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Bushes' 'New World Order' is Leading To 'Post American' Era: Bloomberg

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 02:19 PM

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by magicmushroom
Real, What in your opinion is the likely/possible scenario of events within the US over the next several months.

okay - over the last few days since this so called "financial crisis" broke open things are moving fast - congress is not united on the proposed "bail out" which is looking more and more like the biggest rip off since Federal Reserve took over our currency last century....

There are some extremely ugly rumors floating around about possible "disappearances" of "red listed" people to start in October..this comes from Steven Quayle who I don't give much credence to BUT...its worth pondering - IF the economy tanks completely, and IF the government cannot afford to pay its bills and goes belly up, as I said elsewhere on another thread things could go south very quickly and the fed is aware....notice how the pundits in the media are not really talking about how this current financial dilemma may pan out for the average person in the street...
Right now the media is talking about the "taxpayer" and their "pensions" and their savings and so forth - no one is talking about the worst case scenario and how that will look...

On the left - you have entrenched dedicated revolutionary activists whose numbers are swelling as we speak...this always happens in tense political and economic times...and then the numbers drop as normalcy returns - If you chart the Bolshevik revolution you can see a similar pattern - this current crisis has more potential for explosive changes than any I've seen in my life time including the civil rights movement which was the engine of the left in the 60's...

Center left: the more moderate but equally dedicated organizers of the women's movement, enviormentalists, social change activists, an almost endless assortment of folks with a cause -

Add to the mix millions of extremely hardworking immigrants from countries that are no strangers to unstable governments, harsh economics, and who proved they could make their voices heard by pouring out into the streets across the nation a few years ago ( and on very short notice) by the hundreds of thousands to protest the policies of the Bush administration...

Now add to the mix the blue collar labor, constitutionalists, the local militia groups, and last but not least the newly disenfranchised middle class whose money and homes are going up in smoke...

And finally you have the intellectuals, educators, social workers, doctors lawyers and so forth - people who traditionally have a foot in both worlds - that the of educated elite but with a view of themselves as spokespersons and servants of the social contract - when they start feeling the squeeze they generally come out of their ivory towers to stir the pot...

And then of course we have the elections coming up: I believe the establishment and many others from the above list will cling to this process like a life raft in a hurricane...the election will not stave off the inevitable however and come February the tale will be told - perhaps sooner...

then there is the international scene - right now the world is kind of holding its breath to see if the other shoe is gonna drop - America's competitors will surely use this crisis to better their position in the geopolitical circus maximus - anything could tip the scales at any moment...

We are not quite in free fall yet...but it certainly feels close....

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 01:42 PM
Real, from my perspective I can see the US being turned into a full blown Fascist State as there is a need for one at the moment. The perps who are running the World now want to take on the big guns, China/Russia/India etc. you cannot do that with a nation of free thinkers. That can only be ahieved by those who have sworn their allegiance and brains over to the system.

The similarities between the US right now and Germany in the early thirties is almost a mirror reflection. The EU was touted before ww2 but it became a reality out of ww2. WW2 allowed for the EU to happen, the perps want 3 spheres of influence, EU, NAU and China/Russia/India set up. Only global wars allow these changes to come about, large scale changes need large props and players.

For the US this means the destruction of the nation as you know it, a war in which hundreds of millions will die but the perps dont give a dam. Their view is that there are too many of us anyway so a little clean out won't do any harm. Prepare for the worse but hope for the best, thats the only advice I can give you. These events will take place, its not a question of if but rather when and the answer is soon.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by magicmushroom

I agree with the Weimar republic comparison - I have a friend who was lecturing as an educator on this very thing 15 years ago or more now - some of us have seen it coming since Veitnam - those of us who are still around from those days..and still thinking for ourselves...right now most Americans know next to nothing about the EU or its part in the geopolitical madness...ask them who Javier Solano is and you will get a blank stare...most don't know that some of those "perps" who have controlling interest in the Federal Reserve bank live in Britian...most do not understand that the IRS is the collection arm of the Federal Reserve...and yes its true a great many americans know only what they are fed by the MSM.........

but all that said...there are still a good number of folks who are questioning the status quo - the record numbers of folks who have participated in the primary election process speaks to this fact...that's why I say with the magnitude of the changes going on right now - people will cling to that process in hopes of avoiding the worst case scenario....however

Obama or McCain have no intention of abolishing the Federal Reserve, or wresting the power of the state from the global bankers so the disillusionment is bound to come because the crisis will continue to deepen - my sense is that soon some kind of blow will come - from without or within that will be the final nail and set "it" off...

But don't underestimate us....we got game when the chips are down...

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by magicmushroom

I think that what is really happening is the elites want a high chaos level so they don't get taken out themselves. I suspect the people that run the show already run it at a global level and are just consolidating, but they are having trouble keeping 6 billion plus of normal people from increasing frequency and pushing them off the top of the pyramid.

These are dangerous times, as the elites, who have always been self centered and sociopathic and have always seen the common man not as a potential friend but as a resource and a potential enemy, will want to cull the herd as much as possible and keep us as busy as possible so we don't have focus on them. If everyone is focused on the elite they will not survive the inspection, no matter how much they bluff about WMD's, Flying Saucers, Bird Flus and Lucifer.

Call their bluff, at their heart they are con artists, and con artists are notorious for exageration.

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