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After Islam will the world be an Atheist majority???

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 04:30 PM
At the rate muslims are breeding and people are converting theres a good chance it's invetiable that it will become the number one religion of the world within this century.

But It's already dying it's death in a way as the seeds of doubt have been planted with the different factions within Islam and the younger generations are picking and choosing what to follow.

What i'm proposing is say Islam becomes the number one religion will people wake up after a few decades when nothing has changed and they slowly realise they've been conned like every other religion after the stagmentation of society becomes unbearable.

Will or could this pave the way for an atheist majority worldwide as the last of the desert dogma's has been discredited and abandoned???

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 04:38 PM
It's unlikely. As a general rule humankind needs to beleive in something.

Religions are like political empires. They conquer and control, but in the end they pan out.

If Islam takes over the world and then fades away, another religion will take its place; probably there will be small and scattered at first, but eventually one of power compareably to Islam or Christianity will emerge.

I do not think that the entire world will suddenly become atheist, jus tbecause that's really against human nature. Individuals may choose not to beleive in God, but it's unlikely to be voluntarily established on a national or worldwide basis.


posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 04:53 PM
I'm worried that basically right now we've been in the golden age of knowledge and that's going to be it for a while and our descendants for the next 100 years are going to undo it all and be sitting around saying it's allah's will or god's will or whatever's will as an excuse for everything.

It seems in a way religions and they're laws of living are only viable with smaller populations.

We're at 6+ billion now and rising and more and more problems will appear over time like running out of resources eventually, less room amongst possible new dieases, environmental changes etc. etc.

It just seems alot of stuff to leave in the hands of a thing that may or may not exist, if there's billions starving worldwide together in the future i'm sure the question is going to come up 'where's god to save us like we were promised'

But then as you rightly said people need to believe in something generally as a rule of thumb.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 10:34 AM
reply to post by SR

We're at 6+ billion now and rising and more and more problems will appear over time like running out of resources eventually, less room amongst possible new dieases, environmental changes etc. etc.

And when the resources are about to run out a new religion/cult, or current one, will establish dogma that seems to solve the worlds problems...

i.e. - "Plant seeds and up the production of desalination plants - and after you have done this my blessed child, give it all to us as we know how to distribute it properly..."

Then the sheeple will flock to it, like a moth to a bright light...not knowing that bright light does not have the best intentions until it's too late. I truly hope a paradigm shift occurs that allows the individual to tread life without being chained to anothers belief system.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 10:47 AM
A populace will have to adopt a mentality of logic and rationality before atheism will emerge.

Lack of change, fulfilled prophesy or proof has never turned the religious before, so it's not going to in the future.

It only seems to be the places that openly accept atheists that the religious ever seem to look critically at their own beliefs.

I can't imagine the things that will need to happen before atheism becomes majority.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by SR

As long as there are a few englightened folks remaining, progress shall continue

How do the masses matter? Why does majority matter? Why do numbers and statistics matter?

The answer is simple: There will be two classes of people. The first will be progressive, englightened and intelligent. The second will stupid, backwards and restrictive.

As long as the first class remains alive (verily we strive for it), no teachings of darkness will breach our ranks and no amount of harrassment can make us reject knowledge, progress and truth.

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posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 07:04 AM
Will athiesm replace religion?

God willing, it will.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by SR

It matters not if anyone believes in God or not as the powers that run our planet do belive and in the enemies of God

here is a quote from someone in the UN

No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation.

David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations


posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 04:22 AM
reply to post by drevill

Are you sure about that, drevill? While David Spangler is one of those New Age mystic types he'd hardly be a (vocal) proponent of 'Lucifer', and he's never had any connection to the UN.

EDIT: Seems I was right! Here is an article you may be interested in. I urge you to ignore the anti-christian slant of some of the comments, and see what the guy is talking about:
Spangler, Lucifer, the United Nations and the New Age

As far as the main topic goes, it seems that atheism is currently mostly an offshoot of the 'Western' (Christian) world, and while you may know of a few high-profile former muslim atheists, I'd think they're the exception rather than the rule. Whether you believe this to be the result of a 'huge brainwashing conspiracy'
, or simple logical thought, take it as you may.

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 04:57 AM
thanks for the post


what do you make of this? It seems to link them with the UN

Planetary Initiatives Are Pleased to Announce the Launch of their Promotional Site Posted on the World Wide Web
Offering Local Solutions to Global Problems in the 21st Century
SOUTHEND ON SEA, ENGLAND, Jun. 4 -/E-Wire/-- Planetary Initiatives a not for profit sustainability research group based in Southend On Sea, Essex, UK, posted a new

concept web site on the world-wide-web today marking the result of five years research

and to celebrate World Environment Day that acknowledges the vital role the world wide

web can play in our day to day lives. Project Planeteye has been designed to support

the education and participation of local communities in the United Nations global

initiative Agenda 21.

The Planeteye view operates on four distinct levels building bridges from community,

towards the vision and work of the United Nations International Environment Programme,

Agenda 21. Agenda 21 represents a global action plan to secure our children's future

in the 21st century. When launched at the second Earth Summit in Rio, Brazil in 1992,

it commanded the support of 174 world governments and leaders. Boutros Boutros-Ghali

the then Secretary General for the UN appealed to the world's donor community to

support this initiative.

Planetary Initiatives research since 1997 revealed that Local Agenda 21 within the UK

was becoming more and more of a lottery towards success for all but a handful of

determined communities. As we entered the 21st century it became clear to Planetary

Initiatives that the donor community could not sustain funding for the promotion and

education in sustainable solutions for this new millennium. If sustainable education

and consultation was to continue it was imperative that alternative revenue of funding

be accessed.

Undeterred their research focused on an ethical and equitable solution that could

sustain the promotion of a continued consultation with citizens on sustainable

development. The Project Planeteye promotional site marks a global appeal for

contributions via solar powered publishing, advertising the world's solutions from

Companies/Organisations and individuals committed to Agenda 21 and sustainable


"Imagine; a world that saw everybody's vision for the future and their commitment to

a caring and loving solution to the planets ill's as it strives to support us all. Are

you ready to make a leap of faith, every initiative begins with the first step towards

its goal. The Project Planeteye S.O.S. Agenda 21 is just the first step towards a

journey we can all take in focusing on the world's best-kept secret."

Ron Taylor, Director Planetary Initiatives.

Project Planeteye has been designed as an electronic template initially focusing on

Southend on Sea's Agenda 21 process, utilizing high profile marketing and promotion

the project will endeavour to assist this process to be an example of best practice

for other communities to follow. The template will be applied countrywide as funds

become available. Profits from advertising will be directed towards a community

initiative/educational outreach programme. The project will attempt to inform and

consult with every stakeholder group in Southend On Sea as part of a global ten-year

review of Agenda 21, in time for the third Earth Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa

in the summer of 2002.

This project has only been possible due to the support and partnership approach from

the organisations/businesses and individuals that have shared their vision of one

possible future. A typical example of this support was the projects first client The

Body Shop, S.O.S., UK, who led the way in committing themselves to advertise their

contribution towards sustainable development. Melina Butler franchise of The Body Shop


"Project Planeteye will allow us to voice our concerns for the future through

participation in our Local Agenda 21 Forum and provide an essential service in sharing

"best practice" initiatives with our business community and fellow citizens here in

Southend on Sea. We think the Project is an excellent way for all of us to review our

efforts and support for the United Nations global initiative Agenda 21 in time for the

Earth Summit in South Africa in 2002."

Join us on the world wide web of life today just feedback@projectplaneteye and help

us to grow. We are perfectly imperfect in a world where we hope Project Planeteye's

S.O.S. Agenda 21 can make a difference in co-creating an ethical and equitable future

that can sustain us all. Project Planeteye making light work on the world wide web of

life, towards 2002 and beyond.

Want to know more? Visit Contact Project Planeteye

S.O.S. AGENDA 21 "The theme for this year's observance of World Environment Day is Connect with the

World Wide Web of Life", a choice that reflects the need for each and everyone of us

to recognise our role in preserving our fragile planet and ecosystems, resources and

natural processes that bind us together. More than ever, life on Earth requires of us

a sense of universal responsibility- nation to nation, person to person, human to all

other forms of life."

Secretary General, U.N. Kofi A. Annan

Planetary Initiatives

[url=]source[/ url]

un documents list the World Commission on Environment and Development as a UN entity.

this entity in partnership wrote a published a UN document in 1986 called

Recommendations on the disposal and management of waste.

and this is a co Author;

Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose.

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 05:09 AM
tried again, i give up trying to post the links

here are the full URL &gl=uk

[edit on 20-9-2008 by drevill] what am i doing wrong here??????????

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posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by drevill

Here you go:

You were posting the cached versions of the documents. I'm reading through them right now, and I don't think that the "Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose" (Toronto 1983) is the same as the Planetary Initiative (South on sea, England). In fact, there is even a third "Congress of Planetary Initiatives" based in Salt Lake City. It's even harder to go through because the ewire article is impossible to read
. I'm going through it, and none of the names seem to be found anywhere else. The links are all dead, and 'Planeteye" seems to be a travel website, unrelated to anything they are talking about. It does not appear that they are related to the UN, only that they are doing stuff pushing to the a local version of the UN's Agenda 21. And David Spangler seems to be unrelated to it all.

PS: Please edit your links to return this page back to normal size.

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