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Did anyone in Seattle see what I saw?

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 05:12 PM
So I'm heading east on 520 this morning...about 6:45ish. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL clear day today. The mountain is out and I'm looking south at the mountain when I see a very bright "star" to the left of the mountain.

I'm thinking to myself "man that thing is bright, I wonder what planet it is because it's got to be something funky."

I look down for a moment to be sure I don't rear end somebody, and when I look up, it's gone.

Definitely not a plane. Definitely not a star. Very bright for a while, then gone.

I'm not making any claims of contact or probing, so all you debunkers sharpening your fangs can sit back and relax. Just wondering if any other Seattlite saw what I saw.

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