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Putin Music: Now if there's Any Doubt Russian’s Love Their Leadership…

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 07:38 AM
Take a look at these two fit Russian girls, and their techno song about Putin.
Imagine if you did this in the West about one of our leaders. They’re all so disgusting that even a rat wouldn’t touch them. And then when you look at the Western coverage over something like Georgia or Iraq you realise it’s not because we lack propaganda either.

The English Version…
Exactly the same version but Russian (poorer sound quality)…
A more political version from a rally in Russia…

Just goes to show all the CIA money being spent destabilising (oh I meant bringing democracy) to Russia is because Bush and co are jealous that someone can be both democratically elected and worshipped afterwards.

To see why Russians think this way I reckon this 45 second video (taken from a News Corporation propaganda documentary) speaks volumes…

Yeah that was Putin back in 1991 (9 years before becoming president)!!! How I wish we had a leader who aspired to (legally) take out ten criminals for every policeman killed.

Of course in the West everyone (except the common people) would feel terribly sorry for the criminals. But then we are of course a democracy.
A shame then that approval like this don't tempt them...
But understandable when you realise that the real way to change governments is to buy shares in the right media companies. Then all else follows. Therefore Murdoch is the liberal's god.

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 07:44 AM
After the fall, putin had to do such a thing, the country was being run by criminals.

Yep your right, about why the russian people should love putin, no matter what the west wants. JUst look at who america get to choose from, if you saw the daily show last night i think you will know what i mean.

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