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The real Strangers!!!who are they?

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 04:01 PM
like today at wal-mart.

a lady was standing beside me and my wife at the deli.
i was playing with my baby in the cart.

She then said...look's just like you did when you was a baby .
she looked maybe 5 years older than me lol
then asked how was my mother..father brother ect...

she was so knowledge about me how could i not remember her?
i was afraid to ask her who she was
i didn't want to hurt anyone's feeling's.

but it always goes around same scenario.they know me and everything about me..but i got no clue at all who they d im afraid to ask.
for fear of being rude

now i can give witnesses to over 20 time's ive had people with me and they start talking to me and know me and my family ect... like they are telepathic lol

and a few of the case's i am 50 mile's from my home town..of a population of 3000.
when The Stranger's...start in on me lol

has anyone had this happen ?

some time's there real beautiful lady's.
and they somehow know everything about me too.
and flirtatious

now i was single till the day i got married...i think i would remember a good looking girl flirting with me from the past lol

either way this is happening around 1 time a month..and i got no idea who these people are lol

Hince the name The Stranger's... they are to me...

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