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WAR: Is The Next Saddam Ahmed Chalabi? (Updated:Spy)

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posted on Mar, 20 2004 @ 10:16 PM
The once exiled Iraqi, MIT mathematician graduate, and abundantly wealthy businessman, Ahmed Chalabi, is seemeingly in contention to become a front-runner in the upcoming Iraqi elections.

The Iraqi who started it all
Chalabi, like Saddam, is a survivor, and the fact that he can still entertain ambitions to be Iraq's first post-Saddam president is a testimony both to his resilience and arrogance.

Ahmed Chalabi, though recently voted as the most unpopular on Iraqi's 25-member Governing Council, has been noticed making major political maneuvers to possibly assure his position as a front-runner in the Iraqi upcoming elections. He is and has been the president of the Iraqi National Congress. A powerful political organization, which has returned to Iraq, upon Saddam's ousting, and literally, set up office.

The INC propaganda machine, lead by Almed Chalabi, are the same one-and-only organization that provided further information to the US and UK that Saddam had links to Al-Qaeda, which is seemingly still circumstantial, at best. The same organization that claimed that Iraq/Saddam had mobile chemical/biological warfare labs disguised as milk trucks, etc. The same organization that claimed that Saddam had knowledge of 9/11 and was also complicit in its under-taking, along with Al-Qaeda. This is the same organization, along with Chalabi, that has been found to have recently made a trip to Iran, subsequently making overtures to President Mohammad Khatami.

As reluctant as some conservatives in Washington may be to mention or even "politically" correct this, they must see and realize that they have been possibly duped, in some ways, by Ahmed Chalabi. He has portrayed himself to be a loyal friend of the US and the UK, and yet, now that Saddam has been ousted and Chalabi has returned to his home, Iraq, he has showed his true 'face'. That 'face' is the face of one who thinks of only what he desires, wants, and seeks. The same 'face' that Saddam had.

It is apparent that the unsubstantiated words of an enemy of our enemy is our friend has turned to an enemy of our enemy is not our friend!

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Iraqi National Congress

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posted on Mar, 20 2004 @ 10:24 PM
Chalabi is an admitted liar and one of, if not the main disinformant for the pre-war Iraq WMD/terrorist ties information. To think that this man has any intention of being "good" to anybody other than those who give him money is ridiculous. I'm sure Chalabi is as cold blooded and brutal as Saddam. For his own purposes he willingly sacrificed thousands upon thousands of Iraqis, U.S. soldiers, and billions of dollars and Iraqi infrastructure. All for what has amounted to lies supplied by the man. He's quite dangerous and I doubt anything will be done about him.

posted on Mar, 21 2004 @ 12:05 AM
Well, to be perfectly honest, I have and continue to argue for Saddam being ousted, among other debatable issues. But this guy, I ain't buying!
What's interesting is that the US, UK, and countless other countries, including the UN, had documents and reports on Saddam and the debatable "issues". WTF were we listening to this 'fool' for, I will never now.

Putting aside those debatable "issues," my focus is on this man, Ahmed/Ahmad Chalabi. I'm not sure if the US or UK is currently viewing this guy as a legitimate replacement for Saddam/Iraq, but they most certainly did henge alot on him in the beginning. Some recent political articles I have read of late seemingly paint the picture that the US and UK have stepped away from backing Chalabi as a front-runner. I am hoping that what I am reading into is correct....this guy is bad news, and in such, may end up being bad news for the Iraqi people, as a whole.

Ran across these:
Chalabi's Iranian Connection
I linked the above because the original media source of this article required one to join to further read...bah.

The article basically insinuates that Chalabi is a Iranian stooge/pawn who was successful in giving the US intellignece community, who was already reeling from budget cuts and funding, further "bad" intelligence information. The article also mentions that he has massive ties with the Shi'ites...perhaps its a wonder why they abstained the first time from ratifying the new Iraqi Constitution?

Yeah....I supported the war, and still defend it, but whether I am right or wrong in that belief, is not the matter at hand. The matter at hand is making the US aware that this man is bad mojo, something for which I feel is slowly getting through, though I am loosely basing this off of current "inner" political articles discussing this matter. I'm not too worried about the "bad intelligence" bit, despite how many of these articles are hyping that Chalabi provided bad intelligence and the US and UK used as mentioned above, the US and UK, among other major nations and the UN had their intelligence on Saddam. What I am outraged about is that this man may have preyed on an "opportunity". That "opportunity" being a chance to oust Saddam in the grand scheme of this 'war on terror/terrorism'. And now, he is basically thumbing his nose at the US and the UK! That's what is pissing me off.
Found this:
Chalabi to US: "Thanks, suckers."

Associated article giving this impression:
Chalabi stands by faulty intelligence that toppled Saddam's regime

And these:
For Iraqi, the end justifies means
Iraq's Chalabi Says 'Blame CIA, Not Me' About WMD

Chalabi is bad news and hopefully won't be nominated by the Iraqi's, nor further backed by the US and the UK.


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posted on Mar, 21 2004 @ 05:49 PM
The government is still funding that cretin. What I'd like to know is why somebody doesn't stuff his corrupt a$$ in a sack and drop him off in Jordan - where they'd lock him up for a long, long time - for the crime he was convicted of in absentia. (20 years)

The CIA had blown him off a long time ago. It was Cheney and the NeoCons who supported him.

posted on Mar, 21 2004 @ 05:54 PM
That may well be true ECK, but my understanding, and I may have been reading wrong on this, is that Chalabi is not currently being funded, but was funded.

Again, I do believe that the US and UK are backing away from Chalabi. I don't want to see this guy voted in as leader of a unified Iraq, but he certainly has the Shi'ites clearics a bit fooled, as well as the US and UK.


posted on Mar, 21 2004 @ 06:01 PM

this guy is bad news, and in such, may end up being bad news for the Iraqi people, as a whole.

That's really the bottom line, and I wholeheartedly concur....
This would be a VERY bad idea...and hopefully, the powers that be are aware of this...

posted on Mar, 21 2004 @ 08:37 PM
I still can't get over that we are paying Chalabi $340,000 a month. He belongs in jail in Jordan.

posted on Mar, 21 2004 @ 08:52 PM
Well let's see,
The powers that be suported Sadam long ago and gave him WMD's to use against Iran and the Kurds, he bacame useless and uncoperative to the powers that be. So is it that unbelievable for the powers that be to replace him with another more coperative minion? I don't think so!


posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 12:44 AM
I would like to think that anyone smart enough to add two and two together would know that the U.S. would put the smack down on another backstabbing dictator.

posted on Apr, 28 2004 @ 08:38 PM

As worldwatcher pointed out, Chalabi and his corrupt goons are still being payed $340,00 a month, though this is currently pending a review, and now Chalabi's goon's are being charged with a host of other illegal actions undertaken by Chalabi's very own INC (Iraqi National Congress). His faulty intelligence has caused untold amount of public questions to be asked concerning this war, as well questions asked behind 'closed doors'.
Iraq congress members under investigation

Good...good. The sooner that the US and Coalition drops this moron, the better off.


posted on May, 3 2004 @ 01:33 PM
And more has been reportedly discovered, or should I say uncovered, concerning Chalabi. He has been reported to have taken a trip to Iran to meet with Iran's Ayatollah's and in doing so, it has been reported that he probably passed off some very sensitive material and information to them.

It has been further reported here within ATS that Iran has had a very ambiguious to significant hand in the insurrections in Iraq. As mentioned by one of the articles (below)....:
NEWSWEEK: Top Bush Administration Officials Briefed on Intelligence Indicating Chalabi May Have Supplied Iran With 'Sensitive' Information on American Occupation in Iraq

U.S. Government Source Says Some of the Information Chalabi Turned Over to Iran Could 'Get People Killed'

Intelligence: A Double Game

Since the war, Chalabi's contacts with Iran may have intensified: a Chalabi aide says that since December, he has met with most of Iran's top leaders, including supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his top national-security aide, Hassan Rowhani. "Iran is Iraq's neighbor, and it is in Iraq's interest to have a good relationship with Iran," Chalabi's aide says.


The Newsweek report claims electronic intercepts show Chalabi gave Iran "sensitive" tips about U.S. political plans in Iraq - but gives no details - and says there are "indications" that Chalabi leaked details of U.S. security operations.

Seems apparent that someone didn't or doesn't trust him if there are electronic intercepts being utilized.


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posted on May, 3 2004 @ 03:35 PM
Unfortunately, all this simply points to the fact that we didn't have a cohesive plan for Iraq in the post "win" stage of the game.

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 05:55 AM
I'm beginning to think that the US State Department or Pentagon is visiting here and reading most of everyones comments. I recently ran a few interesting articles on Mr. Chalabi. The first is describing and/or mentioning that the US has cut of funding of Chalabi:
US Halts $340,000 Monthly Payment to Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress

The Pentagon has halted its monthly payments to the Iraqi National Congress, the group led by Ahmed Chalabi, the man once viewed by U.S. defense officials as a potential post-war Iraqi leader.
A Pentagon spokesman says the decision to halt the monthly payments of $340,000 was made last week and that the May payment to the group was the last.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz confirmed the move in testimony before Congress. He said the cutting off of further funds to the Iraqi National Congress was linked to the coming turnover of power in Iraq following last year's U.S. invasion.

"That was a decision that was made in light of the process of transferring sovereignty to the Iraqi people," he said. "We felt it was no longer appropriate for us to continue funding in that fashion."

Good and about time.


[Edited on 20-5-2004 by Seekerof]

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 06:04 AM
And this report that has was released this morning, which mentions that the US raided the offices of the INC in Iraq: Chalabi's offices. It appears that documents and other information was removed. I'm sensing something fairly major going on with this and will try to stay on top of what transpires after.
U.S. Raids HQ of Iraqi Politician Ahmad Chalabi

There was no comment from the U.S. military press office. Police sealed off the residence in the city's fashionable Mansour district and would not allow reporters to approach. At least two Humvees could be seen, with a dozen U.S. troops milling about.

Several armed Westerners were also seen, wearing flak vests and using SUVs without license tags vehicles associated here with U.S. security.

Some people could be seen loading boxes into vehicles, and neighbors said some members of Chalabi's entourage were taken away.....

Musawi said the Americans also seized computers from INC offices.

For years, Chalabi's INC had received hundreds of thousands of dollars every month from the Pentagon, in part for intelligence passed along by exiles about Saddam Hussein's purported weapons of mass destruction.

Something is going down on this guy.


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posted on May, 20 2004 @ 08:00 AM
didn't I tell you guys, this guy was bad news?
he is responsible for most of the bad intelligence that led us into Iraq to serve his own purposes.

it's about time, the US and Coalition forces opened their eyes and see this man is a snake in a major way.

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 08:22 AM
Chalabi's people are now saying that his offices were raided because of what he knows, or was about to reveal, regarding the emerging oil-for-food scandal.

He is an opportunist who is attempting to position himself in the new government. All the info on Saddam that he has provided so far has been circumstantial at best.

posted on May, 21 2004 @ 03:02 PM
Mr. Chalabi has just been found and determined to be a spy for Iran. ANd that the information he gave would be classified as placing US soldiers and hardware in danger of being killed or destroyed.

WIll report with sources when I return...I'm in a hurry and wanted to drop this before someone else did.


posted on May, 21 2004 @ 04:12 PM
link news hogger you

heard about the Iranian ties too, no link yet, but i'm sure you got it covered.

Is it possible that this Administration had no good reasons to invade Iraq after all? I mean with no WMD'S, false info from Chalabi, we were paying him at the time too, makes you think doesn't it.

posted on May, 21 2004 @ 06:27 PM
This news on Chalabi having massive connections/ties with Iran has been ongoing since this topic was created. My second posting will indicate thus. I'm under the firm belief that Chalabi has been undergoing scrutiny since his so-called factual claims of Saddam's WMDs were seemingly proven inaccurate to being wrong. Why the US even listened to this guy still remains somewhat a mystery, especially since I mentioned already, their were sufficient documentation that existed already on the elusive WMDs.

IMHO, it was a matter of time that such an event or claim was made against him. Ongoing intelligence was being obtained and gathered on him by both the US and the Iraqi authorities. CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, and a host of other news sources are claiming virtually the samething, though there is variances.

There are also indications that Chalabi has provided details of U.S. security operations. According to one U.S. government source, some of the information Chalabi turned over to Iran could "get people killed."

'Rock Solid' Evidence Chalabi Spied for Iran
How Ahmed Chalabi conned the neocons
SPYING: Chalabi aide suspected as agent for Iran
NEWSWEEK: Top Bush Administration Officials Briefed on Intelligence Indicating Chalabi May Have Supplied Iran With 'Sensitive' Information on American Occupation in Iraq
Intelligence: A Double Game
Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi under fire
Chalabi Passed U.S. Intelligence to Iran -CBS
Raid to uncover Chalabi's secrets

And here, that says he has been feed bad information, on purpose, by the Iranian's, to mislead the US:

WASHINGTON -- The Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded that a U.S.-funded arm of Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress has been used for years by Iranian intelligence to pass disinformation to the United States and to collect highly sensitive American secrets, according to intelligence sources.

"Iranian intelligence has been manipulating the United States through Chalabi by furnishing through his Information Collection Program information to provoke the United Sates into getting rid of Saddam Hussein," said an intelligence source who was briefed on the DIA's conclusions, which were based on a review of thousands of internal documents.

Agency: Chalabi group was front for Iran

Here's a thought, just put him in the same cell with Saddam.


[Edited on 21-5-2004 by Seekerof]

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 10:06 PM
This guy's worse than Baghdad Bob. The US was his "buddy" when he was collecting $340K/month; now he is trying to distance himself from the US to endear himself to the Iraqis.

I can't help but believe though, that the US was setting him up like a bowling pin all along. regardless of what is printed in the media.

The mideast has some of the best, most experienced doublespeakers available. It is to laugh.

[Edited on 23-5-2004 by jsobecky]

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