine point that our existence is being forced to squeeze through. This would account for the increased acceleration (like placing your thumb over an open waterhose reducing the opening and increasing the power (and perceived speed) of the water flow.

Evasius- are you familiar with Ian Lungolds presentation of Carl Johan Callemans theory of the Mayan Calendar?

I am, though I'm not as familiar with the intricacies of their calendar divisions and why Calleman chose October 28, 2011 rather than Dec. 2012. Oddly enough, I posted on this subject a few days before you brought it up at this thread:

The Midpoint of the sixth day is today

Here are a few links I found interesting while replying to that thread:

The Rebirth Celebration – The midpoint of the Sixth DAY of the Galactic Underworld, May 9-11, 2009

13 Baktun Cycle Wave Harmonic of History

And here is a graph showing the portion of the timeline we're currently in - it's divided into days & nights, and evidently each have a particular theme.

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 07:04 AM
I'd just like to take a moment and post a strange experience/dream that I recently had. I'm not sure this will really add to the thread or contribute to whatever validity I had hoped to give the Timewave topic, but I'll share this nonetheless.

On the morning of Sunday May 17, I had a dream...and in that dream I met with none other than Terence himself. It was all very surreal, yet felt very real. I experienced the dream with a lucidity unlike other dreams - not that I was aware it was a dream and reacted accordingly, but that I 'knew' I was in a parallel reality and acted accordingly. Wherever I was, it was a past version of now.

I found myself walking through a maternity ward waiting room with my wife's cousin and one of my dogs. It was possibly in the 60's or 70's, not sure, and we were just walking through this hospital. We finally got to one room and it was full of people like a classroom, and everybody were sitting in rows and were talking like they were waiting for the teacher. I sat down and just listened to conversations around me for a little while. It became apparent the the guy sitting to the right and one chair ahead was Terence McKenna, though he was between 17-22 range and didn't really look like him, but carried his persona if you know what I mean.

Anyway he was speaking of some strange experiences and then brought up this idea of the timewave and that history repeats. I sat there not joining in the conversation but just listening, but it was odd - I considered myself really there, I knew it was another time, and I remembered I was from 2009 and was there to exchange info or something. I had never felt like a time traveller before, I was there and processing what was being said by running it through a mental filter that originated from a future time - what I considered to be the Now I was previously embedded in (and would hopefully return to).

Long story short(ish), I was given a chance to ask a question, and really only had the chance to ask just one. What I asked was something along the lines of: "So is it possible that the timewave could be tracking multiple realities at once, or could there be multiple timewaves each representing a parallel reality? How do these other possible realities fit into what the wave is tracking?"

He didn't answer my question, per se...he kind of smiled to himself, wrote something down and then handed the piece of paper to me. On it was one word written in wavy lines - that word was "FINE." The image below is pretty much exactly what it looked like in my dream:

I had no idea what he was talking about - I thought what, like 'everything's fine'? Or 'fine - you win.' It didn't make any sense...until 3 days later, this past Tuesday.

In the mail I received a $135.00 parking fine. Not since April of 2004 have I received one of those. Then I noticed it claimed I was someplace I was most certainly NOT at a time I was at home ASLEEP. An obvious case of mistaken identity. The offence was given simply as: Not parallel park in direction of travel.

So let me highlight the points here that really stand out to me:

*I have a dream where I'm handed a note with the word 'fine' on it by McKenna.

*3 days later I get a fine in the mail.

*I received the original message by 'traveling' to a parallel reality set in the past.

*The resonant 'real-world' fine accuses me of parallel parking in a direction opposite of travel.

*BOTH occur while I'm asleep.

I honestly don't know how I'm going to prove the location of my car while unconscious, but that's not the point of all this - I'll deal with that situation in my own time.

I then noticed another odd thing about the fine. The offence date was Saturday morning, March 28 (28/03). The offence time was 7:51am. The issue date of the notice was May 17 (17/05) - the same date I had the dream. Each group of 3 numbers add up to 13. Out of curiosity, I added up all the wavy lines that made the word "FINE" in my dream. The total was also 13. The same can be said for the word "TIME" in all-caps. The number is even in the amount owing.

A few interesting and possibly relevant facts about 13:

*The Mayan calendar is made of 13 Baktuns.

*The Long Count calendar began in 3113BC and tracks 5125 solar years.

*The smallest period of the calendar is the trecena which tracks cycles 13 days in duration. (In Mesoamerican divination, 13 is the number of important cycles of fortune/misfortune).

*13 circles comprise Metatron's Cube, aka 'The Fruit of Life.'

*According to the Torah, God has 13 Attributes of Mercy.

*In the Great Seal of the United States there are 13 olive leaves (with 13 olives), 13 arrows, and 13 stars. These form a triangle over the eagle with the number 13 on each point. On the reverse the pyramid has 13 levels.

So what does this mean to me? Aside from being an elaborate stream of synchronistic observances, or even a psychosis related to observational over-kill, it proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that reality as we perceive it is affected, shaped, and changed by a constant merging, touching, overlapping, and interplay between parallel realities. The answer I requested was given in the simplest form possible by an intelligence I have determined to be an external entity (maybe McKenna, maybe not). The form of the answer was a mere 13 wavy lines spelling the one thing that connected two separate realities in my own personal life.

It foretold the future in a way, and brought the impossible into reality (unfortunately costing me $135). I sure would love to see what the parking officer was actually looking at that morning.

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 10:56 AM
Evasius: Wow, that is an amazing experience!!!

I have this thread bookmarked and follow it daily, hoping for new tid bits of information.

I can't wait to see where the timewave will take it...

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 08:31 PM
Wow, that's one crazy experience, Evasius. Do you think it will be even possible that you will be able to prove that you were asleep?

I have a request, Evasius, if you do have the time. I know you have a new child and a ticket to worry about, but I was wondering if you knew of a simple summary of Timewave Zero? I have tried to talk to some of my family members about it and haven't been able to explain most of it past a certain point. I would really appreciate anything. I apologize if something like that has been posted in this thread already and I have missed if.

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by riddle6

No worries. The concept behind Timewave Zero is the mathematical understanding of history and it’s repeating patterns (called resonances) that relate to each other.

If you could view the timeline of human history where the line tracks the rate and level of change experienced from one period to the next, you would notice similarities between sections of the timeline. As it progresses into the future, each pattern shrinks in length and increases in intensity. The pattern repeats until it reaches an infinitely small length of time and an infinitely large level of intensity. This process is a fractal and exponential process.

The Timewave Zero program measures the intensity opposite to what you might assume - as the graph descends towards zero, it's measures the increase of change we feel. The change is mapped along the timewave usually around events of change that affect the course of humanity's future. It also works on many levels - individual up to planetary.

The zero point marks a major point in human history where change reaches infinity, and we will be forced to choose a future timeline path that will lead to either extinction or transcendence. It doesn't mark the end of us, but marks the end of history and of time as we know it.

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by Evasius

Thank you sooooo much. That was exactly what I needed.

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by Evasius

Nice post. some good info.

I love how people who obviously don't know the whole story or even a fraction of it, somehow know that these things are " BS" or whatever they say.

People act like they know everything.

They think in black and white when there is only ever mixed colors or infinite possibilities.

At our level , many things are nuetral , positive , or negative.

But just because that applies to us does not mean it applies to every level of existence in the universe.

Why do we as humans claim to know exactly what something is when it most likely is something so far beyond our ability to comprehend that it would be foolish to think we know it all.

We find a piece of the puzzle and feel we have all the answeres and have solved it , and fail to realize it just gives us more knowledge about other possibilities.

Hopefully our mapped existence leads us to being able to overcome this.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 10:14 PM
Below is a hypothesis I put forward in another thread of mine, however it fizzled out with no further contributions. I felt it was worth posting the information here as well given how my original post on page1 of this thread assumed that perhaps 'zero point' occurs as the result of either wave interference caused by merging timewaves (our merger with another civilization's timewave), or by a technological singularity.

Considering the supposed nature of a singularity and the fact that we cannot be alone in the cosmos, I tried to congeal the two hypotheses into one idea. The result I came to was that there are no post-singularity societies residing in this 3-dimensional universe. Here's how I came to that consclusion:

There is no intergalactic community

There are no Space Federations, Galactic Republics, nor Rebel Alliances. These ideas are not only fictions - they fail to accurately describe the true nature of intelligence in our universe. As a result, I hate to say it, but Dr. Michio Kaku’s theory on Civilization Types 1-3 is fundamentally wrong. Likewise SETI will fail to find highly advanced civilizations thriving anywhere in this universe.

Dr. Michio Kaku: 3 types of Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Before you judge my conclusion as heresy, please hear me out. There are indeed countless highly advanced communities existing ‘out there,’ however the nature of their existence is far different than we assume.

The transition from a Type-Zero civilization to a Type-1 civilization will be the result of the inevitable culmination of infinite technological progress referred to as a 'Singularity.’ Once the Singularity happens, infinite growth is reached. Within a very short amount of time (as a result of this exponential growth), the entire physical universe will be saturated with this new super-intelligence.

Intelligence will be more powerful than these impersonal forces (physics and cosmology). Once a planet yields a technology creating species and that species creates computation (as has happened here on Earth), it is only a matter of a few centuries before its intelligence saturates the matter and energy in its vicinity, and it begins to expand outward at the speed of light or greater. It will then overcome gravity (through exquisite and vast technology) and other cosmological forces (or, to be fully accurate, will maneuver and control these forces) and create the Universe it wants. This is the goal of the Singularity. –Ray Kurzweil

The Singularity scenario is so utterly explosive and powerful that the expansion of the growing intelligence will not only reach the speed of light, but will overstep this boundary by inducing quantum mechanics and relying on entanglement to almost instantaneously convert all ‘dead’ matter to conscious material.

Given the above scenario, one of two things await all successful species that reach this threshold of advancement.

The first is that this has already happened and the universe was long ago saturated with a previous post-singularity consciousness, and once we reach a certain level of advancement we will be absorbed (or will force our way) into the collective universal mind. This would explain the connection we feel with the universe – it is conscious, and it eagerly awaits our merger with it.

The second possibility is that all societies reaching Singularity gain the ability to actually leave the 3-Dimensional universe. This would explain why the visible universe is not already teeming with life. They've gone to higher (or simply other) states of being.

Assuming we can actually guess what a super-intelligent race would do, it's likely post-singularity societies opt to leave this 'intelligence breeding ground' (called the Cosmos) rather than taking on the mammoth task of colonizing it. It's possibly much simpler (and would require less energy) to slide into a parallel reality.

It's my opinion that life's purpose is to evolve towards (or revert) to a god-like state, not to stagnate in a cooling cosmos where entropy reigns supreme. Intelligence fights entropy by building upon itself and creating new states of connectedness, which is actually opposite to what the rest of the physical universe has been doing for billions of years (expanding, cooling…dissolving).

Perhaps this is why we're all stuck here wondering where everybody is - they're all far, far away (or possibly only inches away - in another reality), but they're there. We're actually in a cosmic womb right now, waiting to be born. This perspective inevitably leads one to believe that there is no intergalactic community, only scattered eggs of intelligence hatching throughout the universe, awaiting transcendence towards new states of being.

M-Theory allows many levels of existence. Quantum Theory allows many possible realities/timelines to coexist. Imagine if there was indeed any level of truth in either theory - then imagine merely choosing to remain within one's dimension of origin. Our assumption that all advanced intelligences choose to reside in (or cannot escape from) 3-dimensional space is flawed. A truly intelligent race would move on, as we will also more than likely do sometime this century.

So I say, forget about Type-2 and Type-3 Civilizations. The jump from Type-Zero to Type-1 will supersede all subsequent transition phases leading to the exploration (and possible creation) of countless other realms. I agree, it’s quite entertaining to think that a Star Trek future is really where we’re all headed, but wouldn’t you agree that this hypothesis is no less magnificent?

So indeed, the zero point ahead of us could in fact be the result of a singularity (or at least the point where we make the final decision that will ultimately determine our success or failure as a species), and it could also represent our moving from one state of being to another thus joining the league of other successful advanced societies that have made similar spectacular evolutionary leaps.

Below is a video I put together using a few documentaries where McKenna refers to the transition as a singularity rather than the eschaton or zero point. Much of the video is from a 2006 documentary entitled "TechnoCalyps: Preparing for the Singularity."

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 09:45 PM
I've posted a new thread entitled Air France Flight 447 - Timewave Zero Correlation.

There, I highlight the precise resonance between two tragic events in French (and the world's) aviation history. One was the first ever fatal air accident. The other is Air France Flight 447. Both involve France, depressurization resulting in catastrophic failure, and attempts to cross bodies of water.

The resonance is so exact, the event happened within hours of its most possible (and perhaps expected) occurrence.

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 09:54 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


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