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Putin is the Modern Day Carlo Gambino

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 04:19 PM
What's happening now, is due to Drugs.

Yes that's right, drugs (and also sex), two subjects which are only tippie-toed around here at ATS since it's supposed to be both kid-friendly and profit-friendly.

Sorry, but without hard discussion of drugs and sex, you won't get to the roots of humanity or its ills, which are being materially menifested all around us.

The Mafia is the most known example, but of course every country has their nationlists and their generational wealthy crime-families. Ireland, Japan, Britan, Aussies --they all have such groups and they all know and interact with eachother below the surface of 'real life' for you and me.

I like to read about Carlo Gambino because he was the sort of crime boss who stood between two worlds, and was able to moderate those worlds to the general satisfaction of most parties. When you are dealing with knee-breakers and pimps, you have to be a special sort of man to naviagte the waters of calmness, and Carlo did that, and is generally remembered with affection in those circles, I believe.

In the "waking" world of course, drugs/sex/pimping don't even enter into general discussion, let alone tame subjects like religion or politics (which people like Carlo would laugh at) ...Did you know RJR Nabisco was sued by the EU for money laundering? Oh yes, ciggies and Oreos are currency trafficked worldwide and worth billions in not just regular products but those ever-so-special products called, Sex and Drugs and Power. Yes that's right, Oreos for Power.

RJR EU lawsuit
Detailed History of same

Anyway, the idea is that Sarbanes-Oxley came around after Enron's massive collapse, and the US has been fighting the straightjacket of "Soxley" since then. Now we are seeing the result of that endemic corruption and bribery in the form of Putin, who like so many other world leaders, was tricked into accepting deals with the US power core, who required him to buy US treasuries, which are falling in value. So Putin is pissed, and that's why he has grabbed the Baku-Tiblisi-Ceylan pipeline. Did you know that the Shah Deniz field which this pipeline sucks from, is one of the largest most recent fields?

Putin isn't a saint, surely power affects all men, but I do believe like a top-notch GRU man, he believes in "the people".. And typically, the Russians don't have the flashiness of the US/Zionist powerbase, but they still get the job done. No matter how much Uncle Sam wants to boast, it was Russians who put down Napolean and Hitler for good. Putin is like a modern day Carlo Gambino, in my estimation. A gangster who wants the families to get along for the most part --BUT ONE THING you do not do with a gangster, is screw with their wad of cash, and that is what BushCo did recently and have been doing, and he's about to go to war, Tommy-Gun style with the forces that control the US.

Don't think for a moment that Putin and those with him will hesitate to pick the US apart in a variety of means, if the people of the US keep the BushCo structure in place. It will be removed from the globe, starting now, and if American's don't remove it, this will be done by force --at least that's my reading of things. Putin's quarrel is not with America, as he says in his own words:
"Putin: Russia Ready for 'New Arms Race'
Posted Feb 8, 08
Russian president Vladimir Putin virtually renewed Cold War hostilities today, accusing the West of starting a new arms race and vowing to respond in kind, Reuters reports. “It is already clear that a new arms race is unfolding, Putin said, citing recent NATO decisions to expand to Russia's border and install missile-defense systems in central Europe. "We are forced to retaliate."

Putin savaged US foreign policy, saying its actions "smell of oil and gas." "Under the disguise of turgid declarations about freedom and open society, sometimes the sovereignty of certain states and whole regions is being destroyed," he said. Putin's hand-picked successor is expected to replace him in 3 months, and many billed the speech as a "blueprint" for him.

Putin is keeping the veil of secrecy (involving the world black market) intact as surely he is a major player in the world of thief-kings or however gangsters see themselves. His language is couched toward the American populace, imo.

Thu Sep 11, 2008

In Sochi, Putin accused the United States of acting like "a Roman emperor"


"In the global context it is better to support one another," he said. "Risks are reciprocal. We are taking risks when we invest dozens of billions of dollars in the U.S. economy."

Putin reserved some of his strongest criticism for Britain, which he accused of harboring people wanted on criminal charges in Russia and allowing them to operate campaigns against the Russian government from their London base.

"Okay you can keep them. You have a legal system that protects them. But why do they use Britain as a launch-pad to fight Russia? Is this a normal relationship between partners?"

See how he is speaking past the UK directly to the American people here? He also alludes to the Catholic power, IE the Emperors of Rome (empowered by the Pope of course)

Anyway, its about Oil and drugs and blood and sex. All the things that ganstas are into and which most people don't discuss or know much about. A ganster like Vlad here can't just up and expose the Cosa Nostra and the Yakuza and all the other crime families of Earth now can he? He has to talk to the sheep in a very veiled way, and that's what he's doing.


[EDIT: I had Genovese on the brain, and corrected the title. Heaven help me if I ever call hi "Carlo Genovese" again... I got too many things goin through my brain these days!]

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 01:11 PM
my old man works for RJR. from my understanding, the EU threw in a multitude of red tape around the time that smokers started to realize they stood a good chance at sueing RJR for their own stupidity. because of free trade agrements and tricky wording, the export of cigarettes to Europe was treated much like an illict substance. In my opinion, they created a situation of their control, and then jumped on RJR when it was impossible for them regulate the ingests and flow of their products. once the ciggs leave US (north carolina) soil, then its difficult to watch every pack. Where i went to college we had a crappy little convince store that would sell 'broken tape ciggerettes" this is HIGHLY illegal. these cigarettes are considered to be rejects, and must be sent back to the factory. no taxes get paid on these because they arent sopposed to go out to consumers. somewhere along the way the shipments get hijacked, back tracked, hacked and cracked and these are your black market ciggerettes. I have been in the warehouses and i have seen over 500 metal "mine carts" full of seemingly perfect ciggerettes still in the packaging. if you take out these packs you may see stuff like the cellaphane might have an imperfection, or in other cases there may be too much nitrogen in the ciggerette, or any other number of problems. they take these mine carts, dump out the contents onto a conveyor belt and shread the crap out of them.

I raise this question to you, do you think sony tracks everyone of its DVD players to the house hold that buys it? because the EU was basically asking RJR to do just that.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 01:27 PM

Originally posted by drsmooth23
my old man works for RJR. from my understanding, the EU threw in a multitude of red tape around the time that smokers started to realize they stood a good chance at sueing RJR for their own stupidity. because of free trade agrements and tricky wording, the export of cigarettes to Europe was treated much like an illict substance.

I am glad you can post, but did you read the huge expose of this matter, which I posted above?

I'll quote Ms. Fitts here, but still you should read her story about the accounting firm of Dillon Read which had RJR as its client for may years:


If you want to understand Dillon Read in the 1980s, you must understand R.J. Reynolds (RJR), a tobacco company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. According to the official Dillon history, The Life and Times of Dillon Read by Robert Sobel (Truman Talley Books/Dutton, 1991) at pages 345-346, RJR had been Dillon client for many years:

With Dillon's assistance Reynolds expanded out of its tobacco base into a wide variety of industries and foodstuffs, marine transportation, petroleum, packaging, liquor, and soft drinks, among others. In the process the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. of 1963, which had revenues of $117 million, became the R. J. Reynolds Industries of 1983, a $14 billion behemoth.

So tell us more after you and your pappy sit down and read the article above.

Yes, I understand what you have said, seems like a good cover story which an RJR employee might believe or even push upon others. Probably he's ignorant of what the board of his company is doing, as most employees are.

This text is from the lawsuit itself:

2. The DEFENDANTS knowingly sell their products to organized crime, arrange for secret payments from organized crime, and launder such proceeds in the United States or offshore venues known for bank secrecy. DEFENDANTS have laundered the illegal proceeds of members of Italian, Russian, and Colombian organized crime through financial institutions in New York City, including The Bank of New York, Citibank N.A., and Chase Manhattan Bank. DEFENDANTS have even chosen to do business in Iraq, in violation of U.S. sanctions, in transactions that financed both the Iraqi regime and terrorist groups.

The goal seems to have been "For bank secrecy" ...Now why do you think that would be their goal?

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 10:03 AM
Welp, as I mentioned, Putin is strong and it doesn't take a lot to look good compared to Stalin, who wasn't even a good gangster, just a thug.

I am now hearing this rumor that Bernie Madoff and his people may be in the crosshairs of Russian oligarchs (read: gangsters) in Israel.

Essentially what has happened with Madoff is that BushCo hung him out to dry (no honor among thieves) and this has exposed many gangsters in South Beach, Israel and elsewhere.

These gangsters/olgarchs are pissed that they've lost more than 2 billion to Madoff (associate of BushCo who has been cut/dropped) but now he's trying to hide behind a cancer issue.

People would rather lose their limbs, than realize that they are now ruled by gangsters. Drop all your morality at the door because the churches are all rotten to the core and that is why they do not defend you or help you, in this gang war.

I love Max Keiser. He gives a bit more info about Madoff and the Russian gangsters coming for him:

Max Keiser is a funny guy

Hey, fugget-about-it! Everyone's favorite show is "The Sopranos" right? We've been raised to be okay with black markets and gangwars in America. It'll be here soon, just be patient.

[EDIT: Oh by the way... Max Keiser is one of the guys who invented the "Hollywood Stock Exchange" ...Here's a quote from wiki about it. Don't you see how fake all wealth is? Real wealth comes from within, and from the family. "Money" and "abundance" are not the same thing at all. One is a tool, an instrument. The other is a reality. The love of money, is the root of all evil. The love of abundance, is wholly another thing.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange, or HSX, is a web-based, multiplayer game in which players use simulated money to buy and sell "shares" of actors, directors, upcoming films, and film-related options.

The technology that drives the Hollywood Stock Exchange is the Virtual Specialist technology invented by HSX co-founders and the exchange's creators Max Keiser and Michael Burns, who were awarded a U.S. patent no. 5960176 in 1999 for the invention. Claims of this patent cover trading applications for trading virtual securities using virtual currencies over a network.


Previous incarnations of the game included a music market (for purchasing musical artists), prizes for top gainers, and, briefly, a "buyout" program in which HSX would reward top players by purchasing their portfolios at a price of US$1.00 per HS1 million if the player would list the portfolio for sale on eBay. These features have been discontinued. The practice of selling portfolios on eBay was inaugurated by Curtis Edmonds, a formerly Texan lawyer who was the first to sell his HSX portfolio on ebay.[1]

HSX attracted some private investment during the dot-com boom and ran TV ads on cable channels in an effort to attract viewers. After the dot-com crash, HSX was eventually acquired by units of Cantor Fitzgerald. Cantor has used HSX's moviestock prices to assist Cantor's gambling operations in the United Kingdom, in which bettors can place bets on how much money US films will gross. HSX is headquartered in Century City, California.

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