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(Video's) Thank You Dave Rabbit for Butt Darts

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 05:01 PM
Saturday night, Sept 13th, 2008 was my son Davids 24th birthday. I had seen a post on ATS from Dave Rabbit awhile back explaining what Butt Darts was. I had never heard of it. So we were all drunk, the kids had never heard of it. Talk about fun... I never laughed so much.

There are five of us in this, me, my son David, my son Andrew, Jodie and Kyle. It was great, and it is a birthday I know David will NEVER forget. Thank you Dave Rabbit for making my sons birthday a blast....

The camera was sideways so thats the way the video's are.. there is no way to fix that...

This is the beginning, Kyle went first...

This is my son Andrew, he is 6'4" tall.. the glass is way down there...

David, who a character went next... and he is 6'3" tall... Kyle tried to help him..

I don't know what the hookie dance was about at one point...

Jodie got it first shot...

Kyle gave it another shot..

Thank you again Dave Rabbit.. you helped us have a great time...


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