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Is Big Oil out to stop conversion to alternate fuels?

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 05:54 PM
Is Big Oil out to stop us from converting to other fuels?

I recently saw the creation of two new technologies, which used together could end our dependance on oil altogether.

The first is a method for separating hydrogen from water as it is needed, and has even been used to convert a 1994 Ford Escort wagon with a 51% increase in fuel economy.

Aquygen Gas

The second is a unit from the creator of the Segway that can convert any water (salt, waste, sewer, swamp, etc.) into pure water. It can produce almost 265 gallons a day.

Slingshot water purifier

These two advances when combined could eventually lead to freedom from all fossil fuels.

The big question is why haven't these innovations been screamed about in a time when we need them more than ever? The first one got a breif mention on CNN only after the local Fox station ran a story on it, and the second was featured on The Colbert Report and CSI, but no mention of it on any news network that I know of.

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