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Secret for the secret

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 11:24 AM
"Mark 13

31Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

32But 'of' that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father."

^^Change 'of' to 'to'. Or um follow me here...

But the new Heaven (our new inner mind the Father) know 'to' that COMING previous heaven and that COMING previous earth away.

^^Yeah, it is implying the new heaven comes first inside our current earthly bodies. Then following comes the new earth which you firstly realize being the new (second) heaven while being the first earthly bodies.

The New Heaven is the part 2 (the second coming mind, the new word). 'My words'? The first word and the second word are those words that shall not pass away.

Not 'pass away' = Not 'go away'/Not 'succeed away'.

^^The not 'go away' part is the new heaven in promised hinted plan/in fulfillment. The not 'succeed away' part is the first heaven.

"Revelation 21
1And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea."

^^The kingdom 'to' the devil is come within you without the devil. So you should conclude heaven is your inner mind come 'to' God (the devil) because it is not God's mind nor God's creation. Your mind is the heavenly Father, sleep or awake in realizing so, that has never been God.

Heaven is your mind, be it, the first one or the new (second) one.

So expect a new wakening while you're here in the first earthly form/way.

"Matt 24
41Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

42Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come."

^^Two women? A female heavenly mind and a female earthly body that are grinding because they work with being a whole human. What about the mill? Notice it doesnt get taken and notice the human is 'to' it... It reveals a change while still 'to' it. So you should see the new heaven indeed comes while in the first earthly body. And it is realized first the new heaven and the new earth shall come before it is realized first that the second heaven comes before the new earth comes in how the Matt 24:40 reveals before Matt 24:41. In 42 it's about watching for that very reason in difference like with the two (Matt 24:40 and Matt 24:41)! So what hour is not about a when, but concludes the second (new) heaven shows its sign with your first earthly body here, and that it is your personal Lord. Like that song by Ghetto Boys says: "My mind's playing tricks on me." And do recall the movie "Total Recall" when that fat woman-looking head started trippin' to where Arnold took it off. It went away indeed in destruction after Arnold cast it away from him.

Any questions from the worthy, the betrayor, or the devil while I'm in a speaking mediation?

As for ppl such as me, I could already have my part 2 mind (new heaven) while here unevenly with the other's worthy. Maybe 2pac even too some point before he passed. Remember he'd mention "part 2" and "my double I" (which is: II (2)) in his music. Pac did say, "Now maybe if I died and came back". If the "I" is the mind, and you lose it in exchange for another new "I", then it is possible you'd realize something like never before. And I know you wondered before about ppl you even put in that 'they were/are before their time' category.

And how so strongly hinted do expect part 2 in another Makaveli 'album' release once you come the new earth like you expect part 2 in another Jesus 'life and paradise' release. That is, if you're the worthy only.

Side aider:

A coming is a realization. You do then realize every human being is two (a heaven mentally and a earth physically).

[edit on 17-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 12:31 PM
The angles (the devil or the betrayor) in your mind know NOT, whether or not, your mind is part 2 (the second heaven).

Certain you already understand the devil uses astral projection into your mind. The betrayor is in your mind in another way in that it is when they see your intentions or will or desire based on your works (actions) that they act betrayingly against.

The angels in heaven know not like the quote in the O.P. states. Only way any can know, sort of, is if the source itself told it, but still that is not actually knowing it because that's just taking a word for it in either belief or disbelief. So it still stands that the angels know NOT. No one knew you, but you. No one knows you, but you. Anything else is a guess, belief based, by some other which all they can do only.

The Son 'to' man? You should see it is the non-alive earth part by now. The devil thinks not the Son when they cant see anything abnormal (such as the meat in due season I mentioned in another topic which is a man standing non-alive, but operated remotely). And the devil thinks not the Son since they (the devil) think they are not the Son in realization. Basically, the devil indeed thinks it itself is alive. Inside thinking is believing and knowing. And basically, the devil believes and knows the Son aint their non-living materalization concering: matter/source/substance/non-matter/thing/order/way.

To the worthy:

The Son creation is the Father's (our minds). It's realized in the Father's full Wake if you're still in deep sleep.

"Matthew 16:27
For the Son 'of' man shall come in the glory 'of' his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according 'to' his works."

The devil and the betrayor dont want the Son come in the glory (Death and Hell) with the Son's angels (them: the devil and the betrayor) 'to' the Son's Creator. The Father lets the non-living Son have the devil and the betrayor inside a seperate new heaven and new earth for the devil and the betrayor, where there is incoruptible death (it's where they everlastingly experience dieing in a carcass body each). The reward is for the worthy in that the worthy are rewarded by realizing the devil and the betrayor must take the glory (Death and Hell) they only inherit with the in coming Son.

Every man according are in accord becuase they are the worthy. Anyway, that's how the Son rewards the worthy in realization now or the day outside the Son. The Son's works is whatever matter and non-matter do.

Yeah, I sure dont want the glory 'to' the Father (my mind). I'd rather have the glory in the Father or the Father, not 'to' the Father. Understand?

And do notice the "TO" symbolized on the Makaveli album cover (Cross and the moon by make for the realization concerning "To").

[edit on 17-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 03:57 PM
"Matt 24

33So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even 'at' the doors.

34Verily I say 'unto' you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."

^^We can see things first (coming #1 is in perception beforehand), then the things come (coming #2 is in actuality with perception during).

The clue in "all" is that it is symbolizing: "a two (ll or 2)".

*This* generation (our consistings/ingredents in general) shall be taken the hour a two (a first heaven and a first earth) be fulfilled a two (a second heaven and a second earth).

And in the very order the second heaven come is the half way point putting one "there innerly/here outterly" before wholely become both the second heaven and the second earth.

Every "you" is in night. Implying the "you" can not be known by some other 'to' the "you".

"Luke 17

34I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left."

^^See? The "I" tell the "you". It's in the sense the tell is a beforehand tell concerning perceptions inside a future while yet barely there in how the difference is displayed in the quote with an "I"/"you". The one bed having a two shall be taken. The other newer one, which is a two, shall be left.

So one = an individual. An an individual is a two (a heaven and a earth). An individual is being both mental and physical. Dead carcasses are not individuals since they lack the mental or rather the mental operation (the 2-way grinding). The devil and betrayor in Death shall not be any longer individuals once dieing everlastingly in Hell how regenerating where they'll lack having the 2-way grinding. Remember something mentioned in the bible like this: "even, that, he think he have, he have not". It was concerning the unprofitable servant cast into outter darkness if I recall correctly. A living non-individual know it's HELL when they cant do jack but take punishment that even controls the weeping and wailing and the gnashing. Yeah, they sure shall be kept from evil. When you think a thought you are also recieving it in the 2 way gringing between your heaven and earth. Imagine not being able to recieve an own thought, but recieve replaying, automated 'condemning and damning' judgments another left after programming them in enough for the hellbound.

^^They shall be shaken when they catch the actual Holy Ghost. That so-claimed Holy Ghost catching we've seen up in, say, church when we was younger was total B.S. You wouldnt want the actual because it means it's too late. Ghosts are non-exited energy left. In actuality it can imply an automation left which means someone isnt it, but programmed it so it shall be and function how chose. Check it...

"John 16

7Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

8And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:"

^^See the left automation? The "I" dont go away though so the Ghost is not 'to' that you, which can only mean it goes in that you. That you in the quote is about those kept from sin (noticed by: "reprove the world 'to' sin"). So that you is any not in the Lord. So it's the devil and the betrayor that shall be getting a reproving that they are kept from sinning only in Death and Hell. Outside Death and Hell they would continue their inquity and offending which the reproving reveals in them in Death and Hell in the punishment. When you ensure yourself for will do something, it is comforting. That, shall the Comforter ensure they realize in punishment in repoving. In turn, in part, it is the reason given for why they shall remain in Death and Hell.

Back track: About you in night... Listen to "Late Night" by 2pac. The words concerning action = the grinding. Match em up how you hear. Do notice Pac mention "my second hand say it's midnight". And ppl did think grinding meant sexing. Whatever action is a working between one's heaven and earth that is themself.

[edit on 17-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 05:46 PM
About Late Night... Bring you certain focus in ear (which you have two of):

DJ Quick flicks the lighter TWO times.
Mentioning of Vegas or Reno is revealing a TWO.
Mentioning "my balls hang" symbolize a TWO.
Half black and filipino = a TWO.
we can etc. on the first night or try in the late night = a TWO.
Aliza and Crystal = a TWO.
You can live or you can die = a TWO.

^^All in the first part.

The second hand revealing through talent expressed can be a clue/sign in that there half way point here. Pac was really *there* with it the first part, but not *there* but *here* in his second verse part where the TWO theme is discontinued.

In "Still Ballin'" by 2pac... Pac mentions "Part 2" and mentions "Now everybody wanna see us dead. 2 murdered on the front page, shot 'to' death, bullets 'to' they head...".

^^Note the one "head", consisting still a two in the very context, not being "heads".

[edit on 17-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 08:16 PM
Any 'to' any are 'outside' each other.

"Matt 24
34For the Son of Man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch."

Understand sharply:

For the Son outside Man is outside a man taking a far journey, who (Bush) left his house (the White House), and gave authority outside his servants, and outside every man his work, and commanded the porter outside watch.

^^The Son, in a non-alive remote way, is taking a far journey that who (the betrayor) in height who left the White House. A who who left the white house stolen and taken over remotely. Notice the 34 is 43 the other way around. 43rd president is what it's clueing you into. The Son gave authority outside the betrayor's servants. The "his" is not the Son's because the Son is non-alive, but remote puppetry working by the faithful servant in the Lord. The authority gave is outside every man the betrayor's work. The Son commanded the porter outside watch. Implying you can not see that Bush isnt any longer the 43rd president body that is standing as if it is alive when it is not.

The meat in due season mentioned in Matt 24:45... The seasoning is the remote puppetry working that meat (the body being the 43rd president). And the faithful and wise servant using remote puppetry in Matt 24:45 is who exited 4:03 a long long time ago. See the 43 in 4:03 since the zero dont actually count? Hint: "and pluck holes in etcs like donuts!"--2pac. You been noted the 7s added to surrounding 2pac. In my other topic "Best Universal" in the skunk section I go in depth about this.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 09:12 PM
Now sharp eye this following Mark 13:34:

"Mark 13
35Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master outside the house (the White House) cometh, outside even, or outside midnight, or outside the cockcrowing, or in the morning: 36Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping. 37And what I say outside you I say outside all, Watch."


even = gotten even.
midnight = you.
cockcrowing = grinding.

^^So outside any that.

morning = waking.

^^So inside that.

The master is outside here, but using inside here remote puppetry. The in morning implying the rest the faithful and wise servants in the Lord are in waking concerning the matter. I am proof the waking is indeed because I'm in the Lord. Notice the master find you sleeping concerning the matter. That's since I am also the master and anyone worthy in the Lord is the master. The "ye" = the devil, but the "you" in the 37 part = the betrayor. The all = both them outside the Lord. My worthy Watch because we worthy are in the Lord and are the Lord. The Son (in the remote way and sense) is coming in the betrayor's and the devil's on planet B.S. kingdoms they rose.

Note: outside gotten even can mean not gotten even yet or can mean gotten extra.

[edit on 17-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 09:28 PM
Mabus, Thank you!!!!

There certainly is a lot here...break it down for OT please....synopsis, cliff-notes style, ok? And I'll respond...

Can you summarize the thesis, for me?

Thank you sir...

OT curious...

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 11:11 PM
"Matt 24

26Wherefore if they shall say outside you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

27For outside the lightning cometh out outside the east, and shineth even outside the west; so shall also the coming outside the Son outside man be.

28For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together."

^^It aint a he when it's the non-alive remote function. So believe it's a he not! Note the cross on the Makaveli album having cracks with moon light shining through. The cross is also used also in puppetry. And the moon beams can symbolize remote projection. Remote projecting is outside lightning, because lightning would fry a body silly. Now you see the 'to' clear come where two on either side are 'outside' each other's places. Now back to quote... Wheresoever? The carcase is the 43rd president body here on earth. *There by* the eagles (the devil and the detrayor) gather together 'to' the carcase.

The coming (the betrayor's coming) outside the Son (the carcase) outside man be!

^^This be the actual-est shhh I ever wrote. The humans that are the betrayor dont realize their oneness self is cast outside the 43rd president body.

The Son is outside man so it surely aint a 'he'. And the eagles are there 'to' the meat that is in due season (remote), but us worthy in the Lord are only given the meat with our pre-planned remote puppetry come through!

[edit on 17-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 10:45 AM
"Matt 24

13But he that shall endure outside the end, the same shall be saved.

14And this gospel outside the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness outside all nations; and then shall the end come."

^^Right now is the world where there is three persons (the worthy, the betrayor, and the devil) being many human beings. In the world means you're outside the end. So while here you are saved (this is the good news). But! Then shall the world's end come!! Say good-bye in being saved if you're the two foes (the devil and the betrayor).

Notice the word "all" in how I revealed it symbolically before. The single witness is the worthy outside those two foes (which are two nations). The wintess witnesses the whole unfolding thing, and is witness about both the two being a divide and a divided.

Three persons are an enter in the world, but only one shall be saved, and it's the witness. The witness sees two get murdered. "A single witness screaming, Bloodly murder!!, murder!"--2pac

That truth or dare thing is what it was about. The Lord picked dare.

The devil was a murderer 'from the beginning'... Implying the devil wasnt one since it said from the beginning. Like Pac said, "Dont no body die unless we planned it." The actual murderer was and is the Lord. How you see murder here in the world doesnt do it's actual first wisest reason justice. You'll understand. You'll understand the Lord was convinced for being the Thug for stealing and robbing lives. Those lives are foes since it can only be one individual in a paradox for preferrence reasons in how things should go. Anything less aint worthy because it wouldn't be any getting along which would put random disorder rule so.

He who feels there should be disorder rather than have the two murdered, is a fool. Remember "Pet Cemitary" where that one was for saving their son though the son only destroyed them in the fire the person was trying to help the son make it out of? You want to be that fool? lol. You are prolly already divided from the Lord because I sure wouldnt keep that in me since it would only hurt me. You must learn the wicked will be wicked always. Like the guy on Pet Cemitary said, "Sometimes dead is better." Yeah, put the foes in Death and keep 'em there since it shall better myself and my standing.

[edit on 18-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 11:53 AM
Look deep here with even sharper eyes, and doubt not:

"Matt 24

15When ye therefore shall see the abomination outside desolation, spoken outside outside Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let Daniel the prophet understand: )

16Then let them (whoso) which be in Judaea flee in oustide the mountains:

17Let Daniel the prophet which is outside the housetop not come down outside take any thing out outside his house:

18Neither let Daniel the prophet which is in the field return back outside take his clothes.

19And woe outside them (whoso) that are with child, and outside them (whoso) that give suck in those days!"

^^Yeah, Daniel the prophet is? First know, Nastradomus said a prophet is any one who sees things remote. I see something literally remote. The remote operated meat (43rd president body) I spotted first. So you should see Daniel the prophet was an alias I was meant for coming under. The "whoso" is either the devil or the betrayor that would like read, say, this thread mines and let me understand their point in pestering in their response. On other sites there is that pestering in proof in my threads. In 19 you see the two. Them (the devil) with child (wicked playing childish astral projection) and them (the betrayor) that give suck to me outside them. The suck is a damning care in context since I know any outside the Lord is a foe.

In 15 the ye is just the devil since the devil has an astral projecting side, and is many human beings.

In the post above I explain the reason (therefore) why the Lord's shall put the foes in Death and keep em there. It is because their abomination would stay outside ever being ruined. That means it would always be disorder with them two with their B.S.

Outside the houstop is through the worldwide internet. And I am stating I and the worthy aint taking sh*t period in my house (paradise) and their houses (paradises) since the two foes wont be a bother any more then. And I aint without my clothes (in the Lord, under the alias Makaveli, under the alias Daniel: the prophet)! And the worthy waking should not be without their clothes either. No one can lower me back down from my clothes literally technically, especially when I prove them the very foes how I stated which confirms what I'm stating is actual so.

The Lord (any in the Lord) hear Daniel the prophet clear, and understand how so in what way the prophet under the gospel written alias "Daniel" is come.

He who thinks the Lord aint doing jack or aint been doing jack on the planet, is not in the more awakened worthy's call, chose, or faithful set. Yeah, we start off no knowing we're worthy in anything, then it hits us where it counts because we are the True. If you worthy can see the thing remote I've been mentioning, then realize you are awakened under the alias Daniel, now the prophet, since things are seeded and grow and then branch out in the Lord. The worthy reading and accepting are inside the season: the prophet. And in how Nastradomus described what is a prophet.


In the holy place? Holy means sacred. Am I not scared in the alias place called screen name with the rest? An alias such as a screen name is a scared (holy) place. Under alias I and you speak outside the outside since the internet allows such. Inside I and you speak away from outside. Plus, I and the worthy are inside the ALIAS (Daniel) outside the outside.

[edit on 18-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 01:54 PM
"Mark 13

27And then shall he (one remotely operating an it) send his angels (the devil and the betrayor), and shall gather together his elect (the worthy) 'from the four winds' ('when/where no winds'), 'from the uttermost part (space) outside the earth outside the uttermost part' ('HELL') outside heaven."

^^The worthy are neither in space or in Hell. So the togetherness which would imply space still between us worthy we are put from since we are realized "the" Lord (the heavenly and the earthly Lord). The Solo.

Behold, I releaved us 'from togetherness' which shows fulfillness in the Lord's words which in parts go away and in parts succeed away.

We arent together, we're one according, the Worthy. The Solo hiring Themself for tasks (called) and roles (chosen) and positions (faithful) for according being inside Their Own single Mind. In so is the single Mind married with merry, which is expressings under an Author's intent, will, and desire.

An Author creates and actualizes Their magical, expressful Mind's Art and Vision in writing so They behold Their work. The writing utenciles and the paper sheets can both be etc. that can turn text or brail or audio or visual or audio/visual.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 02:51 PM
"Matt 25

13Watch therefore, for ye (the devil) know neither the day nor the hour 'wherein' ('in the presidency') the Son outside man cometh.

14For the kingdom (remote) outside heaven is outside 'a man' ('a betrayor') travelling in outside 'a far country ('the United States of America which did get far on earth'), who (Bush) called his own servants, and delivered outside 'them' ('a betrayor's oneness') his (Bush') goods."

^^The betrayor's goods is its head position and head status put ouside the presidency.

"Matt 25
34Then shall the King say outside them outside his right hand, Come, ye (the devil) blessed outside my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you (the betrayor) 'from the foundation' outside the world:

41Then shall he say also outside them outside the left hand, Depart 'from me', ye cursed, in outside everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:"

^^Outside the world is Death and Hell if you are from the foundation, which means not it nor in it. Going inside an outside everlasting fire shall be. When the world ends, the foes shall be in Death and Hell. You dont wanna be outside the hand since it means you are not the King nor in the King. That concludes you're a foe outside the King. 'on' = 'to' = 'outside'. Any 'from me' is not me there. Originally, Death and Hell was prepared for the betrayor and because of the betrayor since the Lord started with personal matters inside the Lord first. The devil gets seperate the same fate the betrayor got coming.

[edit on 18-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 08:32 PM

30Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time outside harvest I will say outside the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles outside burn them: but gather the wheat in outside my barn."

^^Ye = the devil. Tares = human bodies resemebling the devil in behavior. Them is both. They both wont burn, but the wheat (the devil) shall. The tares resemble the wheat says the wheat is the inner mind: the devil. So you see a burning Hell for devil mentally and you see Death for the body that got both together physically. Also that them is outside a desire them that would be devilishly desired. 'My words' have 2 clear sides with "burn". Burn is caused by heat and burn is caused by desire. You can burn in unquenchable heat and burn in unquenchable desire the same time.

Who is the "I"? The householder. Who is the White House holder? The worthy. The "I" will have the devil put inside Death and Hell.

And you realize who in the worthy is the Lord's Mind excersizing etc. Come #1. What about excersizing etc. in come #2?

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 10:13 AM
"Mark 13

37And 'what I' ('the master') say outside you I say outside all (a two), Watch (Outside observation/Outside keep guard/Outside etc.) ."

The master's whole "I" in the Lord say (talk/speak in mind) outside any observation and outside any keep guard.

^^Implying the devil's astral projection cant hear what the worthy say in mind. Plus, the I say it itself is outside any observation and any keeping a guard.

^^Remember, I brought you the news scoop inside the new heaven (the new mind) which comes before the new earth comes. And you see it's come new is outside any other's observation/guard/caution/carefulness. The "you" is in night indeed. "...but you bi*ch a*s etcs cant see me."--2pac. The me, the I, and the you cant be seen or known by any other in any way.

[edit on 19-9-2008 by Mabus]

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