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40 day warning of stock market crash and other predictions

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 10:30 AM
I was just reading a post regarding a prediction made on a google chat room. ( ). So I tried to find the sender see if either anyone else had referenced him or he posted else where and found this

The prediction was made in August of 2008 but still the 40 day count was pretty accurate! The scarier part is there is more to the predictions than just the crash.

“ LAPD Officer receives warning of Mid September 2008 Market Crash, followed by Feb 2009 Failure of US government from a relative who is high level US Military... Martial Law to be initiated at appropriate time as cities run out of food, and Halliburton Concentration camps are prepared... It cannot be stressed enough that it is VERY WISE to simply treat this warning as a coming reality and prepare accordingly. Do recall that 'just in time inventories' faced against a 'food run' would clean shelves off of food in the major cities in a matter of hours. People are not stupid everybody knows the system is tottering, but there is always a large portion of the population that will always 'wait for the herd to bolt' before taking action. When the herd bolts its too late. You have to learn to psychologically treat this as a reality now, and prepare. A large portion of the population waits for the media to tell them to panic when the media 'helps it along' by reporting that shelves are being cleaned out 1 week after the coming 'black Monday or black Tuesday' or whatever it becomes... Sep 15th is a Monday.”

Also predicted the crash to the day, if that was so accurate then why should we not take the other predictions of governmental failure more seriously??? Should we be planning and stocking up now? How do other members feel about this? Can we (ATS community) attempt to track one of the people who made these predictions?
An amusing aspect of this is that it was posted on a prison forum, not that I am making judgments but don’t know if I would look to prisoners for financial advise!

Alternatively I have posted several times concerning a pending economic collapse, while I am college educated (believe me I went all the way, beyond professional degree) and consider my self an intelligent, independent, thinker (even if my spelling and grammar are lacking), I AM IN NO WAY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT FINANCES OR ECONOMICS! My point is if I could come up with this and it seemed like a logical conclusion to me then it should have been possible for someone with training or a serious interest in the field of finances or economics to predict the coming collapse. I do not want to be an alarmist I just want to prepare however I don’t have the money to stock pile food and water for the chance that something MAY happen... Seriously if my friends and family thought I was stock piling food based on a thread found on a prison message board, I think they would have me committed!

I am VERY interested in other people’s thoughts and concerns
Dr T

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 10:38 AM
Existing thread here:

Please add further comments to the ongoing discussion.
Thank you

The LAPD Officer "aspect" has been noted and is being discussed in the existing thread as well

-thread closed-

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