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What happened in Point Pleasant in the 60s?

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 04:44 PM
As some will already be aware, during the investigation conduction at Point Pleasant by John Keel, there was a series of strange sightings of what some call 'Men in Black' as well as a few odd phone calls made to John Keel (and apparently some others) by a man who called himself 'Indrid Cold.' By phone, Cold offered some cryptic "prophecies" that had no real relation to the sightings of Mothman going on in that area during 66 & 67, but the movie tied the two incidents together. The alleged 'Cornstalk Curse' was mentioned as well, and some say the curse had a lot to do with paranormal sightings in Point Pleasant and surrounding areas, as well as the collapse of the Silver Bridge (which is thought to have ended the Mothman sightings). There is a photographer, A.B. Colvin, whose website has oblique references to Indrid Cold, in addition to what he claims is an actual photograph of the Mothman creature.

A quote from Wikipedia on the subject of A.B. Colvin:

"A.B. Colvin, a photojournalist and cine-ethnographer, has produced a 30-hr. DVD news series on Mothman called The Mothman's Photographer. Colvin and his friends and family were witnesses to the creature. Colvin's sister apparently took a photo of Mothman in 1973. Colvin himself took a picture of an MIB in 1979 that he feels could be either his deceased father (who was at the infamous Philadelphia Experiment in 1943) or Indrid Cold, the spaceman who contacted Woody Derenberger. The Mothman's Photographer (2006) consists of recent interviews with over 40 eyewitnesses and experts such as John Keel, Marcella Bennett, Tom Ury, and Faye DeWitt. Many of the witnesses are from Mound, WV, where Colvin grew up. Colvin's feels that the Mound sightings hold the key to unlocking the conspiracy angles of the Mothman case."

Could it be that an alien shape shifter race (the so called mothman) came to earth, to Point Pleasant to warn a journalist of a catasthrophe that was about to occur?

I mean the lights in the sky, the memory blackouts, the missing time syndrome, the MIB, the sightings of alien type creature, Indrid Cold i mean all adds for a UFO visitation on Point Pleasant.

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