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Advice Needed and if Possible some Help

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posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 02:13 PM
hey i wont disagree or agree with any predictions but i will say that in my younger years i would haven't even thought about it to much before i got out a razor blade and alcohol and carefully made a small lesions till i could see if it was just puss or something of another nature... now seeing how odd shaped skin markings seem to be a BIG sing of some serious skin problems i would and have mad a dr. appt and if they wouldn't see me soon then i would just hit up the old E.R... yeah the waiting is long but you probably (if like myself) will spend more time worrying about it then it would take to get it fixed and if you truly feel its something to keep on the "hush hush" then get that blade and go to it slowly... if you say no to all the above then i would at least (cant imagine how you haven't already) take a sowing needle and simply poke at it to see if you hit something hard or a full pocket of puss or whatever it could be... hey you said that you believe it to be slightly magnetic... i tell you i would go in my bathroom and cut a magnet out of my shower curtain and see if it really is and then you can rule that out or move on to your next step.


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posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 02:37 PM
Leading Surgeon Removes Suspected Alien Implants

Dr Leir said it was strange how his team could not find any entry wounds and the molecular structure of subjects skin and other tissues were not damaged.

Its possible the implants, which have magnetic properties, act as monitoring systems through being attached to peoples nervous systems.

Source of quote


Hi there startraveller
If iron filings are magnetically sticking too that area in your arm,
then maybe it is this same kind of implant above
Maybe that thing in your arm was put there when you where in the army and it has "now" after so many years only become noticeable as the body is pushing it towards the surface
The fact that there is heat noticeably being generated in that area, may also mean that the body is building up pressure behind this implant in order to expel this (foreign "Alien" body) ..
Much like when a spell or splinter in the finger becomes poisonous and the body uses this process to push the splinter to the surface
Planting a tracking device in a person arm when serving in the forces would be a good way of finding and checking where all there soldiers are when out in the battle field

Mind you this would not be a good thing for the enemy to know ...
(as being common practice by the British forces)
As this would in one way be putting the end to taking any captives prisoner
As the where about's of any soldier
would soon be located and found out

mind you .. I can't say
that anyone putting secret implants into others
is in anyway a good thing ....

anyway just few thoughts on the matter.....

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