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My first contact with another being

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by the seeker_713g

I have seen three objects in my lifetime. There were in every sense of the word unidentified, I never assumed off the bat that there were of alien origin. A possibility,yes, but fact no. These are the reasons I came into this subject, to find truth, but all I find is stories and hearsay no proof of any kind. Footage and pictures of ufo's are not proof of anything alien only proof that there are things out there that we have no clue as to what they are. The alien hypothesis is only one of many possibilities, but people blindly believe and only hinder the serious research into this. What if it is not alien will people believe or will they continue to believe the government is hiding something? I am willing to accept what ever the real answer is, can most people say that?

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by DataWraith

riggs2099’s attitude is a perfect example of what happens when a believer is exposed constantly to fakery and hoaxing; a complete loss of confidence in something once thought possible. This is how hoaxing and the very real phenomenon of UFO cults based on erroneous alien revelations, in the long run, damages ufology.

Maybe the aliens would realise that asking someone to tell their story isn't going to be believed with having proof supplied.

They haven’t in this case, have they? it’s the same old same old story.

But it seems sometimes they think that people are naive enough to believe anything

because it works, that’s why. There’s a lot of gullible and needy folk out there who are desperate to be part of something spectacularly otherworldy.

or that some will never believe no matter what proof is forthcoming because they believe so blindly that aliens DO NOT exist, because thats what they've been told.

Exactly. Or, that the only “evidence” they’ve been exposed to are spurious claims, fake videos, media ridicule and “gurus”. A total rejection of the alien abduction scenario is maybe not too healthy as it assumes that we know exactly how the world, and everything that encompasses existence, works.

And the truth is, we don’t.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by Beamish

excellent post, Beamish, for that is exactly what we are faced with on a daily basis; everyone wants proof, but realistically, what is going to be acceptted as proof?

Photos and videos are out along with eyewitness accounts; so unless we can find a crashed saucer and carry it around the country so all could see it and touch it, what do we do?

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by riggs2099

good answer, riggs; and points well made; I have had sightings myself and can't tell you what they were or where they were from, just waiting to find out one way or another.

I also have friends that have abduction experiences, and to look in their eyes, study their body language, hear the at times fear and sincerity in their voices make it hard to brush off.

in the end we are still on the fence, for there isn't any 100% concrete proof either way; I can't prove or dis-prove the scenario, so I remain as objective and open as possible.

I have strange scars that I have no memory of getting, and episodes of missing time; but other than that I can't say anything else about it, for I don't know.

Perhaps one day we will all have the answers we seek; until then...

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 11:14 AM
And proof is not something they (et or black op or any combination thereof) wants to leave behind in any case. I've seen very good pictures, including nasa ones, articles on implants, read much testimony. This is kind of a big issue, a very important one. And all the differing programs out there that involve ordinary people and mess with their lives, (et or black op or any combination thereof) are not user friendly.

You don't have to believe any one persons account. No one is forcing you or twisting your arms to participate. But, you don't trust people, or think we learn from each other and share what we know, bounce experiences of each other, to sort out mysteries, things that quite frankly shouldn't be happening to people to begin with, at least not like this. Whats being done in stealth, treating people like mushrooms, kept in the dark and felt a steady stream of BS, is not only disrespectful, but criminal.

I myself have suspected you're working for them. I give you the benefit of the doubt, but.... if you are, you should be doing some soul searching, because there are a lot of people involved in stealth activities (et or black op or any combination thereof) that are really not impressed with being treated like mushrooms.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 03:23 PM
Another late day for me
This thread has being busy today.
This is a very good time to come out and attact me as I have many personal issues to deal with and can only be on the board for short periods at present.

Yes and those personal issues I have can also be used to claim that this must be why I am as mad as a hatter.

but also remember when I started this thread all those months back I was an average married working Joe with no problems in his life.

I am dealing with my daily problems as quickly as I can and once I have them sorted I will be back to continue with my messages.

I have more to add and will not just go away as some have hinted.

If you dont like reading what I have to say the answer is easy just say your bit and get the hell off my thread.

This week has been straining for me and it has nothing to do with the content of this thread.
to all the readers of this thread hope you all have a nice weekend.
I will now go and relax in my living room and killoff a bottle of Jack D neat

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Take care of your business and your mother, SM; we will all still be here when you get things settled and come back to talk again.

good luck and best wishes on your trying times, and a speedy recovery to your mother.


posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 07:12 PM
I am so sorry Im still trying to read this thread, however it is a good thread, one that is of positive energy so i believe the poster.

This is the grey area after all remember, no proof is required except the validation of the poster who I actually think is telling the truth.

Thankyou for your thread.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 07:19 PM
My heart goes out to you on your personal issues. Take care of the things that matter the most.
This thread is much appreciated.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:29 AM
Hello readers

Because of certain posters questioning my sanity I have decided to disclose an little more about the mystery poster who is known as smokingman.
December 1977 Summer break

The immigrant boy of just 14 and his father wake up at the crack of dawn somewhere deep in an area known as the Windgate Mountains in the northern outback of Australia they are 200 miles from the nearest town and 50 miles from the nearest station ( cattle Farm) at the Daly river.
The boy gets out of his sleeping bag and places fresh wood on the smoldering ashes then billy can in hand walks down the riverbank to freshen up and get the water needed for their morning brew.

Returning to camp he places the billy into the hot ambers and throw a hand full of tea in it, his father is already heating the beans and bacon rashes in a large blacken pan over the camp fire.
30 minutes later they leave camp rifle on shoulder , water cans on hips and prospector pick and dish in hand.
This routine is repeated everyday for 4 weeks as they follow rivers and creek beds panning for fine gold and trying to trace this gold back to a ore bearing quarts reef.
They face many dangers from brown snakes, wild pigs and the old salty ( Crocodile) they shoot scrub turkeys, wild ducks and Roos and fish for black bream to make up their evening meals.
At night they stare at the starry skies and sometimes see object moving at speeds they cant understand and wonder what this things could be.

Fast forward 2004

The Immigrant boy has made good he is the captain of his industry live in a multi million dollars house has the SL500 and Porsche 911 in his garage and over 100 workers running their 3 companies.
Counts 1 ex Prime Minister and many A listers amongst his friends is well known in casino world wide and is a feared Baccarat player in private rooms., Then suddenly while on a holiday with his wife he and her vanish without a trace. Friends and Family report them missing and interpol launch a huge world wide missing persons search but the trail goes cold in Frankfurt.
Three years later he contacts interpol and explains that going missing is legal and they have started a new life in Europe and wishes to be left alone interpol fearing he may have harmed his wife insist on speaking to her she then contacts them an after confirming her identity also inform them she wish to be left in peace. This is still the status quo today.

So for those who think that be current issues I am facing may be what has driven me over the edge think again I have faced far worst ones in the past and always came out standing on both feet.
The Mystery deepens
Peace and hope
Smoking man.
Ps My Mum is doing well and I will go and see her later as its 100km each way.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:45 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Was this amazon nordic lady carrying a red tipped 'laser' gun by any chance? and... if so, was she wearing a tinfoil looking suit?

Sorry but the billy meier thing just threw your entire story for me... this 'object in the solar system' mumbo jumbo I've heard this for the past 20 years on coast to coas am with Art Bell, a dream? I don't know, nice touch with the cats though, but your first mistake was billy meier, he was *never* telling the truth.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 06:58 AM
post removed because the user has no concept of manners

Click here for more information.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 06:22 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

I am at a loss as to what to make of your last post.

How does insinuating who you are help in bolstering your claims? And why even do that? Are you trying to impress us?

I really do not think it is important, or even relevant, if your alleged previous existence was replete with the trappings of fame and wealth; that does not add anything corroborative to your claims, and if anything it comes across as a rather uncomfortable attempt at making yourself seem "mysterious". It makes no matter if you think you were a financial "James Bond" type figure, or if you even were that high up in your field. Adding this new slant to your story, in my opinion, is pushing it firmly into the realms of slapstick.

With respect, and totally without malice, I don't care who you are. Your history and life are obviously important to you, but they are not important here unless it has a direct relevance to the thread.
This forum is about anonymity.
If this thread was ever about personality, and with your new post that is precisely what you are steering it towards, as opposed to the purity of the "message" then you should have either approached the Three Amigo's at the start of the thread to reveal your "fame", or printed your name at the very start and been done with it.

We are not criticising you but questioning your claims and trying to find out why you came forward with them.

Unfortunately, the possibility that you are suffering from some form of delusion is as valid an explanation of your contact as it is actually being real. And if anyone argues to the contrary then they should take some time to re-evaluate their reasoning abilities. Just because we are reading of scenarios full of recognisable imagery and concepts does not mean they actually happened.

To smokingman2006’s followers; allowing a generic re-telling of the whole abduction/contactee happening to reinforce your own experiences does not diminish the significance of your events, but by associating with it you are allowing that very personal part of your life to be tainted by ridicule. Do you think it was worth going through what you went through for that to happen?

smokingman2006, please have the decency to readdress my previous post regarding the Billy Meier issue and your inconsistencies without throwing it back in my face. Just answer my allegations.

Has the mystery deepened with this new "revelation"?

No, smokingman2006, it hasn't. It's just become even murkier.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by Beamish
Beamish, let me play devil's advocate for a moment;
remember when you wanted to have a french transcript made? and the OP stated his reasons for wanting to keep total anonynimity in France?

Perhaps this last post is to re-inforce why he wants to remain anonymous?

I am also curious about your statement about the generic re-telling of his story by others? Perhaps a link so we may observe it for ourselves?

No one can deny that you are thorough and concise in your posts, but it also has almost a vendetta approach to it at times.

It is very simple, actually, for we are either going to discover that it is a story and nothing more, or it will turn out to be a factual account; if it is just a tale,oh,well, chalk up another one; if it isn't just a tale we are all in for a very interesting future in the days ahead.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 07:42 AM
I believe he is once again trying to make himself more important then he may actually be. It is another symptom of the disorder in my last post. I mean...beamish is right..who cares what you were before it does not make the fable any more believable. I mean if you say who you are this important fella who went missing and Interpol got involved, then it would be in some archived paper somewhere and if one put the time and effort into ...could find it. I would not though because of 2 reasons..1st the story could be true but who is to say it is you and not just someones story you decided to borrow 2nd it's not true and someon wasted thier time looking for it..but let's face it...the person you described could not disappear without making headlines.

[edit on 1-2-2009 by riggs2099]

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 08:13 AM

Originally posted by riggs2099
I believe he is once again trying to make himself more important then he may actually be. It is another symptom of the disorder in my last post. I mean...beamish is right..who cares what you were before it does not make the fable any more believable.

Very true,Riggs; but that wasn't my point;I am not judge-mental of any, just waiting to see what comes next; it is still an interesting read, and I don't have un-denialable proof that it is or isn't true; that will come in due time. I deal with life one day at a time and patiently await.

See ya.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by the seeker_713g

remember when you wanted to have a french transcript made? and the OP stated his reasons for wanting to keep total anonynimity in France? Perhaps this last post is to re-inforce why he wants to remain anonymous?

Please re-read that quote of yours carefully. If he is trying to maintain his anonymity, then why supply such precise information about himself? Any PI or Agency worth their salt could trace not only smokingman2006’s identity from the data, but more than likely his address too. And in his last post you think he’s trying to protect his identity?

And his answer to why his work cannot be translated was not only ridiculous, but insulting to the French language. Alien concepts and philosophy not translatable to or from French? Has he never heard of Jacques Vallée?

I am also curious about your statement about the generic re-telling of his story by others? Perhaps a link so we may observe it for ourselves?

No, you’ve gotten that the wrong way round. He is following a well established, quite clichéd modus operandi. Just a few examples:

George Adamski …became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed ships from other planets, met with friendly "Space Brothers", and to have taken flights with them. The first of the so-called contactees of the 1950s, he styled himself to be a "philosopher, teacher, student and saucer researcher", though was often considered to be deluded or a fraud.

George King…had an experience that was to change his life. One Saturday morning in May, while drying some dishes, a loud, apparently physical voice told him: "Prepare yourself! You are to become the Voice of Interplanetary Parliament." While he had no inkling what this could mean, he knew that this message was something he could not ignore. He stopped his job as a taxi driver and founded a new religious movement, the Aetherius Society to convey the messages of these extraterrestrials.

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier (February 3, 1937) is a citizen of Switzerland who claims to be a UFO contactee. He is also the source of many controversial UFO photographs, which he states are evidence of his encounter. Meier reports regular contact with extraterrestrials who impart spiritual and philosophical wisdom. He describes the Plejaren (aliens from the Pleiades) as humanoid.

These instances are not presented to illustrate why smokingman2006 may well be mistaken or hoaxing, but are offered so you can see that there is a vast amount of data to draw on. The Billy Meier encounters closely resemble the contents of this thread so closely that they are almost plagiaristic, in my opinion. The only difference is that our “contactee” isn’t eager to put his money where his mouth is and go public with his message, whereas Meier and others, rightly or wrongly, willingly stepped into the limelight.

What we are reading in this thread is, again in my opinion, an attempt, either consciously or not, at gaining an almost cultish following. Why, well, that’s not for me to expand on. But his approach, story and vocabulary are classic examples of how to ensnare an enthusiastic congregation from a ready-made readership here on ATS.

Often those men and women who join UFO cults are, by their own admission, individuals who have become disillusioned with existing religious institutions and dissatisfied by the manner in which the political establishment is dealing with social and economic injustices. As in the accounts of the prophets and seekers of old, the contemporary UFO cultists are looking for a more intimate relationship with a source of strength and inspiration outside of themselves. And they cannot seek much farther outside of themselves than outer space.

When such world-weary pilgrims encounter a charismatic man or woman who tells a marvelous story of having received direct spiritual enlightenment from beings from beyond the stars, the potential cultists feel that they have found a teacher who can now truly answer their questions. Their quest has come to an end. They, too, will now willingly become messengers for a new gospel from outer space, for the UFO prophet has not only made contact with a godlike being from another world, but he or she is offering a blend of science and religion that offers a theology that seems more applicable to the problems of modern humankind.

(My emphasis) Sound familiar? Try this then:

According to the UFO prophets, the space beings have advanced information which they wish to impart to their weaker cousins on Earth. They want humankind to join an inter-galactic spiritual federation. They are here to teach, to help awaken the human spirit, to help humankind rise to higher levels of vibration so that the people of Earth will be ready to enter new dimensions.

It would be easy, and dangerous, to simply take these examples and use them as substantiation for smokingman2006’s story. But the rational thing would be to read them in the context of the less attractive side of the human psyche; it is relativelysimple for a determined disillusioned, or delusional individual to manipulate the beliefs of genuine people to a different way of thinking by simply using substantive vocabulary. Have you heard of Heavens Gate? That is the same scenario as this thread but taken to the ultimate extreme.

Read this link also so you will be able to understand why, when the New Age prophets’ predictions fail, they still maintain a devoted following:

Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance can account for the psychological consequences of disconfirmed expectations. One of the first published cases of dissonance was reported in the book, When Prophecy Fails (Festinger et al. 1956). Festinger and his associates read an interesting item in their local newspaper headlined "Prophecy from planet Clarion call to city: flee that flood." A Chicago housewife, Mrs. Marion Keech, had mysteriously been given messages in her house in the form of "automatic writing" from alien beings on the planet Clarion, who revealed that the world would end in a great flood before dawn on December 21. The group of believers, headed by Mrs. Keech, had taken strong behavioral steps to indicate their degree of commitment to the belief. They had left jobs, college, and spouses, and had given away money and possessions to prepare for their departure on the flying saucer, which was to rescue the group of true believers.


posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 09:51 AM

And to close, a little rant, if I may.

No one can deny that you are thorough and concise in your posts, but it also has almost a vendetta approach to it at times.

That’s perilously close to an accusation.

You say vendetta, I say discussion and the pursuit of truth. The difference is that I am not driven by a need to destroy. What is so wrong with having a balanced approach to a subject that is not only has a tenuous connection to reality, but one that can lead to the deliberate manipulation of people’s minds? I for one am pleased that I can continue to question and discuss, and will continue to do so at great length.

However, this does notmake me one of these delightful individuals you mentioned:

also, over the recent months, posting in this forum isto automatically run a gauntlet of naysayers and mind numbed self appointed lords of reality that are going to either de-rail each thread or hound the op to the point many will not even consider starting a thread

It is very simple, actually, for we are either going to discover that it is a story and nothing more, or it will turn out to be a factual account; if it is just a tale,oh,well, chalk up another one; if it isn't just a tale we are all in for a very interesting future in the days ahead.

Interesting. For someone who has the ID “the seeker”, you seem somewhat reluctant to actively seek out the truth, but would rather wait for it to be delivered to you. Am I wrong?

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by Beamish
beamish my friend, all I am saying is maybe he has another motive for his statement other than the conclusion you drew from it; as I have already said, you do excellent work; and as for seeking the truth, yes, that is my goal; but without moving to france and staying in his hip pocket or monitoring his life 24/7 there is no way to instantly validate or dis-prove his statements;

therefore i do not make a judgement either way; I have plenty of time between now and april to see if anything does show up; but my methodology differs from yours;

and i make no accusations towards anyone; but one could easily gather from the tone of some of your statements that you have clearly already made a decision and are pursueing its' vindication;

but that is your choice and your right to do so; perhaps my idea of the t&c when it comes to civility and decorum are different than yours;

it is also my sincere wish that someday all here that would like to experience an event that would prove to them conclusively that either a.) the ufo phenomon is absolute BS or b.) it is a real event happening behind the scenes that affects us all;

either way I meant no offense or insult to you or anyone; and if you feel this to be the case I do offer a sincere apology, for no matter what the future unfolds in front of us we are all in it together.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 08:29 PM

This last attempt in establishing credibility is pretty pathetic though. Nothing against you personally, but was that really necessary?

You received more sympathy when you wrote about your ill mother and the responses felt sincere from all of us, why bring the "skeletons out of the closet" right after that? Were you trying to ride the "wave"?

Instead of posting your alleged life story, could you not rewind back and answer some of the questions we have been asking for the past 20 pages, please (with cream and cherry on top)?


So if we went to the Interpol and asked them which fairly known couple with ties to the corporate and the political world in Europe had gone missing in 2004 and re-appeared in 2007, they should be able to tell us, no?

Who dares to guess how many famous and rich couples who are tied to the establishment disappear every year in Europe?

In any case, I have given many suggestions how we could quickly and simply resolve all this, and it *even* included bringing riggs2099 on a short trip to meet the alleged ET friends, but that did not ring much with smokingman2006...sigh.

I'll just take a sideline and watch.

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