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Ufos in West TX

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 08:29 PM
Friend and I saw a black boomerang shaped craft fly over El paso a couple times in 2001 while sitting on the roof. It was darker than the night sky and made no sound. Was travelling very fast and was heading west coming from the franklin mountains. The mountain range divides our city.

The next night we saw something different
( dont know if it has anything to do with the triangle and boomerand shaped ufos but thought I would say anyways)

The next night after the 2nd sighting we saw 3 very bright and large red lights hovering above the Franklin mountains in a line, then the 2nd light moved up to form a triangle. It would go up and down a few more times till the other two went higher and formed another triangle, then they all disappeared.

sept 2004 around 7 pm ( again this prob has nothing to do with the triangle and boomerang ufos, but ok)
noticed in the north sky on the west part of El Paso was a white light just hovering thousands of feet up. Then started to move around the sky in different directions. It made sudden turns that no conventional aircraft (that most of us know) could make. It did this for about 20 min when two f-16 fighter jets approched with afterburners on from the east and one from the north. The object began to pick up speed and go directly up until it disappeared. The fighters roamed the sky for 10 min before the left. Lots of ppl where watching this.

in 2005 and around 12 am we were standing in the backyard and in was a cloudy night. The light glare from the city lit up the clouds. A boomerang shaped craft flew over heading north west. You could clearly see it against the clouds. Its wingspan was that of 2 b2 stealth and flying at around 1000 ft, and at around 80 mph. It made no sound at all.

Same object was seen 2 weeks ago. Anyone else seen this? What the hell is it? crazy


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