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Sounds made during an encounter?

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 07:50 PM
First time post here but I hope that wont completely kill the willingness to answer my question.

I am not sure why I had not remembered it until just the other day but the last time i can remember recalling that night and what i saw was about 10 years ago (im now 28) and this happened when I was about 7-8. Between 1985 and 1998 for reference (in case they change their tactics over the years

For those that have had encounters with "beings" (not just a ufo sigting) do you remember any sounds that the "beings" made?

I have a small memory from when i was a child. We will call it a dream since i have no proof that it actually happened. No scars, no marks, no one else heard anything. However, in my dream, i remember waking up to 3 beings next to my bed (classic greys). I remember seeing a bright light outside the window in my room and then it was gone. It could have been a helicopter but with the awning outside our room it would have to be near the ground. We had a two story garage in our backyard that would occupy half of the view of the backyard. There were no floodlights on the outside of the builiding.

Regardless after the light left i seem to have fallen back asleep only to be awakened to the 3 beings next to my bed. They were standing there and not moving. I did not reach out to touch them. I remember feeling frozen in place (not temperature wise, in fact i recall it being cooler than the arizona summer but warmer than my bedroom normally was)

What stood out in my mind the most was not that they were there but the sound that they had made. I cannot and will not ever forget the sound but I am curious as to what others may recall hearing during an "encounter/dream"

I do not want to reveal what the sound was in this post as I do not want anyone to just read and confirm based on my story. I would rather hear peoples thoughts/experiences. I would also like to have a way to show that I am writing down the sounds to correspond with a date PRIOR to my posting so that i can prove that my thoughts are not simply an empty corroboration of someone else's answer.

First: Ideas on how to time stamp my personal experiences

Second: I would like people to post here with theirs after I have time stamped mine in whatever manner ATS thinks wouldl be most legit.

Any takers??

On a side note: i had not seen close encounters or any of the genre until AFTER i told my mom and step dad about what i had dreamt/saw. When i got to the end of the movie i remember jumping up and down yelling for my mom that it was like what i had seen... yet it wasnt like what i saw. Close enough that i slept in their room on the floor for a week
Ive been a sci fi buff ever since, but have not had any other such events (that i can recall)


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