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My EDC (every day carry) kit.

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 05:24 PM
this is a break down of my every day carry kit or edc

i thought it would be nice to post up what i carry round to survive on a day to day basis.

this kit has a few additions for different activities but stays basically the same.

firstly is a over view picture of the kit.

1. animal ski hydration bag (heavily modified)

2. leather animal wallet (modified)

3. one battered mobile phone

note links provide larger images


now for a break down. first up the wallet.

this is a pretty standard animal wallet. this and the bag where picked up very cheaply,
when i worked for the company they sold out of line goods at massive reductions to the staff.

in side the second money flap i carry one small refillable twist biro.
(cut down biro's inners will fit inside)

one small cut throught razor, (this is mostly handy for my job but has ben used for all kinds of things.)

and one 1 gig flash drive this this is so rediculisly small im all ways worried about loosing it. it has a small 100mb folder on it with every freeware program i could ned at a remote computer(firefox, winrar, utorrent, vlc player etc) . leaving around 900mb of free transfer space in my wallet.

also in may wallet is the standard money cards etc...


now on to the bag

this bag was originally purchased with 3 things in mind. to be able to carry a skateboard, to carry hydration water pack, to be a small day pack.

it did these things very well. having been designed to attach ski's and ski poles it has 2 sturdy straps to attach items to the back , skateboards jumpers grounds sheets etc.

it also has a compartment and webbing to attach a hydration pack witch came with it.( this is great for its general uses as a day pack allowing for adequate water carrying)

as you can see in the back pouch i don't currently have the water pouch installed. mostly because unless used fora day trip its over kill. a water bottle will do just fine.


instead i have a small wallet (first aid type stuff) back up smoking pouch and a hand lenses attached to the quick reliese tabs for the water pouch.

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 05:30 PM
the wallet contains. plasters of varying sizes, wet wipes hay fever tablets, some sugar sachets witch are useful when round a mates and u need that cup of tea but the cheap ass has no sugar :0
this also had some teabags in it witch i will have to replace soon.

also a bag with some instant soups. and some condoms.

the smoking pouch contains rizla, small baggie of tobacco (organic American spirit), some filter tips and some card, also a mini clipper.

this is my back up smoking kit if i find my self with out some essentials i know i have spares in my bag. on a side note my wallet also contains a a few rizla just in case.


next is the side pocket. this was added after a rip formed one day. (i stuffed it way past its size will allow and it burst)
it is a zip pocket taken from an old pair of trousers. because of the angle of the pocket it fits nicely in the back compartment of the bag. and is used for storing my wallet and phone. and allowing easy access to them even when the straps are on and possibly a skateboard is attached to the back)


on the outer side is 2 hardy plastic loop holes for allowing the tieing of ski poles. well im not likely to do that so i removed the very flimsy Velcro ties and attaches some cord this allows items to be tied on.

it mainly gets used to hold the following. billy cans (as pictured), umbrellas, folding stool, ground sheets, one of the small bags 9shown later)


the front of the bag has 2 modified pockets sown onto the front straps. they are shown in the picture with the mini clipper from my smoking kit. they get used for all sorts of things they don't have a specific use just what ever needs to be close as hand.


they get used mostly for things like, lighters , gum , hand rolled ciggys, sweets.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 05:44 PM
next are the 2 spare bags folded small tucked at the bottom of the back compartment. they both can hold about the same again as the original bag. and can easily be strapped to the side. in the picture u can see them each stuffed with a beach towel then strapped to the back. one cud be attached to the side if i wished.
the Grey one also has the simple draw string type shoulder straps. so can be worn independently. or given to someone else to spread a load.


next we have the front compartment. this has a small draw string pouch witch has my mp3 player and headphones.


i made a small pen loop on the side of the inner pocket to allow a sharpie write anywhere pen to be attached.

in a separate zipped pocket in this compartment is .

a bandanna useful to tie back my dreadlocks hold stuff... sling i guess.. mostly for my hair realy. a small homemade led light its just their because.
some altiodes nothing cool in the tin just some sweet's


3 piece cutely set and cup. these are one of the most uses things in the whole bag. so many times i used to want to get some food item but not having a spoon of fork etc.. i was unable to eat it so i carry this around great for impromptu bbq's when everyone brought food , disposable bbq's but no utensils to cook the food.


the cup shown in the image folds out and is amazing. the flimsy looking handle is comfortable to hold even when the cup if brimming with hot tea.

then i have my bike repair kit. i cycle to and from work so i carry this just incase i get a puncture. it also contains some small screwdrivers. n a mini knife. i intend to ad some supper glue.


posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 05:54 PM
lastly is my very small fishing kit. this has some hooks, weights , floats , and a hand line great for messing around with or catching bait for pikes etc. i have a proper rod but this mainly stays in my bag so if i end up at a river and feel like it i can have a little fish. also a small pocket knife with a spoon
useful eating tool again. for yogurts etc when the outer spoon is overkill.


it is contained in a small pencil case witch is not pictured ( my phone ran out of battery)

many outer things come and go from the EDC but that is the stuff that's always on me most days.

outer items included

billy cans 3 set french (like the handles more than uk ones) for camping, bbq's, outdoor cooking.

IPK individual protection kit. its the standard uk issue emergency shelter. i have rigged mine up to act as a spendable tarp. great for fishing. or camping to add a porch area to a tent for example.

hydration pack. this is a standard part of the bag but it does not get carryed on a daily basis.

knife's uk law basically prohibits knife carrying. so i only carry survival type knives if going camping as then u have a reasonable reason for having it. id like to see an officer trying to get you for carrying a weapon when u blatantly have a tent sleeping bag cook pans etc strapped to your back. you wouldn't look like a stereotypical mugger.


i have a selection of knives some small ones to take fishing for example. to larger ones that i hardly use. even a throwing knive i brought on a whim... only gets used on extended camping trips when its a nice bit of fun to waste some time.

the one puictured is a small 2.5" pocket knife that i have attached to a chain and a carbine. so it can be attached to my bag or belt. its almost legal in the uk. but i think locking knife no matter how small are technically illegal so eve its under 3" its not really street legal. but this only gets carried for fishing trips.

ill post up my BOB as i make it up.

allong with my camping kit,

feel free to comment on my kit,

maybe list a few things u carry on a day to day basis that are really useful to you. may have to upgrade my kit if some really good things get posted up

peace and love

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 02:02 AM
does no one wish to comment?

id love to see / read about what bits n bob's everyone else cant do without

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 06:56 AM
Nice. Brings back sweet memories of my time as a skater. I had a good EDC volcom backpack back then.

Now days my EDC is more minimalist: (keys have been removed from my keyring-carabiner for the picture) But I do carry a lot more when I from time to time use a bag. To and from work I use a bag, where I have basic first aid, a radio and a poncho as well (+ a DSLR some days). I also have a work B.O.B and a well stocked car survival kit.

When that is said, I found your EDC kit to be very nice. I would never EDC a backpack now days, but when I was out skating when I was younger I always had it. All of us did.

I can offer som input on the EDC itself I guess.

I'm a huge fan of the titanium spork. If space or weight is an issue, you could always replace your cutely set with one. A SAK or another pocket knife (like you have) can easily replace the knife in the set. The plastic cup is sweet. I had one in my backpack as well. Now days I only use a metal canteen that goes on the outside of my field bottle, so that I can boil water in it as well, but that is hardly a necessity for an urban EDC. It's more a B.O.B solution or for hiking/camping.

I would defiantly get some bandages or even a compact firs aid kit into your EDC. Something that can treat more serious wounds. Just a single man package for stopping bleeds would be good. At least based on my experiences as a skater. Skaters always gets hurt, either skating, or doing something else (jumping off roofs, riding shopping carts down hills..etc) :p

European knife laws are usually silly, so I can't really reccomend a good sized folder knife, but as far as I can remember, the UK allows folders and pocket knives with a blade under 3". Which means you could probably carry something like a small sebenza without problem. Extremly good knife, but extremly expensive as well. As long as you have a pocket knife/SAK you should usually be good.

I would reccomend getting a multitool though. A multitool always comes in handy. The pliers on any high-quality multitool are priceless, and I used my old cheap multitool all the time while skating. When you skate, blade, ski or do anything that requires equpipement that may need some tuning and fixing, a multitool is paramount. I normally carry only my SOG powerlock when im in urban and public places, and it always comes in handy. When you can't carry a 3"+ blade anyway, a multitool will usually be sufficient on it's own. Especially if you go for a leatherman charge or something that has an S30V blade.

Oh.. and get some duck-tape on a credit card. Instant win in almost any problem-solution situation.

I love that you EDC a fishing kit. I'm putting together a small kit in a tin box now that I will EDC, and I will have to move my home-B.O.B's fishing kit over to that so that I always carry it with me. If I can sit and wait on the pier while fishing, whoever i'm waiting for can use 2 hours to get there for all I care.

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 10:20 AM
duct tape on a old credit card why did i not think of that before that's getting added to my wallet straight away. allong with one of those dirt cheap poncho's

i like the look of your EDC (pocket able) small but most things you could need.

i will be adding some bandages, gauze, wadding to my medi kit. ive never rely hurt my self skating but its bound to happen one day. plus can help patch up any kids that manage to gash themselfs open at my local park.

i looked into titanium sproks, they are very nice bits of kit but the cheapest i found one was around the 10 pound mark. that site u linked ill have to take a browse over see if i want to order one and a few extra bits.

i do have a small multi tool. but the problem is it is 2 small making the pliers infective. and since i hardely ever used the pliers and all the outer tools are found on my bike repair tool i kind of stopped carrying it. one day ill be buying a nice leatherman multi tool. ive used them countless times and am always impressed by them.

i did some reading up on the uk knife laws... anything under 3" is fine providing doesn't lock.
so most lock knives are out. swiss army style penknives are fine as they don't have a locking catch. but i am tempted to modify the cheap blade i showed. by taking out the locking arm and adding a few more washers it will become legal to carry around.

yeh the fishing kit was easy to make. just get an old kids crab line take off the cord and rig it up with some fishing line. all the bits and bobs from the fishing shop come in small containers anyway so its easily put in a small carry case. and it works wonders. quite a few times ive headed to the river for outer reasons, meeting mates to go for a swim, bbq's etc then ive had a little fish at the same time. the biggest fish ive got on it so far was about 5-6" long. nothing large by any means but ok. make sure u keep your rod license in the tin if in the uk. As the uk laws for fishing require a license for every line ( be this attached to a rod , tin can , hand line etc) and if using a hand line go for still lakes, as rivers become tiresome quickly with all the reeling in caused by the current.

plz post up your mini fishing kit if you make one soon. im sure it will inspire a few people to add one to their BOB

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 01:10 PM
Here is a slightly older thread covering the same issue:
24/7 Kit

It may have some new ideas for you.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 04:11 PM
thanx for the link to the thread. it was an interesting read.

i might have to start a new thread or re name this one ... 2 get every one to do quick snapshot of their edc along with a quick breakdown. it would be a great sharing of information and everyone would probably find something "they just had to get" to update their edc...

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 03:09 AM

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 03:47 AM
Is the duct taped credit card idea just a way to carry some tape without taking up a lot of bag room?

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:14 AM
my edc kit

outside view

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:16 AM
my edc

inside view

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