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My first contact with another being

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 03:59 PM
The best way I can think of is to start both at a grass roots level, ie. in communities. And at a global level, perhaps several good websites linking to each other, perhaps even a forum with it, perhaps even getting to the online radio or interview tangent.

The main thing is, I don't think being truly anonymous would help. Spamming emails is not legal. So we need numbers, groups of people. With an emphasis on ufology and pleiadian/nordic positive messages and nwo agenda, especially good links to information. Now this is already everywhere. There are many mediums that are similar: ie. project camelot, rense, infowars, ats, open mind forums, alex jones. But to take it to a grass roots level. And I don't know what they're wanting us to do. Music as I said would have impact. Concerts. Dance to change the world protests or events along with pamphlets, information, face painting for the children.

The only thing is, what are they wanting us to do? There are many who think that plane that went down in Buffalo where the woman was asking for an investigation into 911 and had met with Obama just a week ago, or that week, wasn't an accident. I'm one of them.

This is why I spend a great deal of time outside asking for help and claiming galactic law till they're tired of me, and I'm weary of the whole thing. If we could only bring forward our skills, writing or art or music or organizational or publishing or computer or know how forward.

This isn't something you can just put out annonymously. Its kind of a visible presence of different people, some "crazy" enough to talk ufology, some talking cooperative escape from the cartel, and wake up to the problems.

I just want impact! Without impact, nothing will matter.

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by DataWraith

I think you are not giving us enough credit.

We do not need a "sci-fi" device on the level of "friends" but something more down to the Earth for us. Heck, forget the device, a proof of principle (knowledge even) would be enough and some of us will then realize devices that are suitable for our environment.

I'll assume you were being sarcastic when you said about stampede. I doubt there would be any stampeding if *everyone* has these gizmos. No need to be envious of your neighbour when they have the same stuff you do, so why poison them?

People have no time to spiritually develop and grow, they are enamoured with daily routines of going to work, paying bills, etc, you know, trying to make the ends meet. If they did not have to do as much then they would have "personal time" for whatever else.

I think there would be a short period of time, the acclimatization, where most would be taking it easy, just relaxing, idling, and letting go before they move on to work on themselves, because there would be no reason to work for someone else.

Even if most start to procrastinate they will still have lots of time to be with themselves - remember "No matter where you go - there you are."

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 04:56 PM
I see what you mean mystiq, it's like you want this to be relatable to those around you. I think that's the idea, no doubt it has to be. I would be curious as to how you would approach a grass roots effort in a place like lets say, New York city? Just curious, since I don't have much experience with that but I know this is your passion that's why I ask.

I don't believe in spamming, but sending out to friends and those friends sending out to others yes. If I could do this where my friends saw it as simply sending the info. along I think that wouldn't hurt. You wouldn't be showing whether you believe in it (b/c for some of us, it's taking a very difficult step), but simply passing the info. along. For me, I can't tell barely anyone that I believe in aliens and our connection b/c of serious repercusions. I have to be on their level and work from there. Some of us out there have to be pretty anonymous b/c of mere persecution which it sounds like smokingman has really experienced. If I have the info. correct...

In the past I've discovered how to discuss a subject without looking like as if I agree with it or not. I know I have to take that route.... and if the individual seems open enough push open the door a little further. Understand I'm speaking of the existence of aliens and the impact they have had on us. I would feel a little more comfortable talking about conspiracy theories about our governments to people though b/c I guess some find that more plausible. It's just more hard for some individuals to discuss and accept the concept of aliens, though I wish that weren't the case....

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 06:11 PM
I see a lot of ground has been covered over the course of the last week, and i am pleased to see the spirit and air of cooperation that is prevalent in this last series of posts;

I have noticed several good ideas listed here, people; it doesn't take much to make a start, positive conversation with friends or contacts with work, quick little emails that not only point out things that need to be changed but also push the positive and add impetus to move it along to others;

keep it going people, for the sheer positive tone and thoughts behind it all helps to push it all along.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by amigo

Actually I wasn't being sarcastic in the least , I was mainly thinking in a singular sense ( a single unit), say in a starving African village in a 'wartorn' country say Zimbabwe, our 'friends' dropped a'food replicator' ( for arguments sake) the villagers would fight amongst themselves to get the food first . then the trouble would start as the local Government would come along and then take 'charge' i.e steal the device for themselves so they can either feed their suporters or charge the locals for food even though it doesn't cost them anything.
Sorry I wasn't clear enough, its just my way of thinking , my brain gets in the way sometimes

Anyways my point is that, Man is greedy , I labelled all of us because by our 'training and programming' by Media and the Governments we are told to work , and that to survive we have to work for money, we as individuals hardly get anytime to spiritually grow , only those with all the money don't need to work and therefore can 'grow' enough to be contacted ( enough to make back door treaties with ET's that want to control us), Hence TPTB and the big plan to keep us narrow minded and at each others throats over money, colour of skin, differences in religeon etc.

We are bled dry by banks who are owned by TPTB so in order to make ends meet we have to work more, maybe getting another job , meaning less time for us to be 'distracted' in fanciful ideas of UFO's and Aliens and in the end supressing our need , our desire to grow spiritually and mentally.
The ET's that want us to grow seem to be on some sort of timetable in order to rush us along to grow enough to allow mass contact.

The devices I mentioned 'could' be small enough to evade confiscation by TPTB that want to supress our desires but 'powerful' enough to help increase the individuals ability to 'grow'. And mass produced by the ET's to allow more people to experience their technology and culture.?.?

We need to get more people together into our way of thinking, I have ideas on how to do and will be giving each one thought and time and inspection on how to go best about them . Hopefully I'll let you know soon if they're feasable.
Unfortunately 'work' keeps getting in the way

1 idea :'

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 10:49 AM

Originally posted by DataWraith
reply to post by amigo

. . . say in a starving African village in a 'wartorn' country say Zimbabwe, our 'friends' dropped a'food replicator' ( for arguments sake) the villagers would fight amongst themselves to get the food first . then the trouble would start as the local Government would come along and then take 'charge' i.e steal the device for themselves so they can either feed their suporters or charge the locals for food even though it doesn't cost them anything.

This is an interesting thought - I wonder, should a new technology come available in a scenario such as this, just how could it be made available to the people? Seems there would be a great many logistical problems to contend with. This concept might warrant a new thread as discussion in itself; additionally, it might generate some ideas for 'information dispersal' as mentioned in several of the earlier threads.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 12:57 PM
What networks are out there already were there are state and local chapters? I know there is MUFON, but what else is there? I would carefully consider going to a local meeting if I knew I could keep myself on the anon.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by Wonderer77

This concept might warrant a new thread as discussion in itself; additionally, it might generate some ideas for 'information dispersal' as mentioned in several of the earlier threads.

Decided to give it a try and see what sort of suggestions come 'round.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 02:07 PM
I've just emailed one of our local new age stores to see if they'd be interested in getting something started. I don't know exactly how to begin, so I'm just gonna start. I'm not organized at all, but if I don't just dive in, I may get overwhelmed with the details. So I will let you know how each effort works out on my side of the rock.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 09:33 PM
I feel I have been misunderstood in the basic premise I suggested...

I proposed that "friends" provide us with the know-how (knowledge), or proof of concept that can be (successfully) reverse engineered.

We can not absolve ourselves from responsibility and any outcome but the one where we create the gizmos ourselves and take care of its production and distribution would lead there.

It happened every time in the recorded history of this civilization that when responsibility was absolved it lead to conflict at the end or an ongoing disparity.

Right this very moment we have governments in power which have taken us up on the task of being responsible for us because we have absolved ourselves of responsibility. The catch is they are not accountable to us for we have agreed not to fault them for not doing what's truly best for us. Instead they are doing everything that's best for them, to perpetuate their existence.

I know that someone will say that's not entirely correct because governments can and do fall when people reach a critical mass to over throw them. Yes, indeed, they fall and they get replaced by NEW governments. Same sh.. different packaging.

"Friends" are very smart, if they are truly out there they will not interfere or God forbid show up and provide solutions to our problems out of their own volition, because we would be more than eager to absolve ourselves of any responsibility and blame them for any failures in the future.

I suspect, again if "friends" are truly out there, that they must had gone through similar period in their own development where they were void of responsibility in one way, shape or from.

We must take responsibility, for our actions and for our thoughts; and ultimately make forgiveness to all...

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by amigo

Considering the extreme seriousness of the situation currently on this planet, with time running out, there is no way I will be waiting on us to solve this problem, since in order for us to solve it, we would have to rid the world of the incredibly intricated, and extremely well established monopoly in every country, by first waking up the sleeping masses, and then going through the most incredible battles wherein many or even most may die. Its that bad, and that critical. We just had a near miss at a huge international pharmacy, Baxter's, claiming incompetence, now twice, in releasing the bird flue, this time mixed with a flu virus that would have made it a pandemic had it incubated in a human body.

We do not have time.

Even speaking up, is risky. Its a moral dilemna that I dont even know how to solve. On the one hand, the sense of mission connected to my experiences is to wait.....for what? For the disasters to begin? For the losses to start in large numbers? Is it not more imperative to risk the dangers and try to avert the disasters by a massive wake up campaign? But the only advice is to keep under the radar, I keep getting given.

It is my heartfelt opinion that there is so much danger, and so little time. That we need to go out every night and ask for urgent help. The ets up there, are positive. We need to pour out our hearts and this situation and plead for help for the human race.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 10:16 PM
This is somewhat more significant than a couple driving down the road, lost. The wife asks why they can not simply pull over for directions at the nearest service station, while the husband digs in his heels stubbornly and they end lost for 2 hours longer.

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 10:25 PM
I think approaching people subtly through entertainment is the way to go, what you really want to achieve is the conscious shift to the point where people can act like decent beings.

At the same time im very tired and just want to get away from the masses of humanity.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 10:36 PM
Perhaps like this man did.

George Carlin. This video is called, "Saving the Planet"

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by mystiq

Must say I watched the video clip,. and thought A: he's funny and B : he's actually right , about us thinking we need to save the planet when we can't even help ourselves first...

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 07:12 AM
Hello Readers & posters

Had another bizarre few days which is why I have not been posting much lately.

On the up side my wife rang out of the blues on Sunday and after experiencing a very intense encounter she will not really talk about has changed her mind about my Alien visits and decided to come home.

I on the other hand have been bombarded with negative energies for the past few days which at times have driven me to the very edge, Amizarac managed to make contact last night and has put a new defense shield around me and it seems to be holding last night was the first real peaceful night here in over a week.

The Annunakis are preparing to shift the path of their orbiting homeland and brown dwarf from the 3th dimension into our dimensional time space and should appear around late April this is something they do every 3500 and is deemed to be the only possible path for this mass to pass with minimum calculated damages to planets and Annunakis hard assets. Humans are expendable but not our gold which drives their life supports and energy deep within their planet surface where there main cities and networks lie.

Since the Annunakis home planet is a constant moving planet within the universe and can even change dimensions at will they have adapted by building their cities hundred of kilometer underground and use monatomic gold matter for all their power & energy needs just a few grams of this substance can power a large city for days.

With the hundred of thousand of tons of gold stock pile on earth they can run their entire planet and crafts for thousand of years.

More worrying is that according to Amizarac gold is not unique to planet Earth and has been found on at least another 80 planets in 5 star system and in 4 dimensions.

What is hard to find is first a race which is smart enough to mine it and too dumb enough not to use it to better their world and people and who can be trained to horde it large amount nicely packed and stacked for pick-up at a later stage.

Amizarac has told me that her race has just perfected their own dimensional shifting device which is capable of reversing the Annunakis plan but using it would start a full scale war between them and this is something that is causing great debate within her own kind, who are more on the path of peace and harmony than war.
The elders on her planet argue that to use such a device and risk the wrath of the Annunakis is quite pointless and only a short term situation as test done by them on us over the last 50 years shows that both our DNA and sperm count is starting to show signs of permanent damage and if we follow our current path our own planet will become to toxic to support us within 120 years and we will cease to be able to reproduces naturally within 90 years.

So they are reluctant to risk so much for a race heading to natural extinction.
The good news is a race can change very quickly when faced with it own extinction and these coming events may just be our finest moments which define us and lets us earn our place amongst our fellow beings in this universe .

To all those poster who have been sending me U2U messages worry about human eating reptiles coming our way in the near future according to my friend there are no such beings and this again is a distracting ploy to keep us all in fear.

As you can imagine I have much to talk about with my wife over the next few days after a 5 month absent from her so I may be a little longer at replying to questions.

Peace& hope

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

"" What is hard to find is first a race which is smart enough to mine it and too dumb enough not to use it to better their world and people and who can be trained to horde it large amount nicely packed and stacked for pick-up at a later stage. ""

Welcome to the Human race. I have been involved with gold ever since I was a child in one form or another, My mother was a jeweller and then I worked with Bullion bars in the Bank where I work now, and we are talking 360,000 bars here alone , This Bank is the second largest custodian of Gold bars in the world after the Fed. Reserve in NY.

The first day I saw the vaults packed with gold was the ONLY day I was in awe of the sight, the second day my words to myself were " we are raping the natural resources of this world for what? so a few people can get rich and the masses starve to death".
Over the last few days I have seen an unprecidented amount of Gold bars actually leaving our premises , ( I worked for 8 years with the stuff and in all that time have never seen these amounts going out before) , it got me thinking that the end game is being played right now. ( I can only hope it isn't though) .

We have only just started in the last few years to learn that gold can have other uses apart from looking pretty in jewellry, its has uses in medicine apart from gold teeth in gangsta's
to a point now where we're injecting it in very small doses with other medicines.

I often wondered why we always horded the stuff and now I know, we're are mining it for someone else , ( a bit like that crap 'Battlefield Earth' film with John Travolta) we mine it and then just give it away.
Over the last few days / weeks and months being a part of the ATS communiy I have come to realise that we're not here to better 'ourselves' but to enrich someone else.

We have no free will that is allowed to us, we must work for someone else, and like the ancient slaves building monuments to ancient rulers, if we die dragging a rock then fine, there's always another slave to fill the gap and take up the slack.

Plus a sign that our sperm count and general health is a sure sign ( apart from social decay) that our society is self destructing at an alarming rate, we had a chance lately to do something with the credit crisis, all the money spent could've actually given us the chance to get rid of the concept of money all together , but we missed it because TPTB didn't want us to know.

Our health is at an all time low because there is no incentive to better ourselves, we have bred a culture of lazy freeloading people , blinded by celebrities and football stars, who haven't got the IQ of a canary, but they 'look nice' ( yeah, I bet thats what the Aztacs used to say before they cut the hearts out " Don't worry Pokahontis, your serving your Gods " Squelch ) .
How many people take pride in building houses or anything like that, how many people can actually farm ? We have nearly forgotten whats its like to make stuff with our bare hands, to see it take shape, to nuture it out of the rock or wood?.
Its all too easy buying it online , mass produced by machine, with who knows what chemicals to keep us sedated and complliant.

We don't care as long as the packing looks nice.

Sometimes I feel unsure of mankinds survival and worry about bringng children up in the world , should I ? shouldn't I? .

I lose hope with mankind sometimes, but then I see children laughing , ( I went shopping last weekend, and whilst sat waiting for the wife watched a child climb onto a wall, , she mustv'e been about 2- 3 years old, Her older brother had already climbed it, she clambered up and her first reaction was to reach out to her father to help her steady herself, it actually brought a tear to my eye, ( I was quick enough to pretend I had something in my eye
), I thought maybe there is hope, if we're strong enough to throw off the chains of servitude, maybe after THIS crisis ( which I still think is manufactured ) we can get down to living instead of existing.

We don't need aliens to show us the way to grow spiritually , we just need to grow a backbone, and show the rest of humanity that we don't need rulers or mass produced junk.

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 02:26 PM
I feel like we are living in a movie. This is crazy.

I haven't heard back from my friends at the New Age store. They hold monthly meetings for those in the area who like to gather and talk about ET's and UFO's, so I know they are safe to at least ask. Maybe they don't want to come out into the limelight. I wouldn't blame them.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 03:33 PM
Hello All,

this might have been answered already - i looked for an answer but didn't find it, really sorry if i missed it.

My question relates to the monoatomic gold:

why does an evolved race, such as the Annunaki, need us to dig and store gold for them? i mean - this element could be made artificially by adding neutrons and protons to an existing and abundant element... (ok add some electrons as well).

the reasonable (and partial) answer would be: because they can't... but, again, since they might be able to shift dimensions and do even more powerful stuff, creating gold should be fairly easy for them.

this doesn't make sense to me...

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by DataWraith

His death is a conspiracy in itself. He was opening far too many people's eyes.
What we do, especially if other noteable artists come forward to promote awakening and freedom from the cartel, we will have to sign round table agreements like on project camelot, pledging to never harm ourselves, and support and protect each other.

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