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Looking For Like Minds

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 03:41 AM
There are secrets hidden from me and from you
you can tell me to prove it
I'd say look all around
if the reason its like this, is because our leaders our dumb
then i submit that you will never understand
a perspective of an awakened individual
If your leader is dumb, he is a puppet
otherwise he would not be in power
he seems dumb, because he is lyyyyyiiiinnnngggg
have you ever heard the term, "playing dumb"
in reference to lyyyyiiiinnnngggg
lying proved+ 9/11 official story full of holes= some # is goin down
argue you might any specifics, so forget them

The decisions they make play on our strongest emotions... They say some vague statement that can only be translated into - These people are going to KILL you!
The fact that they sell it like that screams - MANIPULATION!
If a company has hot girls seducing men to buy their product, via commercials, etc. - MANIPULATION!
I dont want our government using the same techniques as corporations...
Come to think of it... does our government have an incentive in our being afraid? Or being proud? Whatever emotion they sell us, do they not have a profit incentive attached? Hmmmm... then you think.... Well why would the gov't act like its a business?


They are a business... They are looking for profit not progress... They want your money anyway they can get it, and we are forking it over by the billions + selling our souls and the souls of our children to their bidding. We need a paradigm shift and we need it quick. Only you, only me, only the individual can make a difference. Now I know its hard, I do. But we all individually have to live up to our individual standards. Dont let your moral judgement conform. What you see is ugly? Then HATE it. Hate everything it stands for. Dont go along with a shallow conversation. Break it. Break that mind set, that ANY of that # means anything. Do it for you, do it for all of us. And do it now... you never know who you may inspire.... Be a hero.

PROTECT what you LOVE, HATE what you DESPISE

I love our potential... We can be amazing. Lets get the real people in charge. Lets be happy to be in the presence of amazing people. Quit listening to lies that we all are equal... we can NEVER be equal, but we can be the same. Apart of the same organism where none of that "equal" nonsense matters. Each has his role, each has responsibility, each has his tolerance for pain, each has his intelligence, each has his own perception of beauty. But everything is done in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Complete total self-acceptance, coupled with complete understanding and acceptance of you by your society. Everyone keeps what they earn. When money is needed, the people will be billed. There will documentation for every dime spent, posted. Very little meddling possible with 100,000's of scrutinizers. Not only that, once we see what we are truly capable of, with a mass attention shift, towards personal growth, we will melt our greed, pride and personas. Even comedy would die. Imagine a life with no need for comedy. All the endorphines times a 100 are released when going through an empiphimatic experience, when learning something about yourself. Think about the implications for hapiness and growth as a society, watching eachother go through this growth... I cant imagine the resonance... Seriously sends chills down my spine.

"Imagine what great feats you would be capable of, if you knew you could not fail."
- Fortune cookie lol

Life threw this at me in a time I felt very helpless. I could have gotten the - "you have a very magnetic personality" - or my buddy has on his fridge "you will have no problems in your home" - lol i dont even have a home. But you get my drift. Life is truly amazing and it hurts so bad to see what people give their precious attention too. SEX... bah.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 03:41 AM
I swear, growing up, this has never felt like home, nor has it ever made sense...

SEX - they use this to exploit us, it holds us, forget about it... we are HUMAN, not "only human", we are #ing HUMAN

Drugs - we are just all looking for something more interesting... the interesting people need to wake up... we have a job to do. Get people excited about being human again...
9/5 then sex, then eating, then sleeping... these are the things that get us by, maybe some football and some drinking in there... but we all have our ways of making this ok. Well the time is coming soon where u need to make a choice... they are going to have ur balls so tight, theres a good chance you may lose both in the attempt to escape.

I have seen this happening lately. With all the documentaries coming out. These people put alot of time into these things, to make you aware. Im not saying make a video. Im saying do whatever it is in your life that you know you are lacking. You know you are not doing what you are supposed to do. Mostly - because you dont know what to do. But this is where they grab your attention... right in that moment they sell you their idea of life, love, whatever they want. The secret is going inside and figuring out what you truly want. Rip this animal mask that has been sold to us. We are HUMAN.

Ok once you realize this shell is temporary anyway. You realize pride and fear are nothing. They were manufactured. To keep you in check. Natural chaos will create order. Make sure your body language and actions support your intentions fully and you will find the world fit neatly into a framework. Things begin to make sense, as you begin to sense other peoples intentions through their persona or actions. Basically what im saying is there is no reason to fear death, for any reason. First find peace within yourself, then you will see the magical world open up for you. It is, in the end, all about you. = )

I feel something is coming... and its soon. However ugly things get, remember there is no rational need to act that way. Do not stoop to others levels, be a harsh master to yourself, because those fools dont and wont know what they are doing. Good luck brothers and remember we are not animals if we choose not to be. We are gods, we live forever, and we have the power to create.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 03:52 AM
I feel a bit afraid that something big is coming as well but what, I have no idea. All I do know is that The world is getting bigger and smaller all the time. The more we are connected, it seems the more we find out just how little we all really know about what happens when we are not looking.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by 666Azrael666

I beleive this is a very different time than ever before. 9/11 was a balatant false flag attack. This has woken alot of people up. As well as the speed information travels via the internet. The internet is a huge evolutionary trait of the human being. Look at your grandparents, most dont know squat, or very little about this computer "nonsense". I beleive at this time we have stopped evolving physically because we have already created all our means of survival. Poseable thumbs, legs, big brain. We are pretty amazing creatures. We can abuse drugs and alcohol for decades and still live. Survival is the least of our worries. So having said all that, the internet, cars, technology in general, even as far back as the spear... are all evolutionary characteristics. Evolution is actually happening right before our eyes now, we are just too numb too realize the magnitude of NOW. The internet connected us all. Huge paradigm shift, along with endless possiblities. Sadly... porn sites are most frequented.

For now...

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by Looking4LikeMindz

That is my point. We have come so far in our capabilities to share information and people are gathering it like hoarders. That is it though. All this info is getting people nowhere. Look at all the people arrested for being involved in voter fraud in Ohio in the last presidential election. They were arrested and charged and convicted of crimes and yet there is no revolt against a faulty election, there is no revolt against diebold machines, there is nothing but a bunch of people knowing about it and being powerless. Now we all know just how little we matter to the big flies.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 06:20 PM
Let me 1st state we are in agreement. I wish people would stand up as well.

But the answer lies with us individually standing up. I know seeing no action in the face of over-whelming wrong doing, is disheartening. Beleive me I do... But the responsibility lies with each of us individually, not a movement we can follow. This is the old way and that is clearly failing. Time to break into the great unknown, of our minds, of nature of reality and of our universe.

The alternative, is that we are just bio machines. Everything we prefer and every decision we make is based on instincts and outside influences. There is no god building himself inside me, begging me for radical change.

Personally Id rather have faith in this, than to think its all pointless anyhow. Makes sense both logically and emotionally.

[edit on 15-9-2008 by Looking4LikeMindz]

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