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Strange Masonic "Tetractys" Pendant

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posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 11:38 AM
Hey all.

To the point, about a year and a half ago I came to own a small metallic pendant. A friend said she found it in her attic in a box that was left by a previous tenant. There was nothing else like it in there, broken ornaments, collectable teaspoons and a few rusty keys.
I cannot take a photo at the moment, my camera seems to be eluding me but I will try and describe it as best i can.

It is round with a diameter of about an inch and a half and consists of a circle with an equal armed cross inside it. There are three raised points on the circle between the arms of the cross. The inside of the cross consists of a series of close vertical lines that fill the background. There are "S" type symbols in the arms of the cross over the vertical lines. In the centre of the cross is a small circle with a raised sun-like symbol, with 9 points and a single raised point in the middle. The centre of the cross is backed by a small square around a centimetre square.
The back of the pendant is clear but for the raised word "TETRACTYS" in capitals.
At the top of the pendant is the remains of the loop, apparently it broke off while my friend was looking at it. I couldn't say what metal it is, but it doesnt seem to be pewter as I have a lot of pewter jewellery.

I have Google'd the word Tetractys looking for pictures of the pendant but cannot find anything like it. Even the "stars" that come up are short two points. A search on here came up with a long list of references to Pythagoras and the Masons but it doesn't make much sense to me.

Can anybody shed any light on it?

I'll try an upload a photograph as soon as I can.

It would appear that I have managed to post this twice! So sorry! Could a Moderator help me out and delete the other post?
Again, my apologies.


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