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My first contact with another being

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posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Positive posters? So that implies that I am full of negativity? Because I don’t believe you, that makes me negative? Talk about divide and (try to) conquer.

All of my posts are specifically to do with the provenance of your “message”. Not once have I said that the message in itself is wrong. I might not agree with all of it, but that does not mean that I do not concur with its deeper routed foundations.

I simply don’t believe that it has been revealed to you.

Nothing you have said or done in this thread makes me believe that you are the recipient of information from higher intelligences. And that’s a shame, because believe me if you could, I would be a worthy ally.

I have not run away from this thread as many have thought.

Maybe not. But you have been logging in and out of ATS without posting, haven’t you?

closes mindness will send many home much sooner than they wanted too but for some the journey will continue.

Close minded…does that equate to us who don’t believe you? Close minded as in not falling for your story? It’s not close mindedness; it’s a simple need to be convinced of extraordinary claims. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with discussion and converse? You never enter into it, but you will post outrageous yarns. Do you want converts or do you just want fans?

most are not willing to hear or see things the way they really are due to programming in upbringing most even still believe most of what they see or read in the news.

I’m willing to hear! Just tell me something new! Or at least answer one of my many questions!

You would be surprised how many people I have met just this week who are of the same opinion as the core subject matter of your thread; control and deception through mass media manipulation and the insidious onslaught of an imperious, authoritarian, controlling regime.

Would it surprise you to know that I was in agreement with them? That I actually do have an opinion as to what is going on, gleaned by my own research?

I will also put right afew of beamish outlandish claims about me...

My outlandish claims?

My outlandish claims?

Holy Moses! I only got to page eleven of this thread in an attempt to collate all of the disparate subjects you’ve chucked into it before I gave up. The count, as I have stated previously, was ninety seven. What happened to the “glass skulls”, by the way? Glass skulls (that should be “crystal”, for your information) and archeologists wasn’t it? That’d make a good film…

If you can “put right” these unspecified “outlandish claims” then I will be the first to apologise.

In fact, I’ll make you a genuine promise here and now;

if you can back up anything you say to the satisfaction of all of your doubters, and prove me wrong in the process, I will leave ATS permanently.

No hard feelings, no animosity, no repercussions. It will be only just and proper.

If I can get something so wrong, as in not believing you when everything that I have screams hoax, then it is patently obvious that my judgment and estimation as to what can and can't happen on this planet is seriously skewed.

Now, bring it on. I’m ready.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 04:02 PM
beamish you just will have to wait

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 10:38 AM
Hi everyone,

smokingman2006, wonderful to still have you back. Now that you are here how 'bout some photos from your journey (someone already asked for it but you rudely ignored it)?

Surely when one travels on such a journey of discovery one brings a camera with them to commemorate the quest. You don't need to show us yourself but let's see something to give credence to what you are alleging.

Photos of the Visa or entry stamps in your passport would be nice, too. You can block the passport number and any other personal details but a stamp showing the country/entry point and date coinciding with the claimed quest schedule is in order.

For as much as some of us give you a benefit of a doubt, I believe the least you can do for us in return is provide some evidence to your claims. You do understand that we live in times when hear-say and say-so does not make it so and only factual proof counts.

The times when one person trusted another on blind faith are long gone, the moment one of them realized they could lie and get away with it. Perhaps one day those times will come back to us and we'll trust each other again, implicitly, but today is not that day so you need to provide us with the facts.

Just in case you can't remember what a "fact" is I'll quote from Wikipedia:

Generally, a fact is defined as something that is true, something that actually exists, or something having objective reality that can be verified according to an established standard of evaluation.

Thank you for your attention.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by smokingman2006

I'm waiting.

We are all waiting.

Some of us have been waiting for thirty pages for one tiny piece of evidence that what you say is true.

It is not improper to ask for evidence, especially as you are “experiencing” such material adventures.

For your information, and for the benefit of those who may well be itching for my demise from this thread (and ATS, which I will honour), this is what you are going to have to accomplish to eject me from this site:

to prove me wrong, you are going to have to produce concrete, indisputable evidence that you have been in contact with extraterrestrials.

It does not matter in which form this manifests.

It is irrelevant how you do it.

But it has to be definitive.


Because you now have the perfect opportunity to do what no human on Earth has ever done; prove wrong all of the skeptics who have ever denied that communication has happened between us as a species and aliens and, in the same process, confirm that we are not alone in this universe.

Do you realize what huge import that has?

The answer to what many deem the ultimate question is in your hands.

Can you feel the burden you are under?

I’m waiting.

Make my sacrifice worthwhile.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 11:35 AM
@Beamish : iam sorry i cant make my point clearer. When i read a thread like this, i seek the information and meaning of it. if a person tell a paranormal story, i try to realize if its real first. I belive you need to try to free yourself from the logic mind if you want the real meaning of the unknown. When all the poster here ask about physical evidents, the thread starts to loose its point.

If smokingman is a hoaxer, isn't it still interesting to find out why he need to lie about the philosophy behind this? From all the information you see around you on ATS, in the media and from people you talk, what can you say are a fact? I do not want to start a debat, i will turn this question to smokingman soon. i just need to get some things out first, so people will understand me better
(i hope this time)

so to get the question clearer iam one them, who are standing with one foot in the logic world and one in hope. I cannot understand why we dont how a goals in our societys. We do not talk about where we want to be as a civilisation and we do not talk about what it is to be human.

So back to you Smokingman:
if you do have this contacts and they do have knowledge to help us, why cant we just do it? Why cant it just be that simple?
Another thing iam thinking about, iam hoping you can describe you experience and journey further. When everything has to be so complex, its also needed to hear about the details. (iam also curious, so that might also be why iam asking so directly

and if you are what many fear, a hoaxer. This is meant with no hate. Why do you need to put aliens in this ideas you are having? Why is it necessary to make a paranormal story about aliens, evil and good?

I hope i dont offend anyone, but i thinks its not needed to find a error, a lier or a hoax. I just want to understand why. That is why i said opinion is not important. If i had come to the conclusion smokingman was a hoax, he still talks about something we are missing in our daily life. I get this feeling someone will disprove just for fun, and that is the thing you see on CNN, BBC and RT every day.

hehe it got longer then i tought, but it is some things i have been thinking about lately. Open office helped me with the spelling, but i do fear some of the sentence might be wrong.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by putiplot

@Beamish : iam sorry i cant make my point clearer.

putiplot, you put your point across admirably. It’s refreshing to actually get a reply that isn’t full of insinuated negativity. Thank you.

You say that when you read threads such as this, it is the information that is important. I agree that any thread can contain pertinent and interesting data, no matter the provenance of that data. I have said numerous times that it is not the message in this thread that I have a problem with, even though I do not agree entirely with its content, or of some of those that are similar.

But you hit the nail on the head when you say that you have to try and ascertain if it is real or a hoax. It is fair to say that without proof no one can say if this thread is a true account of contact or not. And it is only natural for some individuals to question such extreme claims. That is the nature of man; to question and therefore learn.

But what we must not do is to forsake our reason.

A logical approach to any radical statement is simply a manifestation of that reason, it is a survival instinct, it protects what we have from those that would subvert or take away our liberty of consideration; the right to think for our selves. To simply accept smokingman2006’s statement as true is denying that we all have independence of thought. To simply accept it is to give up being a rational though quizzical human being.

I cannot do that.

From the start, this thread read like the offerings of an activist, in the sense that the need to be part of something that was considered greater than the life the OP inhabits could be clearly read between the lines. This behaviour can be seen time and again in new converts to religion, this pressing need to disseminate a message they consider to be an escape from reality. What we are seeing in smokingman2006’s posts is the evidence of a burning need to be not only part of this greater and far more exciting world, but also to be a major player in it. If he’d simply posted his thoughts about the teachings of the “Pleiadians”, then this thread would have been totally different. Unfortunately he decided to become a contactee to give this message more import, and that, in my opinion, is where he fails massively as he does not come across as the herald of higher intelligences. It’s more like he wants to be another Billy Meier.

When all the poster here ask about physical evidents, the thread starts to loose its point.

If this thread were about a spiritual visitation, no one would be asking for evidence. How can you produce evidence of spirit? Faith? Yes, that is a type of corroboration, but one that is ephemeral and individual and therefore inadmissible. Some subscribers to this thread have faith in the OP’s words. Others don’t. However, smokingman2006 insists that he is in contact with real, flesh and blood aliens who traverse the universe in spaceships.

Real, tangible beings with real, tangible hardware.

So why is it so terrible to ask for one small piece of proof? Is it because this “proof” would be torn to pieces by ATS? Well, that’s a possibility, but surely there is an answer?
Maybe he could give us the most definitive photograph, or even better, a short video of one of these space ships doing something that only the biggest Hollywood CGI studios could produce.
Or, predict where and when one of the “Pleiadian” ships can be seen in our atmosphere to the minute.
Ask one of the “visitors” to visit one of his doubters, (I’ll volunteer for that one, by the way).

I belive you need to try to free yourself from the logic mind if you want the real meaning of the unknown.

The real definition of the unknown is discovering the import and consequence of things we do not yet understand. That is what we have done from day one. What used to be indefinable is now being unraveled by science. What destinations were unreachable are now within our reach.

I do not believe that we will ever find out, from his own mouth, if smokingman2006 is a hoaxer, least of all why he feels the need to try and hoax us. I wish you luck in your attempts to elicit an answer from him in this regard. He is very selective to what he replies to.

I cannot understand why we dont how a goals in our societys. We do not talk about where we want to be as a civilisation and we do not talk about what it is to be human.

But we do! This thread proves that we are seeking something wonderful, and a deeper knowledge of our existence. Almost all of the OP’s “fans” will, I imagine, suggest that I am a serial-doubter, a spreader 0f negativity and possibly a dis-info agent. All complete rubbish.
I want a better world.
I want my family to be able to exist in peace and harmony and safety with the rest of mankind.
I want our leaders to be kind and benevolent.
I want, as a species, to have contact with extraterrestrials so we don’t have to look into the expanse of space and consider the terrible possibility that we are on our own.

But I just do not believe that smokingman2006 is part of the answer to all of those needs.

So back to you Smokingman:
if you do have this contacts and they do have knowledge to help us, why cant we just do it? Why cant it just be that simple?
Another thing iam thinking about, iam hoping you can describe you experience and journey further. When everything has to be so complex, its also needed to hear about the details. (iam also curious, so that might also be why iam asking so directly ) and if you are what many fear, a hoaxer. This is meant with no hate. Why do you need to put aliens in this ideas you are having? Why is it necessary to make a paranormal story about aliens, evil and good?

I’ll second those genuinely heartfelt sentiments, putiplot.

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 04:51 AM
So have the moon people decided on any ev idence to offer anyone? I bet you anything that smoking man is on trying to find some type of fabricated evidence to show you and has just not found it yet. Iam thinking his evidence will look like Billy Mier evidence. I honestly do not understand why people are even still readin this I am hjere because i want to see if beamish has gotten anywhere. Looks like he has not nor will he...smokingman most likely will put him on ignore....the more questions you ask that he cannot answer the more you will show him for the hoaxer he is and that will eventually lead to your being ignored.

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posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by riggs2099

Smokingmann, where have you gone?

I was very interested to read about the "Dragons on Earth" story.

Maybe he is taking an extra amount of time to clearly explain the dragons on earth story?

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posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by rapinbatsisaltherage

seems to me that if they were here for 16000 years, and in contact, that some names may have trickled down.....not sayin' i believe but it's logical......

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 09:22 PM
Oh boy, smokingman2006 is really MIA, almost a month now. I did not expect this thread to die out this quick, he seemed to have had much resolve at the beginning and things people said did not "get to him."

Did something get to him at the end, one might ask (rhetorically, of course)?

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by amigo

I told myself that I would not reply again to this thread until smokingman2006 returned...if he returned at all.

Guess I was wrong...

I think the only thing that "got to him" was that the "cut-and-paste" approach to his story fell flat on its face. It was only a matter of time before the sheer amount of additions he was loading the thread with finally tripped him up.

I think the last straw was his allusion to crystal skulls and archeologists. Can anyone say Indiana Jones? Or Mitchell-Hedges?

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 08:10 AM
hehe so iam not the only one waiting.
i too didnt want to reply before smokingman, but here it goes

as i see it, it can only be 2 ends on this thread.
the first is the thread is dead, and we will not know what happend. if it was real or not, dont make any diffrence now, because if he wont reply its too easy to say it was lie.

option nr 2, one of the last things he said was: you just have to wait.
so he might be up to something with a bigger purpose. something we who read this thread dont understand yet, because of the lack of information.

etiher way, iam quite happy about the what i got from this thread. it was/is a nice story and he talk about something we should use more time on, our responsebility as humans. not towards aliens but towards the earth and animals (this is what i get from the thread).

second, the reply from beamish really saved my day, it is a good feeling when someone understand what you are thinking about. so thank you, beamish.

and to smokingman if you read this: we would love to hear from you again

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 04:27 PM
There seems to be quite alot of this kinda information coming through into forums such as this one. I personally think that the people that post this stuff are being honest, my thought is, who is feeding them this stuff and how? and why?

I will presume that most readers will have a fairly good understanding about the who and the how and the why, so I see no point in going into that stuff.

What I find interesting is what people are letting themselves belive without any form of proof or validation. I'm sure you have noticed this, actually it has forever been so, really.

Back to my original point on this, I think these so called channellers and the like who have basically the same message for us are being duped into feeling that this is the truth, when its not. The aim is disruption and division.

Its working, to a certain extent, do you not see it? I'm sure you do.
What they do not want us to know, is importent.
They are activley creating distractions for those who are looking, to turn their heads. The majority fall for this with ease, I know you see this all around you.

Don't fall for this message or others like it, the senders are being fooled into putting this out there. Ask yourself why it would be done.
There are many honest accounts in the world, but you have to find them, most of them will not seek you out. You have to want the information. One must be active in the search for truth.

See ya,


posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by misuneko
reply to post by Beamish

I don’t think Autowrench in this post is trying to convert the disbeliever?Why do we need to try and convert people to believe in someone elses experiences?

Only the disbeliever has the ability to change their own mind. Searching externally for proof and obtaining it doesn’t necessary make the disbeliever a believer automatically.

It takes a person to question themselves their own lives, their beliefs of their own existence, reasoning’s etc to come to terms with their own perception of reality.

I'm not, I don't really care if anyone believes me or not. I was instructed to come to this, and other forums like this, to spread the message that the world is on a path of destruction, and it is man's ultimate fault. Time to open the mind to all possibilities, and other dimensions in time and space, which are one and the same. There will be some who will be taken off this rock near the end, I don't really know what will happen to those who are left here. I happen to be a sensitive, one who can reach out and touch that which man calls "aliens," and "ETs" which are not one and the same. I have been a few places where I was not welcome. If you really want to know about these things, look up a member here who calls himself "Sleeper." This man knows more than I do about it. I am talking about inter-dimensional beings who can appear and disappear at will, and some of them eat humans. I have seen things with my own eyes that I wish I hadn't seen, this is no joking matter at all. Like I said, I am not here to be believed and followed like some preacher or prophet. I always tell people, do not take my words as gospel, research it for yourself.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 09:22 PM

Originally posted by smokingman2006
From what I am told as this mass gets closer and passes between our sun and mars the will be major disruption on the Earth surface
this mass is eight time our earth size

not even the Alien can predict our final outcome this event has happened many times before at about 3500 years apart and each time there has been serious
damage on our surface.

I have been told that thru out history alien have always help us when they could but do not get envolved in our every disputes.

As for telling anyone I know about my experience last night I have not yet but will once I understand more
As for changing me it has I will quit my job and make this my mission in live

You are as right as one can be about the "mass." It is in orbit around Saturn right now, I am told, waiting for something, an event, perhaps? They cannot "help" us human beings, or they would then be fully responsible for us, and they do have a credo not to get involved. I do know that they will in fact step in if a nuclear war erupts. The Pleaidians have the ability to beam up every weapon in the world inside 20 Earth minutes. I will sending out this night to find out more, check in later.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 10:01 PM
I found this thread on google.

Posted on another forum.

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posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by autowrench

Glad to see this thread is still going (sort of ) , I have read this thread since the beginning, and wonder about this mass?
If it is indeed 8 times the size of Earth why hasn't someone noticed it yet? and if it is 'in orbit' around saturn, surely if it is a natural object it shouldn't be waiting for an event?
Not trying to throw a spanner in the works of smokingman ( I have him as a friend on here) or to you Autowrench , but if its 'waiting' surely its a 'manned' or piloted object?
if it was natural it wouldn't be in orbit . wouldn't it take hundreds if not thousands of years to 'fall' into a stable orbit. it wouldn't just appear like people have posted on here before and then simply pop into a parking space.
And as for the aliens not interferring in our affairs, isn't it a bit hypocritical of them to say that , they will only take a few 'choice' morsels or 'enlightened' ones and save them and leave the rest as is so to speak, Unless there was a nuclear war .
Not wanting to sound biased, unfriendly , bigotted or whatever, I'm only confused as to why they would take so few when clearly they have both the time AND the means to start offloading as many as they can, save the best and the worst and the middle.
Surely if they took as many as they can the 'worst' so to speak would say " hang on, I've been bad , greedy, dispicable - delete as applicable - and I will change now as I have seen another side of life I didn't expect, All I've been bad for is really all for nothing?"
Maybe my sentimentality showing through or my hope for Mankind as a whole, But wouldn't it be better to save as many as time allows , wouldn't that garner more respect, admiration and love to the aliens. isn't that after all what they're really after? A psychological change. Instead of us trying to stab each other in the back over little bits of paper or shiney metal discs called money?.
Unless all they are really after is a light snack. or the cream of the crop in intellect.
I am neither one way or the other when it comes to really undertsanding aliens. life, the universe/multiverse, I just do what I can to survive, but to have people saying the aliens will save a few when they can have so much more is a bit galling to me.
I keep calling out ( with my mind) to try and reach or contact an 'alien' whether inter-dimensional or not but haven't had any luck, I have seen a UFO may years ago, But if the aliens are prepared to sacrifice the many to save a few then I'm afraid I would lose hope and inclination to actually meet one.
My philosophy on life is actions speak louder than words, so far they haven't said a lot to me other than we take what we want, when we want. so doesn't that make them the same mentality as us Humans?
And after all isn't that what we are trying to 'enlighten' ourselves from doing day after day?

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posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 04:32 PM
Hi Gang

been away the last couple of month but the state of the planet is pretty much the way I predicted it three month ago things are going from bad to worst and the unemployment cues are growing.

mid april should prove if this mass hurling towards earth is real or in my head

there is much to be done and little time any way happy new year to all.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 06:44 PM
Glad to hear from you again. No, doesn't appear to be good news. And I feel a disaster is imminent. Even Ron Paul's site mentions the 9 nukes set off under arctic waters, then in December a huge hole in the magnetic shield and so much seismic activity. Its just that I know who I'm going to blame it on. Hope to hear from you again with some updates.

[edit on 6-1-2009 by mystiq]

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Interesting that you should post after being away many months. I too have been away. Has your close encounters of a third kind phased out? Where was she from, again?

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