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Do you ever feel like no one wants you?

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 02:36 AM

I have seen a lot of stuff about true forced loneliness. I have even felt like the people who do those videos from time to time. I don't typically show that side of me to others, nor do I often admit it publicly. It used to happen a lot more than it does now days. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of Americans are shallow idiots, who care more about themselves than others.

Yes, it is more difficult for someone who is overweight or ugly to find a date in America. That is why many successful American men are going to foreign countries to find a bride. Even the ones like me who accept that we need to truly look past someone's outer appearances and look for a mate that has the qualities we desire on the inside, have a very difficult time getting a date.

The shallowness of Americans spans across all genders, races, religions, sexual preference, and physical appearances on epic scales. Whether they are ugly, fat, or beautiful the majority of them are too shallow to look at what is in the inside. Yes, there are shallow people in other parts of the world who fit the description of Americans I gave above, but not in the large quantities that Americans seem to be infected with.

True forced loneliness can seem very real for many Americans. It isn't just the fault of person who is lonely. It is the fault of most Americans. However this topic isn't about TFL. It is meant to encourage all of you who have felt the desperation of the idea behind TFL.

The link at the beginning of the post will take you to a story of the worlds fattest man. He lives in Mexico and is about to get married. If he lived in America he probably wouldn't have met the love of his life. Just know this, if you cannot get a date in America you may want to look at foreign men or women. Chances are you're just stuck in a country that really sucks when it comes to finding a relationship.

The story is also an inspiration to all of my fellow fat people. If this guy can loose weight, so can we.

If you want to see how fat I am you may watch a video starring me from the following link.

P.S. I included that link because it is the most recent video I have put up on youtube.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 05:43 AM
Yeah I saw a few of those vids.. got hate mail from "bill" (drinks and swears alot about women) when I left a comment. The funny thing is I hear them saying how shallow women are.. yet then they'll say something like

"I'll give any woman a chance.. even the dogs".

I see no reason why I should ignore my own tastes for someone else's ego.

edit. I'm not saying that people do not discrimate overweight people either. I just think some of the men (some not all) in those vids need to change their own bad attitudes before talking about that of others.

[edit on 17-9-2008 by riley]

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by mrfreehugs

Wow, I just realized something. I've got plenty of fat friends and I've had fat clients. None of them are lonely or depressed. In fact, I used to be a little overweight myself and I was never lonely or depressed.

My fat friend go out all the time. They've always got hot girls around 'em and are some of the funniest guys I know. How can this be if America is as shallow as you're suggesting? It's because they have a personality.

Here's the thing. You can be super attractive and socially retarded and people will love you. Or, you can be completely unattractive, for whatever reason, and a social genius and people will love you. And of course, you can be that person in the middle. Shallow? Maybe. Truthful? Oh yeah.

It's hard to meet people if you are overweight/unattractive and you hide behind yourself. Hell, being like that you'll never even give someone a chance to get to know who you really are. So how can you really blame people in America for something that just might be an individuals own internal problem?

Oh man.
If that is you in the first few seconds of the video you provided, you rock. I just watched about 10 seconds of it and I have to say, you look just like Jack Black at the beginning. wow. It's the eyes man.

Anyway, judging by your video, you seem to have a good sense of humor. Don't hold back, let people see you for who you really are. Give them a chance to get to know you.


posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by DevolutionEvolvd

I said I felt like that some times, not all of the time. People around my location which is the mid-south. Memphis Tennessee area tend to look down on fat and ugly people real bad. I have spent time in Denver Colorado as well, a large portion of the people there looked down on me as well. In my experience fat and ugly people can make friends and business acquaintances around here with ease if they have the right personality. It is difficult at first because most people around here see a fat or ugly person and their prejudices come into their mind and stay there until the fat or ugly person proves their assumptions wrong.

I am one of those people who when people get to know me. They like me and think highly of me. They still think I am strange but in a good way. The few times I have had a girlfriend, people around here were always shocked. They had a hard time believing a fat guy could get beautiful women. I have dated mostly beautiful women, but I have dated some that were ugly or fat. One time I was out with al woman and guys would come up and hit on them, thinking I was just a friend.

A couple of times when I was out with gorgeous women. People would make the comment that the lady I was with was a whore, who was being paid. Some people were more polite about it and say stuff like "I guess you weren't delusional, there is a beautiful woman.". Maybe it is just the location I live in.

Like I said before, I have felt like everyone either hated me or disliked me and were just tolerable of me. I don't have that feeling a lot, but I do get it occasionally. I draw my conclusion by the experiences I have had. If it isn't like that in other parts of the country let me know where those places are. I would really like to know.

Yes, that was me in that video. Thank you for the compliment. I wish everyone was as nice as you about it. I get comments on a lot of videos that are nice, but I also get a lot of comments from people who just want to make fun of me. I have like 30 videos on that account, if you want to check out more of them.

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