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My first contact with another being

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by the seeker_713g

i agree with your statement as well. especially the balance part. there is most certainly a balance needed to live in the now but also be aware of potential issues in the future. it all works together and is another one of those topics that can be difficult to explain, for me anyway. my main point in this part of the discussion is to point out that it is essential to be aware of what the collective around you is co-creating and simultaneously creating your own experiences within that.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 08:51 PM
I just want the galactic laws that have been broken in enslaving this planet so that its citizens cannot think straight or exercise free will, be righted and that we all understand the truth and know that we will have help if we ask for it, after the true laws, and the way in which they pertain to us, and also, the manner in which we may seek remedy and have these laws addressed is explained. In other words, a righteous police action, followed by social scientists instructing us and freeing us will make me feel more relaxed. Then I'll enjoy the spiritual side of things alot more. But right now, I want some positive galactic action, not nwo action.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 09:19 PM

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 10:33 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
I just want the galactic laws that have been broken in enslaving this planet. But right now, I want some positive galactic action, not nwo action.

..Galactic laws
....where are these and can the general public read them. Mystiq....I thought this was smokers thread...if you want to spew nonsense...maybe you should make your own thread.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 10:45 PM
After reading this long thread for the past 3 hours all I can say is too bad ATS does not have a forum where a password is needed to enter.

(On topic)

I read with interest and I enjoy reading what people experience and write about. What I come away with from the readings is mine to interpret if anything. I have to say I didn't like and didn't bother reading the stalkers of the thread, those posts where boring and too tedious.

OP I give you my deepest respect for enduring all these pages and remaining civil, you stuck to your belief in your experience. You don't need to prove your self to what you believe to be true.

I have my own beliefs and some are similar to what was stated in these pages and some not.

Thank you for sharing.


posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:33 AM

Originally posted by cindymars
reply to post by mystiq

Yes natural fear...a bear is gonna afraid.
When in the moment and you or your family are indanger but
not a possible scenario fear or a lot of ingrained BS fear we have.
[edit on 18-2-2009 by cindymars]

yes natural fear thats in the moment, this is what I mean not planned fear of a scenario that may never happen (EVEN if it HAS already happened to you in the past, this is not reason to live your life in a future fear of it happenning again, this fear is just taking life energy away from you because your constantly leeking energy to a "future fear"). Azurite is right its hard to put it across, and I understand why others see it as not planning for the future by using lessons learnt from the past.

I will go away and try and put it better..not promising I can but I will try.

Oh and this IS on topic because this whole thread is related to future predictions which to me can evoke fear, even if they were passed on to help us, they could still evoke fear.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:42 AM
reply to post by Rhain

ATS DOES have a password to enter, its part of the LOG ON process and besides if you had to input a password everytime you wanted to post a reply most people wouldn't be bothered and threads would die a lot quicker.

reply to post by Mr Green

Fear is a natural emotion we all feel in the face of the unknown or unliked, Like when your walking through a neighbourhood you know is rough , you feel a pang of fear - - will I be attacked?
The dark - - are they're boogymen hiding in the shadows?
(Boogymen , I like the term , what is a boogyman anyway?)
ET's - - will they an*lprobe me or eat my brains?

Fear is pounded on us daily by the media and papers, even word of mouth . TPTB want to control us with fear , the ET's are bad and want to hurt you ( but what that really means is ,, ET's are friendly and want to help you release your spiritual nature and become more enlightened , but we, TPTB don't want to relinguish our control of you.)

There are more and more depressing stories on the news about wars, children killing children, crashes and deaths, it makes you fearful to go outside and experience life , so you'll sit infront of the television and learn what TPTB want you to learn, to be afraid of your own shadow , so they TPTB can come and 'rescue' you from fear.

If we had a choice of staying home and watching TV or meeting an ET and learning the truth most people would stay at home, But if the truth ever comes out TPTB would be the ones with fear as the masses would be literally gunning for them.
But sites and discussions like this are the start of the learning process and yes some people are scared of learning new things that affect they're way of understanding the 'ways of the world' they live in, it challenges their very core beliefs and then they are scared.
There's no point to being afraid , live every second, learn new things, if more people weren''t afraid there'd be more replies to this and many other threads.

Oh and Smokinman , thanks for the site info, most informative.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 07:58 AM
Anoher strange night.

Around 3 am last night I was getting ready for bed and was in my bathroom and had just finished brushing my teeth when I noticed a bright glow coming from my bedroom I notice that same round portal forming on my main wall and thought it was Orzeml paying me another visit with the lastest up date.

To my surprise Amizarac came thru and extending her hand said come with me it is not safe for me here

standing there in only a pair of boxer short I thought about getting dressed first and heard her voice in my mind say no time trust me.

So I grabbed her hand and followed her throught the portal in my wall once on the other side the bright portal closed and we were in a very sterile white and metalic room that was dimly lit.
I followed Amizarac down to room to what appeared to be a dead end when at the last second an arc doorway appeared and we walked through it .
We then entered the strangest room I have ever been into the pathway was metal but the wall were bare rock the room was huge and warm near the centre of this room was a small pond and a metal deck huge over it we made our way to the deck and I saw that there was what looked like two strange chairs but with not legs just hanging there in midair on this deck on this small pond.
Amizarac said please sit there and she sat in there other chair.
I asked here what is this place and where am I
her voice replied this is one of our safe havens on your planet but I can not tell you where it is yet.
I ask her why it was warm in here she replied that the body of water was a volcanic lake and that was what kept the room warm.
starting to feel a little uncomftable in my boxer short she sense this and said do not trouble yourself we do not judge appearance like humans.
To which I replied you look like us are you not human too
She answered we are like you be we are not you ,but this conversation we will finish another day.
She then gave at me with a very serious look and said.
many are trying to stop us from changing the balance of your people and as the time gets nearer we must be more careful.
Orzeml is still on our home planet gathering more support for our cause
I then asked her " Are there rule or bodies governing our fate?
She replied rules and treaties written thousands of years ago can no longer apply to todays human race.
I then asked so we are prisoners here?
She answered no your planet was made a ward of the Annunakis eons ago and they have proven to be more masters than teachers so we are trying to change this heading.
The problem is many of your own people at the highest levels have imbraced the Annunakis values and are fighting us just as hard.
I replied Amizarac how do I really now you are telling me the truth.
She look at me and almost smile and said on our world when we want to sound a persons true intent we do this. she then reached over and took both my hands into hers and for the first second or so some sort of fireworks went off in my head and then all of a sudden I felt emotions and feeling of wellbeing I never expected possible and it was like I was inside her very soul and mind and there was nothing by light and well being .

After what seemed like hours she broke our hand contact and within seconds I was back to normal I asked her could you see in me the way I saw in you?
She replied yes.
I then felt embarrass and said " sorry I have not always lived a pure life as you.
She replied you have no need to be sorry as all humans have basic flaws.
We spoke on others things which I will not put on this board yet and then she escorted me back the way we came when I got home only 4o minute had past be it felt like many hours.
yes another strange night.
And a very late start today.
Peace& hope

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

I was thinking recently what would happen if an ET 'contacted' me whilst I was in my underwear. at least I wouldn't have to be embarassed now

and I had a feeling the Annu's where trying to be masters and that TPTB would side withthem over us for the sake of a few pennies.

Oh and next time ask Amizarac if she is willing or able to either contact other's herself of she is able to suggest someone for contact to her higher orders.

The more the merrier I always say..

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:22 AM
I have a feeling if it was up to them, that freeing us up to make free will choices would be the right and natural, even legal thing to do, but the reason this is not done, and possibly resisted by higher councils is that doing so may turn the situation into a war, and in order for such an outcome, something viewed in the most serious way by the peaceful people of the universe, so up until now the answer has been no, from the councils and good planets, because they cant just go to war for every abuse of power. Possibly why so many are monitoring the planet as well, to thoroughly assess the situation and bring back enough evidence that we ask to be freed.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

I'm wondering if she took you to a place called inner earth? did she mention this phrase at all?

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by mystiq
I have a feeling if it was up to them, that freeing us up to make free will choices would be the right and natural, even legal thing to do, but the reason this is not done, and possibly resisted by higher councils is that doing so may turn the situation into a war, and in order for such an outcome, something viewed in the most serious way by the peaceful people of the universe, so up until now the answer has been no, from the councils and good planets, because they cant just go to war for every abuse of power. Possibly why so many are monitoring the planet as well, to thoroughly assess the situation and bring back enough evidence that we ask to be freed.

we are free to make free will choices. it is OUR free will choices that have led to the state this planet is in in the first place, free will choices the collective has been making for millions of years. the idea that one does not have a free will choice is exactly what malevolent beings want us to think and have taught us to think. one can be in this world but not of it. one just has to make that leap or choice. no one needs to GIVE us free will choice back b/c it has never left us that is an illusion and a product of the twisted teachings and ideas that have been presented on this planet for thousands of years. we have always had free will choice the problem is the majority of the population is to brain washed to exercise it properly at this point.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:38 AM
None of us are free to make choices, but most truly believe the world is a completely different place, with leaders who while corrupt because only the more greedy seek power, so how could you find a good one, nonetheless are truly dealing with unfortunate incidents and skirmishes around the world (911, various wars, tribal disasters) and that when they don't do a good job, its because they're misguided. Many believe this is the best the world can be.

We're living in a fascist system where every single newspaper and media is controlled, where one family (Rothschild's) owns almost half the worlds wealth,
where all the various sides in a war are set up by TPTB, and where people are basically, intellectually, put to sleep so they cant make free will choices.

For example, DC Comics put a Superman comic out depicting the twin towers and fire 1 day after the event. Theres a thread here about that. 101% proof!
I mention it to my father, with his head buried in a newspaper and he thinks ATS is making me insane and should be taken offline! My father is a very intelligent, mensa intelligence, left winged decent man, who does not have free will but is thoroughly brainwashed.

Consequently in this world, the leaders can do anything, murder and bomb millions of innocent civilians, depopulate an entire continent with starvations measures (Africa) and arrest a teenage girl in school for text messaging, when she should have gotten a detention.

We do not have free will, we are a controlled, MC, lied to and grossly manipulated race that needs to be freed.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by mystiq

i think you are confusing the idea of FREE WILL in a spiritual sense with FREEDOM in a 3-D sense. i was speaking from a spiritual level. once a person has woken up in a spiritual manner you would be surprised how much FREEDOM comes in the 3-D sense. the FREE WILL has always been there. your dad is choosing to think your insane and choosing not to look at the info here on ATS etc.

the FREEDOM issue is something else in the 3-D earthly sense ie taking guns away, creating bogus laws of all kinds, going to war, etc. however as i said before one CAN find FREEDOM amongst all the imprisonment they are attempting in this society.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:01 AM
The spiritual aspects are not what I mean by law, galactic law, ets, or our planet.
Spiritually speaking, we also need to be freed. There are some who believe our souls, which are but a part of our HS soul matrix, are trapped here by Enki's group and reprocessed by them. There is talk of a machine, or a soul trap.
This wouldn't be freedom either, or imply free will. However, I don't talk about spiritual matters. Freeing the world and allowing this planet to evolve is concrete, as are our visitors, concrete people.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:18 AM
yes thats what ron hubbard believed...

There was also a UFO cult that had all its members kill themselves so their soul would get caught on a comet that was passing the earth...

Tell me the government is controlling us?

There is obviously control happening.

I believe however you see the world is how your heart truly is.

When i look at the world i see miracles and beautiful things.

I don't read newspapers.

I feel there's something wrong here. I can't put my finger on it but it feels devious.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:31 AM
That entire cult sounds like a mini example of MC, whereas this world is a larger example of MC. I see beauty in the natural world, and in peoples hearts, but I'm sure there was both natural beauty in the surroundings and in the childrens hearts in Nazi Germany too.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by mystiq

In nazi Germany there were soldiers with guns to your head... Thats how evil governments control people. And evil governments blame Jews for world control as well.

You can't speak your mind on a public forum like this against the government without getting sent to camps.

And the government could get your computer location in 5 seconds, yet your still here?

Either the information you have is not a threat to them or in fact there is no secret controlling government.

I've spent the last two years dealing with a person that has had their mind fuc$%ed up by a dangerous cult and she was five years old when she got in thanks to her all knowing mother.

So yes, i don't like it when people have agendas of their own.

[edit on 19-2-2009 by spacial]

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by azurite

Az, you are mixing apples and oranges here, for true spiritual awakening is one side of the coin and conscious realization of the true state and reality that we live in is the other;

we are programmed from birth that we should think in a specific manner and follow a specific set of guidelines, principals, and morals to fit in with the general specs of the matrix, just as we are force fed many different shades and flavors of religious doctrines and principals imposed on us as another type of control factor, 99.9% of which is predicated on the fears instilled into our psyche;

the spiritual awareness that gives freedom helps replenish and embellish the soul and raise the vibrational level, bringing more positive or light effects into our sphere and clears the vision so one can see thru the contol by fear and let one realise there is nothing to fear, we are eternal beings, and to make the best we can out of every moment and situation;

the conscious awakening to our reality being based on totally negative constructs, i.e. fear, greed, envy, sloth, ego, vanity, prejudice, racism, all this is designed to keep us beat down, to keep the negativity flowing, and to prevent us from ever having any chance to evolve to a higher state of being, giving the PTB control over us by the very basics of the society and it's requirements;

add in that it is purposefully structured where, for all intents and purposes, you have to have some money to survive; the natives of north america did a wonderful job of existing in a cashless society for many eons, living in harmony with nature and the eco systems with no concept of or any need for money in any form;

we have purposefully be led into a high tech nightmare we call normal living, full of toys and gadgets that occupy the mind and keep us focused on chasing the dollar so we can have more toys, to be envious of someone that has more, and to forget the basic fact we are all the same, should all be regarded and treated the same, instead of killing men, women, and children by the thousands because someone thinks they are better and more deserving or thinks that they are right and everyone else is wrong, stupid, or just doesn't deserve to live..

i can't put it any more plain than that; we all live here; we all have the right to be free, to make our own choices, and to be free from any form of domination or control.

The message that Smokingman has brought to us is that we as a society are a joke; we need to change and learn to care for our own, for there is no reason for any child to go hungry, for anyone to live in squalid poverty, or to have to fight and die because of some stupid ideal or belief.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 10:03 AM
Some people may see that response as "negative" but some of us would call it reality.

It's like a child that is watching a fantasy movie that you have to turn off because they have to go to school.

They think you are being negative but as an adult you know there is this thing called reality. You are bursting the bubble of illusion and illusion can be so destructive even if it's feels positive.

Take drugs for instance like Heroin for example. They make you feel so positive and blissful but is it healthy?

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